OMF V8C201 Unable to Be Exposed in Front of Outsiders

Jing Yi also wasn’t sure what to do but figured that Qiu Ling should probably get an explanation. “We just heard that Leng Jin Yu and … his husband are going to stay in the dragon realm. So Lan Ling wants to accompany them.”

Qiu Ling stared at him blankly. While he did understand in theory what Jing Yi was saying there, he definitely didn’t understand the thought process of that guy. “He wants to go with a couple that is newly wedded again and planning on having a child? Ah, even I would feel like I’m intruding.” He shook his head and then motioned at the palace. “In any case, since you’re already here, why don’t you come back inside? I feel like this isn’t over yet.”

Duan Ming and Xiang Li really would’ve liked to say no to that but also didn’t dare to say anything against the dragon king.

On the other hand, Jing Yi couldn’t help but be happy inwardly that he was able to spend some time with Qiu Ling at least. Also, while the others were focused on Lan Ling’s matter, he might be able to spend some time more privately. He would definitely like that. Thus, he stepped to the side, letting Qiu Ling go in first.

Qiu Ling felt a little aggrieved that he wasn’t even able to take his hand but right now, he would take what he could get. He went inside, waiting for Xiang Li to close the door behind them before he led the three of them back into the hall.

When he saw Lan Ling still standing in front of it, he raised his brows and then just passed by him. “Your guests are back.” Saying that, he went over to the table and sat down, giving the two of them a look. Judging from the way they were currently behaving, he didn’t think it would take long for them to actually have that child. He really was wondering how things would turn out by then. He wanted to be there but at the same time, he wasn’t sure if he would really be able to take it.

Well, in any case, there might be some jealousy there. The child would have what he hadn’t been able to get. To say that he wouldn’t be envious would be a lie. But still, he was happy that they would have it better than him.

Jinde looked at him and felt that his current identity was actually a bit troublesome. Suddenly, he wasn’t able to tell the child anymore just what exactly he was thinking. How vexing!

Qiu Ling hooked up the corners of his mouth. “What? Just because there are some outsiders here, you are suddenly afraid to curse me out? Just go ahead! I’m already used to it.”

The three gods immediately turned to look at Jinde before they hurriedly looked away again, trying to pretend that they definitely hadn’t found out anything they shouldn’t. This really came as a shock to them though. Leng Jin Yu was such a polite person. How come his husband turned out to even dare to curse the dragon king? They really couldn’t understand that.

Jinde’s lips twitched as well but he finally reached over to nudge Qiu Ling’s forehead. “You! You’re really trying to besmirch my reputation here, aren’t you? As if I would ever do something like this!”

“Oh, please go ahead and pretend. When they move into my palace as well, they are going to find out sooner or later anyway. Now, have you decided when to leave?”

Leng Jin Yu hurriedly cleared his throat before these two could argue any further since Qiu Ling had already given them an opportunity to change the subject. “I guess we should leave as soon as possible. Although …” He looked back to the others, really still not sure what to think about this. “You really want to come along?”

Lan Ling nodded fervently. “Yes! Brother Zhong as well, right? And I don’t think it would be a problem for Duan Ming and Xian Li either.”

Qiu Ling perked up when he heard that his beloved would be able to come along as well but then, he remembered that there was a bit of a problem: The gods would never let Jing Yi go.

He looked away and his gaze drifted around before he finally kicked Leng Jin Yu below the table.

The ascended deity turned around to him and faintly raised his brows. He really didn’t know what Qiu Ling was thinking.

“I think you should clear these things with the God of War.”

Before Leng Jin Yu could say anything, Jinde already jumped in. “Oh, Your Majesty, my husband doesn’t have to clear anything with the God of War. His mission has already ended, so now, he is free to go where he wants. In any case, he has never officially become part of their palace. He is just an unfettered ascended deity. Really nothing to worry about there but thank you for your concern.”

Qiu Ling gave him a look but realized that he probably wouldn’t be able to communicate his problem efficiently as long as somebody else was there. He gritted his teeth but then just decided to do it later.

In any case, the God of War and the Heavenly Empress would be more susceptible to his pleas. And right now, he really wanted to take Jing Yi along. If they were in the dragon realm, quite a few of their problems wouldn’t be as bad. Ind it wasn’t like the gods would find a solution anytime soon so how long were they supposed to stay in the Nine Heavens? He really didn’t think that this would be a good idea for either of them.

Jing Yi realized what Qiu Ling was thinking and wasn’t quite sure how to feel about that. Naturally, he wanted to leave the Nine Heavens as well so his death wouldn’t be looming over him like a dark cloud all the time. He would probably be able to forget about it at least every now and then.

He also wanted to see the place where Qiu Ling was living. He had heard a bit about it from him but not that much. To actually go there … that was definitely his wish. So if this could be made possible, he wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

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