IRL C87 I Owe You an Apology

Liangqiu Huang didn’t say anything even though he had figured things out. Instead, he waited for them to reach the estate of the Mo family and then sent Mo Ju An off before turning to Ao Jing and Zhou Ming. He looked at the two of them gravely, finally giving voice to his thoughts. “I think that merchant Wang might have been the one who ordered that matter with my brother.”

Ao Jing slightly raised his brows, surprised that he would suddenly say something like this. “What made you think so?”

Liangqiu Huang reached into his robe and pulled out the two dozen letters that he had found, handing them to Ao Jing. “Merchant Wang handed me a letter that seemed to have been signed by Mister Mo and was an order to kill off my brother on a road not far from here. I originally believed what it said but then, I coincidentally came about several … drafts of that letter. I think that the unconscious man that Mister Zhou found today was actually the one who forged these.”

Ao Jing nodded and then gave the letters back after taking a look at them. “In that case, I think there’s a place that you should visit.”

Liangqiu Huang looked at him with confusion but Ao Jing just smiled.

Now, Liangqiu Huang finally believed that merchant Wang had been the one behind this and had even found some evidence. In that case, he could finally stop worrying about Shangguan Yu’s safety.

“Just follow me.”

Both Liangqiu Huang and Zhou Ming were confused but they still followed him out of the town and toward a teahouse not far from there. Upon entering, Liangqiu Huang stopped in his tracks as if struck by lightning.

“Ah … Ah Min?”

Liangqiu Min looked up, a trace of surprise flashing across his face. “Big brother?” He got up, a smile spreading out on his lips. “Did you come to help out?”

Liangqiu Huang couldn’t understand what was going on but he still followed Ao Jing over when he went to the table and sat down. He sat next to his brother, staring at him in a daze, unable to believe what was going on. His brother … wasn’t dead?

Ao Jing smiled faintly. “Well, your older brother was so nice to help me with investigating this matter. Unfortunately, Shangguan Yu is currently still in the dungeon since he suspected him.”

Liangqiu Min glanced at Ao Jing and gave a wry smile. “Well, he did not suspect him without reason. Anyway, I hope your friend hasn’t been hurt?”

Ao Jing shook his head. “Knowing him, he might’ve even escaped by now.”

Liangqiu Huang looked from one person to the other and finally, his gaze stayed on his brother’s face. “You two know each other?”

Liangqiu Min sighed deeply. “It’s a long story. To make it short: When I was traveling to visit the Mo family, I was suddenly attacked. I really thought that I would be dying but then this man and his … friend came and saved me. Apparently, they were tricked by some evil merchant that convinced them I and my guards were a group of bandits. They promised to find out what was going on since we figured that this might be a plot against the Mo family.”

Liangqiu Huang was still very much confused but things slowly seemed to fit together. He took out the letters from his robe again and handed them to his brother. “Merchant Wang told me that you had been killed. And later on, he gave me a letter that suggested the Mo family was behind it. Thankfully, I found the drafts in his house so I knew that something was up.”

Liangqiu Min read the letters over and smiled. “I guess that means that there won’t be a reason for me to worry about my fiancee anymore. What are we going to do about that merchant though? I won’t let him get away with this!”

Liangqiu Huang furrowed his brows and nodded gravely. “Neither will I. Don’t worry, I will get the authorities involved. Your brother’s job has to be good for something at least, right?”

Liangqiu Min laughed, obviously happy to see his older brother. “It’s good for a lot of things, big brother. Anyway, I just hope that the Mo family won’t take any damage through this and that that evil merchant will be brought to justice.”

Liangqiu Huang nodded and then turned to Ao Jing. “As for you … I owe you an apology. You and … your friend, it seems. Thank you for helping my brother and also letting me figure this out. I really was blind in the beginning.”

Ao Jing shook his head, not wanting to quibble with this kind of NPC. “You were grieving your brother. It is normal that you would react like this. Since nobody else was hurt, it isn’t a problem.”

“I will first inform the authorities so they can search merchant Wang’s estate for more proof and then, we can go and get that friend of yours out of prison.”

Ao Jing couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat when he heard that. With Shangguan Yu being outside of the dungeon right now, it really wasn’t good. “Uh … I could also go and get him on my own. You don’t need to bother about that. You have more important things to focus on.”

Liangqiu Huang gave a faint smile. “I don’t think that a commoner can just walk into the dungeon and have somebody taken out. You will need my assistance for this.”

Ao Jing really wanted to get some more time but Liangqiu Huang immediately sent the message using his spiritual energy and then got up to go back to the city. “Alright, your friend has suffered enough. Let’s go take care of this immediately.”

Ao Jing turned to look at Liangqiu Min. “What about your brother though? If merchant Wang saw him … he might get rid of the evidence.”

Liangqiu Huang turned to look at his brother and realized that this might indeed a problem. But there was a solution to every problem so he wasn’t too worried. In fact, the solution to this one was much too easy.

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