SML V3C50 I Just Want to Be with You

Mo Fang smiled and got back to work, starting to use some of the tricks he had driven his exes crazy with. Just as expected, Li Ming’s reaction wasn’t any different. His body froze for a moment but his excitement was obviously surging. Just a few minutes later, he couldn’t hold on any longer and climaxed.

Mo Fang raised his head and licked his lips, giving him a faint smile. He leaned closer and gave him a quick kiss before snuggling up to him and brushing through his hair.

Li Ming held him close in return. He felt like he should thank him but finally just kissed him back. His lips started to wander, using the opportunity to explore.

Mo Fang’s smile brightened. He kept still, letting Li Ming take over. Honestly, he was happy enough that his boyfriend still seemed up for going longer. He had had the unfortunate experience of some guys immediately pulling back and feeling like they were done as soon as they were satisfied themselves.

He couldn’t stand that. He enjoyed giving head. The smell, the sensation of his partner’s skin, being so close that he could feel his reaction even with his eyes closed and feeling the satisfaction rise up until the end, he loved all of it. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t want to be satisfied himself afterward as well. He could give his partner some time but he’d get angry if he tried to leave him just like that.

Thankfully, Li Ming seemed to be of the same opinion there. After letting Mo Fang take the lead for so long, he seemed to have eased into things. He even seemed happy to get the chance to be more proactive now. His lips were continuously touching Mo Fang’s skin and by now, his hands were rubbing over his boyfriend’s body as well.

He had closed his eyes and was only following his feelings, listening to the sound of Mo Fang’s breathing and the way his body moved at his touch. Even though he had told himself not to worry about the difference in their wealth of experiences, there was some worry at the back of his mind.

Frankly, this experience with Mo Fang was the best he had ever had even though it was their first time. He probably should have expected it but he was still blown away by how good it really was. Now, he couldn’t help but worry again that he wouldn’t be up to par and disappoint him.

He opened his eyes and turned to look at him, cupping his cheeks and giving him another long kiss. When he finished, he pulled back. What he couldn’t give in technique, he could make up for in feelings and honesty. In any case, Mo Fang had waited so long for this moment. He wouldn’t mind even if it wasn’t perfect. “I love you.” He wanted to say more but then just smiled and gave him another kiss.

Mo Fang laughed and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. “Don’t tell me you’re nervous now.” He gently bit Li Ming’s earlobe, making him shudder.

“Am I being too obvious?”

Mo Fang chuckled again. “A little. If you want to, I don’t mind taking over again.”

Li Ming looked into his eyes, wondering if it would be too much to say yes.

Seeing him indecisive, Mo Fang just smiled and then pushed him back down onto the couch cushions. He took off the rest of his own clothes before he looked at him again. “Last chance to change positions.”

Li Ming hesitated again but then reached up and cupped his cheek again. “Tell me what you want.”

Mo Fang just chuckled. He leaned down to peck his lips and then tilted his head, his lips almost touching Li Ming’s ear. “I just want to be with you.” Then, he pulled back and got himself into position, sighing faintly as their bodies connected.

Li Ming closed his eyes and sucked in a breath, making sure to lie still so Mo Fang could find his rhythm. He gently held onto his waist though, not wanting to lose his connection to him.

Mo Fang watched him and smiled while he slowly tried out what Li Ming would like most. When he was sure to have found the right way, he covered his boyfriend’s hands with his. “Look at me.”

Li Ming opened his eyes and his breath hitched. Seeing him, he felt like confessing his feelings again but he couldn’t get a single word out. He could only stare at him, his eyes holding all his feelings.

Mo Fang smiled and slowly leaned down, finally kissing his lips without stopping to move. After just a moment, he straightened up again and closed his own eyes, giving Li Ming the chance to stare unabashedly. Knowing this boyfriend of his, he was pretty sure that he wouldn’t dare to do that otherwise.

Li Ming indeed couldn’t help but stare but his gaze was focused on Mo Fang’s face. He had always known that he was beautiful and he had found out soon enough that Mo Fang was an emotional and sensual person. Now, he saw the naked truth of just how much physical contact meant to him.

His face seemed to glow. There was a curve to his lips and every now and then, his eyelids would flutter. He looked relaxed as if all worries were completely forgotten at this moment and the only thing that counted was them and their future together.

Li Ming continued to gaze at him all throughout, merely wishing that he had the chance to hug him tightly but he didn’t want to interrupt Mo Fang. Only when both of them were satisfied did he pull him onto his chest, his fingers finding their way into his hair while their cheeks touched. He kissed his jaw and then held him silently.

In this life, he never wanted to let go of this person again. As impossible as it had first seemed, he had irrevocably fallen in love with him and he didn’t regret a single second of their relationship.

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