RMN C299 He Would Have Liked to Know the Answer

Shen Lei gritted his teeth. He wasn’t willing to give up just like this. They had come so far, had found out so much, and now, on the way back to the sect, they were supposed to die just like that? No, never! He would never let that happen! Even if he had to sacrifice himself, he would still do whatever he could to save the others.

He evaded another two of Qu Yijun’s attacks, gathering his spiritual energy at the same time. He only had one chance. With so many people surrounding them, he needed to distract them enough to give the others a chance to flee. That was all that he needed to do. All that he could do.

One of the other demonic sect members joined in the fight between him and Qu Yijun, firing attacks at him as well.

Shen Lei only spared the guy a glance. His level was lower than Qu Yijun’s so he knew who it was that he had to focus on.

The other disciple managed to hit him in the shoulder but Shen Lei only swayed, stabilizing himself after just a moment and managing to evade Qu Yijun’s attack that followed right after.

He dashed to the side and raised his hands. “Run!” He yelled and then fired his attack. He didn’t try to hit Qu Yijun though. Instead, the spiritual energy crashed into the ground, eradicating half of the array below. The shield that had imprisoned them distorted and formed a wave of spiritual energy, pushing everyone.

Shen Lei himself also tumbled but managed to make his way over to Yu Min, giving him a push to get him further away from the others before he whirled around again, hurling another attack to keep Qu Yijun busy.

He hadn’t had much time to get the energy for this one ready, so it was merely a nuisance. Still, whatever he could do, he would try. He just needed to hold him back for a moment, just long enough for Yu Min and the others to escape.

The three younger disciples also managed to get back on their feet and rushed in different directions. Qu Yijun just chuckled. He didn’t even bother looking at them and focused on his fight against Shen Lei, throwing one attack after the other at him and keeping him busy.

Behind them, a scream sounded and Shen Lei froze. Yu Min. That voice had been Yu Min’s. He wanted to look but Qu Yijun was still pressuring him. He didn’t have much time.

Just when he wanted to risk it despite that just to find out what was going on, two of the other demonic practitioners joined in the fray. Now, Shen Lei wasn’t even able to evade any longer, not to mention looking out for anyone else.

One of the attacks hit him square in the back, making him stumble forward where he was greeted by Qu Yijun’s follow-up. He groaned, trying to press down the blood that was rising up in his chest.

In the back, the other disciples of the demonic faction were just looking on. They hadn’t even bothered to go after the other people of the Teng Yong Sect.

Shen Lei saw but he didn’t know what it meant. He just realized anew that no matter what, they were in trouble. Either killing off him and Yu Min had been the objective from the very beginning which meant that he was definitely done for while the younger disciples were in luck or there were even more people waiting in the distance so that nobody would make it back today. He didn’t know and now, he was out of options.

He clicked his tongue and then gathered his strength once more, trying to evade at least another few attacks to properly focus on Qu Yijun. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive. He didn’t even try for that. No, by now, the only thing he could try was to take the biggest threat down with him so that the others wouldn’t run into the same situation.

Thinking of the disciples at the camp that he knew like Luo Lin’s little junior and his fiance, Kui Min and Yi Ju or Kang Mu, he knew that this was the best he could do.

He weaved through another series of attacks and then threw his next one at Qu Yijun. It actually connected with his shoulder but he just stumbled to the side and then immediately counterattacked.

Shen Lei was hit once again, first from the front and then from the back, and lost his balance. The next attack made him tumble to the ground and he landed in the crater that had been formed when he blasted away the array before.

He hastily rolled to the side, barely evading the next attack that came at him but the debris hit him. He grimaced and wanted to jump to his feet but the three people had already rushed in and there was a ring of other disciples outside. His leg was hit next and he couldn’t get up, just throwing another attack at Qu Yijun while he still could. Unfortunately, from where he was and with Qu Yijun’s high vantage point, he was able to evade easily.

“Daoist Shen, just give up. It’s too late. I promised that I will give you quick death and I’m a man who keeps his promises.” He raised his hand and generated his spiritual energy while the others made sure to keep their eyes peeled, not letting Shen Lei get away.

They threw just enough attacks to make him have to remain where he was, barely able to make a dash to one side before he had to go back to where he had originally come from, just to evade the next. If he forcefully to one of the hits, he still wouldn’t be able to make it out of this. He knew. He had just hoped that it would be different.

Finally, he just whirled around to Qu Yijun, gathering his own strength once again, and threw at the same time as his opponent. He didn’t even try to evade. He just used the last reserve he had to try and protect his vital points but when the spell connected with his chest, Shen Lei was still thrown back to the ground, unable to get up again.

He stared up at the sky and couldn’t help but regret that when he had been in the sect, he hadn’t asked Luo Lin to marry him. Even though that would be a promise he couldn’t have kept, he at least would have liked to know the answer just for his own peace of mind. Now, he would never be able to get it.

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