OMF V8C202 Simply Vanished

While they were trying to figure things out in the Nine Heavens, things were also moving forward in the mortal realm. The next morning, Hua Lin Yu got up early and then immediately rushed to Wu Ya’s room, knocking on the door to get him to get up.

Even though he had mostly grown up in the Jian Yi Sect and only rarely gotten to see his family when they came to visit, he still knew them well enough to be aware of the fact that most of the family members got up rather early. So if he didn’t want to have to explain himself, he would need to leave before then.

Wu Ya was also somebody who would usually get up when the sun rose so it wasn’t a problem for him to adjust to doing so a little earlier. He also didn’t think that there was anything weird about it. In any case, who knew how far away that Jian Yi Sect was? They might need a long time to get there. In that case, it was much better to leave early and get there early.

He did find it a little strange that they didn’t even go to see Hua Lin Rong though. “Don’t you want to say goodbye to your brother?”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t even look at him. “Oh, I already did.” In any case, they had talked yesterday and he was sure that Hua Lin Rong would understand after he saw that he was gone.

Wu Ya just nodded, not thinking about it any further. He wasn’t sure if it was impolite that he left without saying anything else but most likely, since they had talked yesterday, Hua Lin Yu’s older brother also wouldn’t mind if he left with him. And most likely, Hua Lin Yu had explained to him anyway that he would be bringing him over.

The two of them left the estate in that way and then rushed past the city close by. Wu Ya looked at it with some pity, feeling that he really would’ve liked to take a closer look at it. But judging from Hua Lin Yu’s attitude, there was no time for that. Well, right now, Hua Lin Yu was his guide so he would naturally trust his thoughts on the matter. Thus, the two of them silently made their way to the Jian Yi Sect.

Back at the Hua family’s estate, their absence was only noted at lunch. The people of the older generation were sitting together with Hua Lin Rong and they couldn’t help but notice that his brother and Wu Ya still hadn’t appeared.

They sent a servant over who returned a few minutes later, completely flustered.

“What do you mean Xiao Yu isn’t there?” Hua Ming Jun leaped to his feet when he heard that his grandson had inexplicably vanished. None of them had forgotten what had happened when Hua Lin Yu had been young. Thus, whenever there was something strange happening around him, they couldn’t help but worry that who- or whatever had been spying on him might be back and up to no good.

On the other hand, Hua Lin Rong covered his eyes with his hands, feeling that he had a good guess just what was going on. Lowering his hand again, he looked at the servant. “Please go and check whether our guest of the spirit beast tribe is still in his room.”

The servant hurriedly nodded, happy that they had something to do and didn’t need to get involved in whatever had happened to the young master.

A moment later, they returned with the same nervous look. “That guest from the spirit beast tribe has also vanished.”

Hua Ming Jun who had still been standing now slowly sat down again. “In other words, Xiao Yu is probably left with him to go somewhere.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded and waved the servant away, feeling that his brother was too irresponsible. Most likely, he wasn’t ready to get married yet. He was really making trouble on all sides. “I guess they will have gone to the Jian Yi Sect.”

His parents and grandparents looked at him. Clearly, they were all thinking the same thing but finally, it was Fa Min Juan who spoke up.

“Ah Rong, be honest with us: What happened?”

Hua Lin Rong could only smile wryly at that. “What can I say? Even though they spent quite a bit of time together, they usually don’t argue. And when they do, it’s going to be like this.

“He probably just ran off because he’s afraid of seeing Xin Lan. And even though he came here and had us to talk to him first, he probably still felt that it wasn’t enough.

“This time, he really went too far with what he did. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Xin Lan was angry when he came back. But I guess he’ll get even angrier when he realizes that Hua Lin Yu has him running around to finally meet again. I know I would for sure if this was me.”

Helian Nuan was quite biased when it came to her family but she also had to say that in this case, Hua Lin Yu really wasn’t acting right. “Well, maybe we should go and get him back? I also don’t think that he should be the first to meet Xin Lan. If he is still angry, then they definitely shouldn’t meet. Hua Lin Yu doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.”

Hua Lin Rong gave his grandmother a long look, feeling that she was really making this see, too easy. His brother didn’t deserve to be treated angrily, but did Xin Lan deserve to be treated this way?

He was really starting to think more and more that these two weren’t right for each other. But anyway, he didn’t want to discuss that with his parents and grandparents. He might have a word with Xin Lan to find out whether he still believed this was the right path.

He didn’t have to tell him about Hua Lin Yu’s feelings for Bai Mu but at the very least, he could see how this potential future brother-in-law thought about things. Yes, he just wasn’t quite sure how exactly to bring it up and when he would get the chance. After all, so far, they hadn’t heard anything from Xin Lan.

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