OMF V8C203 I’d Like to Have a Chat

The person in question had actually returned to the mortal realm already. After all, if he waited until he calmed down in the immortal realm, too much time would pass. And if he vanished for several years while Hua Lin Yu was waiting for him and fretting about what had happened, that definitely wouldn’t help their relationship.

Xin Lan wasn’t willing to take that risk. Still, he needed more time. He needed to be able to approach this discussion without too much emotion or it would end in a disaster either way. Thus, he didn’t intend to return straight away and instead wanted to wait for at least a couple more days until he had made clear to himself how to go about this.

Meanwhile, Hua Lin Yu and Wu Ya made their way over to the Jian Yi Sect. Stepping onto the sect grounds after Hua Lin Yu had presented the guards with his jade token Wu Ya looked around excitedly.

“Your brother was right. This really is an awesome place! I bet they have some strong people here.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded faintly, not quite sure what to say. To him, the Jian Yi Sect was like his home. He was happy that Wu Ya liked it here but it didn’t really hold anything new for him. Compared to the time when he had traveled with Xin Lan where every new day had come with a new surprise … it would be boring to be here again. But anyway, he was just waiting it out until Xin Lan returned and they could make up. So it wasn’t like much needed to happen.

“We should go and look for my Master so she knows what is up.”

Wu Ya nodded, happy that things would be moving so fast. While he would definitely like to take a look around this Jian Yi Sect, the most important was still going out to travel with some trustworthy people or maybe just one trustworthy person. He was alright with it either way.

Hua Lin Yu led the way, wondering what his Master would say when he told her about what had happened. He wasn’t quite sure if she was really on board with his relationship with Xin Lan. She seemed to be a bit prejudiced against him. He wasn’t quite sure why but still, he didn’t want to give this up. The situation right now was only a temporary setback on their path to marriage. Sooner or later, they would be able to work it out.

When they reached Fei Bai Mu’s palace, the disciples in front smiled at Hua Lin Yu. To be honest, even at the entrance to the sect, he wouldn’t have needed to show his token. In the whole sect, he was probably the most well-known person right after Fei Bai Mu.

The sect would crack down hard on anyone trying to establish factions inside the sect, whether that was Elders or disciples. But that didn’t mean that people couldn’t have their favorite disciple among the martial brothers and sisters. And Hua Lin Yu had precisely managed to get into that kind of spot for a lot of people.

As the Sect Master’s youngest disciple, he was sure to get the affection of his older martial brothers and sisters from the same Master. And considering that he had gotten into the sect when he was still a cute child, it had been hard for others not to be taken in by him. Especially since he was easy to get along with. Thus, he had a good relationship with pretty much everyone.

The fact that he was doted on by the Hua family certainly also helped with establishing his standing. Even if somebody didn’t like him personally, they wouldn’t want to get onto the bad side of both Sect Master Fei and the Hua family. That would be social suicide.

Wu Ya took a closer look at the disciples but then followed Hua Lin Yu inside, curious what else he would get to see.

At that time, Fei Bai Mu had already received Hua Lin Rong’s letter. In fact, she had just finished reading it and been wondering when exactly that guest from the spirit beast tribe would arrive. Now, she actually heard the sound of familiar footsteps mixed with foreign ones.

She looked up and then raised her brows. Most likely, she shouldn’t be surprised. Even though Hua Lin Rong had mostly written to let her know that Wu Ya would come over, that didn’t mean that he hadn’t included that there was some trouble again between Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan. So even though he hadn’t announced that Hua Lin Yu would come over, Fei Bai Mu couldn’t say that this wasn’t in line with her disciple’s way of doing things.

She couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she had spoiled him a little too much. In those early years, he hadn’t taken a single step out of the sect and her disciples had all been informed about the danger to his life should he be without help. So nobody had really had the heart to ever scold him for anything.

As a result, the child had trouble taking it well when he finally got in a situation where he deserved to be scolded. If he did, he would just run away and hide somewhere to get help. In the sect, that had always worked out well. Now, she wasn’t quite sure if he would be able to go on like this. When it came to his own relationship, he would have to put in some more effort if he wanted things to work. He couldn’t always rely on Xin Lan to do the hard part.

“Xiao Yu, is it that you are bringing over a guest and wanted to see me, or is it that you’re running away from your fiance?”

Hua Lin Yu immediately stopped in his tracks and then pulled Wu Ya over, half hiding behind his back. “I brought a guest over.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him and then nodded. “I see we have met already. Maybe you remember me.”

Wu Ya looked at her and then realized that he had indeed seen this woman before when he went to the Yun Zou Sect because of that matter of the spirit beast people being kidnapped by the demon-hunting sects and because he wanted to get Zheng Yin back. “That’s true! I didn’t know it would be you.”

Fei Bai Mu smiled and then motioned for the two of them to sit. “Well, I just received the letter from Hua Lin Yu’s older brother. Of course, you are welcome in our sect. If there is anything you need, just tell us.

“As for going out to travel … I am not quite sure when exactly you want to leave. In our sect, we regularly give out missions. Maybe you would like to join some of those teams and follow them around. You don’t have to do any actual work but it would probably get you to some interesting places in the mortal realm.”

Wu Ya was immediately up for it. “That’s great! Just tell me where to go and I’ll check it out.”

“You want to go immediately? Then I’ll have one of my disciples bring you over.”

“I can do that, Master!”

Fei Bai Mu gave Hua Lin Yu a look, clearly not buying into his nonsense. “You don’t have to, Xiao Yu. One of the others can certainly do that. You just returned. Of course, I would like to have a chat with you.”

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