OMF V8C194 No Wonder He Married

Ai Hua didn’t have to wait for long. While Jinde wouldn’t mind letting people wait, Leng Jin Yu was different. Especially when he had just been surprised in bed with his husband by some old friends.

He hurriedly made sure that he himself was dressed and then also helped put on Jinde’s robe before he grabbed his hand, interlacing his fingers with his. “I’m sorry about being woken up like this but … I guess we don’t have a choice. This is also a good opportunity to test how things will be in the capital when we finally move there.”

Jinde nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry about it. In any case, just don’t forget about my new name. Also, those three were …?”

“The one who barged in first is called Lan Ling. He is a trueborn god from the capital as far as I know. The one who tried to get him to go back out is Duan Ming, the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity, and the last one is Xian Li, an ascended deity like me, although he hails from a different sect. I got to know the three of them after I ascended and became part of the idle gods’ courtyard. You could say that we were friends, just maybe not that close considering the short amount of time.”

Jinde nodded, feeling that that explained things. “Well, it’s always nice to meet some of your friends even if it is somebody you didn’t know that long. Let’s go then.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and the two of them left the room, going to the hall where the others were waiting.

Jinde noticed that Ai Hua was hanging around but he didn’t mind. In any case, he could imagine that she was curious. It would be best if she got all of that out of her system while they were still in the Nine Heavens. Otherwise, their cover would be blown after just a day in the dragon realm. The more natural Ai Hua and the others were around him, the better.

When the two of them walked in, Lan Ling immediately jumped to his feet, clearly wanting to demand some answers. Meanwhile, the other two people actually ignored Leng Jin Yu and instead stared at the person who walked in after him.

They couldn’t help but think that, really, it was no wonder that even Leng Jin Yu who had never really seemed interested in starting a relationship and had always focused on his cultivation and practice would suddenly get married. That person wasn’t just a beauty, he had reached the apex of beauty.

Jinde smiled when he saw their gazes and then glanced at his husband, stepping a little closer. Ah, he really missed those times when he was looked at like that. Call him vain but he couldn’t help himself.

The only troublesome part was that Lan Ling who looked a bit like the abandoned wife. That was something that he definitely wasn’t alright with.

Leng Jin Yu also felt troubled when he saw Lan Ling’s expression. He had known that Lan Ling was looking up to him but he hadn’t thought that it would bring this much trouble in the future. “I didn’t know you were coming over. If I had, we definitely would’ve gotten up early to greet you.”

Behind him, Jinde couldn’t help but chuckle. He refrained from saying anything though and just walked over to the table with Leng Jin Yu, sitting down next to him and making it a point to sit as close as possible. He had let somebody get between them once, he definitely wouldn’t let that happen a second time.

Lan Ling was still standing next to them, staring at Leng Jin Yu with that same hurt expression.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him and then focused on Duan Ming instead. “We just arrived in the Nine Heavens yesterday so there wasn’t really time to come and see you yet. I guess you heard from Jing Yi?”

The others turned to Jing Yi, clearly asking what exactly that meant.

Jing Yi raised his hands but his face that had just returned to its original color once again flushed red. “I didn’t know. I just knew that the person from the dragon race who came looking for me yesterday was actually searching for them. I just brought him over here to get help and I guess senior Leng and his husband arrived later on.”

Leng Jin Yu realized that most likely, Jing Yi hadn’t told them anything to make sure that they wouldn’t find out much. “Qiu Ling called us over later on. Since then, things were really busy so there wasn’t any time. Otherwise …”

Well, to be honest, he probably still wouldn’t have gone to see them because there was just so much going on. But that really wasn’t something he could say when Lan Ling was already looking at him like this.

He cleared his throat and then reached to the side, rubbing Jinde’s back and motioning at him. “Well, since you are here now, let me introduce you to my husband: This is Jiang Li. We met down in the mortal realm while I was on a mission.”

When looking at Jinde, his gaze clearly changed, showing the affection he held for him. Duan Ming and Xian Li couldn’t help but gawk at him while Lan Ling just sat down, seeming a bit defeated. As it turned out, all of this was true. Leng Jin Yu had really gone down to the mortal realm for some kind of mission and met somebody and even gotten married without as much as telling them. Thinking about that, he really felt hurt.

On the other hand, Jinde smiled at the three of them. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I haven’t had the chance to meet many of my husband’s acquaintances yet so it is really nice to finally get the opportunity.”

Duan Ming hastily nodded and Xian Li followed suit. Inwardly, the two of them couldn’t help but think that not just his looks were nice, he also had a beautiful voice. Now, it wasn’t as husky anymore but it was one that was pleasant to listen to. No wonder Leng Jin Yu had fallen in love.

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