SML V4C3 Very ‘Coincidental’

Half an hour later, Mo Fang stood at the counter of a gym, laughing with the guy at the registration when the door behind him opened.

The guy looked up and then raised a hand with a bright smile, calling out to the person at the door. “Li Ming, ah! You’re back.”

Mo Fang also turned around, showing a sweet smile that made Li Ming stop in his tracks. He stared at him, once again unable not to notice just how good-looking he was. Really, there was a reason why Mo Fang had worked as a model before.

Li Ming gulped and then nodded as a greeting, not quite sure which of them he meant. This was the gym he regularly went to. In the time they had been together, he hadn’t actually taken Mo Fang over here.

Even though Mark Mo Fang had told him that he was also very much into sports, he had always had some kind of excuse. So by now, he actually wondered if maybe Mo Fang wasn’t that into athletics as he had made himself to be.

To see him here … Li Ming wasn’t sure what to make of that. At first, he wondered if maybe he had accused him unjustly in his mind, but then he realized that it would be very much like the person he had found his boyfriend out to be to go and register for this gym just so he could very ‘coincidentally’ meet him here.

In any case, he knew his schedule well enough to figure out when he would come by. That he was standing at the counter, laughing with another man was really just the icing on the cake.

Yu Qiang, the guy from the counter, raised his brows when Li Ming just stopped in the door, wondering what was going on. “Uhm … This is Mo Fang, our newest member. He just registered.” He rubbed his neck, and then couldn’t help but look at the guy in front of him again.

Honestly, he wasn’t into men but he had to admit that he was really good-looking. Thinking of that, he glanced up at Li Ming, slightly wriggling his brows. Coincidentally, he knew that Li Ming was very much gay so maybe this could be a thing.

Li Ming froze when he saw that look and really wasn’t sure what to do. He should probably just turn to the side and go to the locker room but he was afraid that Mo Fang would run right after him.

The alternative would be to just leave the gym altogether for today and come back another time. But that would look pretty weird. And also, he couldn’t always run away from him, could he? Actually, maybe he should just go over and have a talk with him? Ah, he truly didn’t know what to do.

Mo Fang realized that Li Ming wouldn’t move so it seemed that he had to make the first one. He turned back to Yu Qiang, giving him another sweet smile. “Oh, we actually know each other. Li Ming is my …” He paused for a moment as if he had to consider his words. “My coworker. Yes, we work together. At the railroad station.”

Yu Qiang nodded slowly, his brows wandering up a little higher. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was some kind of codeword for something. Because honestly, that hadn’t sounded as if they were coworkers at all. He should probably ask Li Ming later on. “Well, if the two of you know each other, that’s great. How about you show him around, Li Ming?”

Li Ming smiled wryly, now feeling even more that Mo Fang had probably started this whole matter deliberately.

Mo Fang had been glancing at him every now and then so he immediately noticed his gaze and hurriedly waved his hands as if that absolutely wasn’t his intention. “Oh, no, that’s not necessary. I’m sure that Bro Li has things to do. I mean you came to work out here, right? You probably wouldn’t want to show me around.”

Before Li Ming could answer, Yu Qiang already jumped in again. “Ah, don’t be like this. I’m sure that Li Ming would love to!” He winked at him when he said so, feeling as if he was doing him a solid one.

Li Ming’s smile turned even more strained but he finally nodded. “Well, alright then. I’ll show you around.” In any case, everything was better than standing in the door and just awkwardly staring at each other. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to let him know that he would prefer not to be contacted again. In any case, it seemed that that message hadn’t really been received two months ago. So maybe now, he should change that.

Mo Fang looked at him, wondering if things were really going according to plan. Li Ming didn’t look happy so maybe it wasn’t. But on the other hand, what other choice did he have? Clearly, approaching him at work hadn’t gone all that well.

He readjusted the bag on his shoulder and then walked over, giving Li Ming a veiled look. “Thanks. You know … you can just show me where the locker room is and where I need to go after that. I’ll be able to take things from there. I know how to use everything and I’ll probably just go on the treadmill or something for now anyway.”

Li Ming looked at him, not quite sure if he could believe this. Right now, he really didn’t believe anything that came out of his ex-boyfriend’s mouth.

Mo Fang just raised his brows and then motioned to both sides. “So, left or right?”

And honestly, seeing that smile, Li Ming couldn’t help himself and just turned around and led the way. Even though he knew that it was stupid, he had fallen in love with this guy. And even though it had been two months since their breakup, his heart was still beating faster when he saw him. There was just no denying that.

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