RMN C298 Long Prepared

Shen Lei took the most direct way back to the Teng Yong Sect. This matter was best solved quickly so that he and Yu Min could go back to the actual mission. After all, that was what was really important. The problems that Yang Wu Huang and the others had caused were merely a small side business.

They had made it several li out of the camp when Shen Lei suddenly stopped and reached out to the side, motioning for the others behind him to stop as well.

Yu Min inched closer, his gaze darting around. Something wasn’t right. Everything around them was silent as if something was coming their way.

The three other disciples behind them exchanged a glance, not quite sure what was going on. Di Huan Bo wanted to speak up but Ao Jing shook his head. This wasn’t the right moment for that. If the two senior martial brothers reacted like this, then there was something bad going on. Ao Jing himself wasn’t sure what was the matter but he tensed up, already starting to gather his spiritual energy in case there would be a fight.

Yang Wu Huang reacted at the same. He also made it a point to get a little further away from Shen Lei and Yu Min, feeling that if there was some kind of ambush lying in front of them, then these two would be the first targets of an attack. After all, wouldn’t those demonic practitioners try to get rid of the biggest threats first?

But even if they went for the ones that weren’t as dangerous, that would still be Ao Jing and Di Huan Bo. Thus, in this group, he was actually the safest. He just had to make sure that he got away as fast as he could.

Di Huan Bo looked at the two of them, and then also gathered his strength, trying to better his chances at surviving whatever was coming toward them.

Finally, a voice sounded behind them. “Young Shen, I’m afraid I cannot let you return to the sect today.”

Shen Lei turned around, making sure that Yu Min had his back. The person he saw … his expression derailed when he recognized him. “Qu Yijun.”

He knew this person. He was one of Elder Feng’s older disciples and thus Mei Chao Bing’s senior martial brother. There also happened to be some history between him and Luo Lin. So he had a rather good grasp on just who this person was.

When he vanished back then, he had even been worried about him and gone out to search for him. Now, it was clear that nothing had happened to him. He had just gone to join the other side just like his Master. No, he had done so even before his Master, meaning that he had known all along what was going to happen. He hadn’t just passively watched it happen either but had taken an active part in it. How despicable.

Qu Yijun inclined his head. “For the sake of our old friendship, I’ll let you die quick.” He raised his hand and spiritual energy shot at Shen Lei like a lightning strike.

Shen Lei pushed Yu Min out of harm’s way, and barely evaded the attack himself.

Qu Yijun didn’t seem to mind. He waved and several demonic practitioners rushed over from all other directions.

Looking at them, Shen Lei gritted his teeth. All of them were at least in the core formation stage, and other than Qu Yijun another three of them were in the early nascent soul stage. This fight wouldn’t be easy. In fact, they were outnumbered to a degree where he was afraid they really wouldn’t manage to make it home today.

He clenched his fists and then just focused on Qu Yijun. Among this group, he was the one who was the strongest so he had to keep him busy to give the others even the hint of a chance.

Rushing toward him, he threw one sentence at the other disciples: “Try to get back to the sect.” Whether it was the actual sect or the camp, it didn’t matter. They just needed one person to survive so the news could be brought back.

Qu Yijun rushed toward him as well and the two of them started to trade blows. Shen Lei’s brows furrowed slightly when he realized that Qu Yijun was just as strong as him. Add one more nuisance at the side and he was done for. This wasn’t a battle he could decide quickly but they didn’t have the numbers to fight a drawn-out one. He really was in a bind here.

Behind him, Yu Min took out a flair, shooting it up into the sky. The camp was a little further away but it should still be seen. As long as they were able to hold on until the Elders arrived here, it would be alright. Also, there were still Mei Chao Bing and Kang Mu there. With all six people, they could win this even though the other side was prepared well.

Qu Yijun just smiled when he saw this. The next attack he threw at Shen Lei passed by him and then hit the ground below, blasting away the sand and stone, and exposed what lay beneath.

Shen Lei glanced over and his expression derailed. The attack had carved a line into the stone, connecting several that had already been drawn there. The spiritual energy flared up, and a shield sprang up, engulfing them.

The flare collided, glaring brightly for a moment before it dropped to the ground, already dull. Its energy seemed to be absorbed by that shield, making it even stronger.

Now, not only could they not warn the others and get help, they would also have more trouble escaping. Clearly, this ambush had long been prepared up until the last detail. He had noticed too late. Now, they would all pay the price for that.

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