OMF V8C192 Just Yesterday

If there was more information about Leng Jin Yu to be had, then naturally, Lan Ling was all in. He leaned forward, his eyes glimmering a bit. “I do know him. What’s the matter with him?”

The other guard also got up and leaned over the counter, clearly quite interested in hearing what Lan Ling had to say. “Well, what do you know about him? I still can’t believe what everyone’s been saying since yesterday.”

Lan Ling raised his brows and his gaze darted from one guard to the other, not quite understanding what was going on. “Why? What are they saying?” The last he had heard was that Leng Jin Yu had told Jing Yi about them and send him to the idle gods’ courtyard. Also, that he knew Longjun, of course, but he felt like that wasn’t such an important thing. His altercation with Qiu Ling before had definitely clouded his judgment there. Everybody else would definitely be quite awed when they knew that somebody personally knew the dragon king. After all, no matter Qiu Ling’s personality, his status was still as high as that of the Heavenly Emperor.

The guards were surprised that he hadn’t heard of it yet and the one who had come over from the back explained. “The God of War personally brought him over here yesterday and they went on to have a fight. Like, they had a spar.

“From what I’ve heard, at that time, one of the guards went to notify the God of War of something and actually saw it. He told everyone that that guy fought almost as well as one of the heavenly generals.

“I usually wouldn’t believe that. I mean, it sure sounds super exaggerated, right? But the fact is that the God of War brought him in himself and also escorted him outside again. So I’m honestly inclined to think that there’s more to this. Even if it’s not the full truth, there has to be some truth to it. So, if you know him, is he really that good?”

Lan Ling stared at the two of them dumbfounded and then turned to Duan Ming, trying to see what he thought of that.

Duan Ming also seemed surprised but he managed to catch himself more easily. “Well, he is definitely somebody that is very talented. I’ve never fought against the heavenly generals or have seen them fight in person so I wouldn’t be able to tell you how he compares to either of them. But among the people in the idle gods’ courtyard, I would say that he was definitely one of the best I have ever seen. He was rather well-known in the mortal realm before his ascension as well. So his status is definitely special. The last time we saw him was some years ago so I guess he will have only gotten better since then.”

The two guards nodded and looked at each other.

“It should be true then. Ah, I really wish I would’ve seen that! Why was I on duty at the gate yesterday?”

Lan Ling couldn’t help but grasp the important point. “Wait, he came over just yesterday? So he is currently in the Nine Heavens?”

The guards looked up, not feeling that that was the most important but one of them still nodded. “He should be. In any case, he might. Not sure if he already left again but his husband was also there so I guess this might be more than just a short visit for a fight.”

“I wonder if he’s going to get a position in the palace. If he’s that good, then the God of War certainly wouldn’t just let him leave, would he?”

The other guard clicked his tongue. “Well, if he has the talent, I certainly wouldn’t mind. I’d really like to see that fight …”

At that time, Duan Ming cleared his throat. “Well, I wish the two of you luck then. Maybe you’ll have the chance in the future. The four of us should leave now though. Thank you for helping out.” He nodded and then grabbed Lan Ling by the elbow, pulling him away while Jing Yi and Xian Li followed by themselves.

When they stepped outside, Lan Ling stopped though. “Leng Jin Yu’s back here and we still haven’t seen him?”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel put on the spot. He was sure that Leng Jin Yu was there considering that he had seen him and his husband arrive at Qiu Ling’s place yesterday after he brought Xin Lan over. He wasn’t quite sure if he should tell them that though. He wasn’t too sure what the situation was.

Unfortunately for him, Duan Ming used that opportunity to turn back to him. “Brother Zhong, say, do you know something? If he is close to the dragon king, maybe it has something to do with that?” He wasn’t quite sure how this spar with the God of War would fit into that but it was the best guess he had right now.

Jing Yi looked a bit helpless. “Well, it might be.”

Lan Ling immediately rushed to his side, grabbing him by his arm. “Can’t you ask? In any case, you seem to be quite close to the dragon king. Certainly, he would tell you if you went over and had a chat, right? Actually, just bring us over immediately!”

Jing Yi’s expression turned even worse but he didn’t really have a good reason to say no. In the worst case, Qiu Ling would have to throw them out. Not that he thought that he would do that. Thus, finally, he could only give a wry smile. “Well, we can at least try it I guess.”

Duan Ming wondered if he should speak up and save him from the situation but looking at how fired up Lan Ling was, he didn’t think that he would have a chance to do that. Also … to be honest, he also wanted to see Leng Jin Yu again and see what had gone on in these years. It seemed that quite a bit had happened since the last time they saw him.

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