OMF V8C193 Not the First People

Jing Yi led the other three over to the palace, all the while feeling that he should probably warn Qiu Ling and the others some way or another. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to do so. For one, he didn’t know how such a warning could be given and even if he did, he would’ve been afraid that it might be too obvious. Thus, he could only hope that they would be able to deal with matters when they arrived.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like things would be so easy. As soon as they reached the palace, Lan Ling rushed past him and grabbed the first person he could find. “Where is Leng Jin Yu?”

Ai Hua looked at him startled and felt that with his urgent tone, this should be some kind of emergency. Thus, she didn’t dare to delay and pointed down the corridor. “The last room on the right.”

Lan Ling didn’t even say anything and instead rushed further, directly barging inside.

Behind him, Jing Yi’s expression was quite worried while Duan Ming facepalmed. This kind of thing … He hadn’t really expected anything else of Lan Ling but he felt bad for Leng Jin Yu. Considering that he had gotten married, he certainly wouldn’t appreciate somebody barging into his room in the early morning. Well, not that anyone would regardless of their marital status. But Lan Ling wasn’t the type of person to care about that.

“Leng Jin Yu!”

Leng Jin Yu was immediately awake when he heard hurried steps outside but he hadn’t managed to get out of bed before somebody came barging in. When he heard the familiar voice of Lan Ling, he felt like cursing.

Meanwhile, Duan Ming and the other two rushed after Lan Ling. Duan Ming grabbed him by the arm and wanted to pull him outside, trying to save both them and the people inside the embarrassment. Unfortunately, Lan Ling wasn’t that easily caught. “What are you doing? I’m just coming to see a friend.”

Leng Jin Yu hurriedly picked up his robe from the ground while the two of them were shuffling around, throwing it over his shoulders.

Jinde also cracked his eyes open, looking at the children making trouble. Narrowing his eyes, he couldn’t help but reach out and snake an arm around his husband’s waist, a wicked smile flickering over his features. “Martial brother, I had no idea you were so sought after. Should I be worried now?”

The husky voice gave everyone pause, making them look over to the bed.

Leng Jin Yu inwardly cursed his husband for using this opportunity to be sneaky but his lips also twitched in amusement. He definitely had to give it to Jinde: He was able to make everyone shut up at once. Hadn’t he also done the same back in the Yun Zou Sect when Sect Master Yuchi had wanted to make a fuss about them?

He cleared his throat and motioned at the door. “Could you wait outside and give us a minute to get dressed?”

Lan Ling wanted to protest but this time, Duan Ming managed to grab onto him and Xian Li helped him drag him outside.

Jing Yi looked at the two people on the bed, his whole face reddened, and hurriedly bowed. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t want this to happen.”

Leng Jin Yu really didn’t know what to say but Jinde just chuckled. “Don’t take it this seriously, child. They aren’t the first people to walk in on us naked. At the very least, it’s not my stepson this time around.” Saying so, he sat up and motioned for his husband to get him a robe.

Jing Yi hurriedly retreated as well, closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Lan Ling was still completely shell-shocked. His image of Leng Jin Yu had always been that of a proper gentleman who focused wholeheartedly on cultivation. That was why he had had trouble believing when he first heard that he had gotten married.

Now, things were even worse. He had actually found him in bed with some person and even though he hadn’t gotten that good of a look because Duan Ming had disturbed them, it had been clear that Leng Jin Yu’s robe had only been thrown on haphazardly, actually exposing skin everywhere, while the person behind him had apparently been completely naked. This kind of thing … he just couldn’t believe that this was the same Leng Jin Yu he knew. He seemed to have become a completely different person!

Next to him, Duan Ming wasn’t any less embarrassed than Jing Yi and honestly didn’t know how he would look into Leng Jin Yu’s eyes when the two of them came out in a minute. He hurriedly cleared his throat and looked up at Jing Yi. “Brother Zhong, do you know if there is another place where we could wait? I feel like being right outside of the door wouldn’t be the best.”

Jing Yi nodded in a daze and then led them to the hall where the others had been sitting yesterday, motioning for them to sit down at the table. Even though he had officially moved it to the idle gods’ courtyard, he still felt pretty at home at this place where he had spent some weeks at least with Qiu Ling. Thus, he didn’t think that there was anything odd about what he did.

Ai Hua who was still lingering around couldn’t help but question things though. She really would’ve liked to go over and ask directly but she also figured that this wasn’t the right time or place. She’d just have to privately ask her brother about this later on.

For now, she just stuck around to see what exactly was going on with these gods and that couple. Maybe she would be able to learn something that she could use for the time when she introduced them to her neighbors. After all, she still needed to divert attention from Jinde’s identity.

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