OMF V8C184 A Letter to Sect Master Fei

Hua Lin Rong was preoccupied with his own thoughts but that didn’t stay this way for long while he accompanied Wu Ya through the estate to get him a room. As it turned out, this senior of the spirit beast tribe that Hua Lin Yu had brought along was really chatty.

After just a few moments, he had not only heard a lot more about the travels of his little brother and Xin Lan but also about the spirit beast people, Wu Ya’s role in the tribe, and his reason for coming to the mortal realm. He actually felt a bit embarrassed after getting to know all of this.

When they finally reached the room that was readied for him to move in, he could only give a cough. “Well, we can definitely give you a map of the more well-known regions of the mortal realm. If you want me to, I could also find you some kind of group to travel with. Some of the younger people of our branch families regularly travel to gain some experience. Maybe you would like to go with them. Although, considering your level, that might not be the right fit.”

Wu Ya did indeed not seem that enthusiastic when he heard that these were younger people who were only going out to start gaining experience. “You know, I’d rather go with somebody who is a bit stronger. Somebody who can keep up!”

Hua Lin Rong looked at him, a complicated feeling in his chest. This guy had just given him exactly the same description for what kind of person he was looking to marry. Now, that was the kind of person that he also wanted to travel with. That pretty much only left one explanation: He wanted to find a person that he might want to marry, travel with them to see if they were a good fit, and then seal the deal at the end. That wasn’t bad. It was just that … how was he supposed to provide him with such a person?

Hua Lin Rong thought for a bit and finally had an idea. “Well, I’m afraid there isn’t somebody like that in our Hua family. But my little brother is the youngest disciple of Sect Master Fei of the Jian Yi Sect.

“I’m not sure if you have heard of them but they are rather famous in the mortal realm. Their disciples are usually quite strong. Maybe you would have more luck going there. I could write a letter for you that you can give to Sect Master Fei. I’m sure she would be ecstatic to hear that you have helped her little disciple so much and want to help you in return.” To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure if Sect Master Fei would be ecstatic or, to be honest, he even doubted it, but she definitely had a better chance of somehow dealing with this than they had. Thus, he could only throw out her name.

Wu Ya was somebody who was easily satisfied. “That would be great!” In any case, he didn’t expect to find a solution immediately. It was already very good if he had a way to start on this journey. Everything else could still come later. He didn’t mind not having much of a plan yet.

Hua Lin Rong was also quite happy with this outcome and nodded with some relief. “Very well. You can stay here for a few days first if you would like to. Then, I’ll go write that letter and send it over to her later. You just make yourself at home in the meantime. If you need something, just tell somebody.”

Wu Ya nodded and then went inside, taking a look around. He really felt like his journey was off to a good start. Following Hua Lin Yu had definitely been the right choice.

Meanwhile, Hua Lin Rong did indeed go and write a letter to Fei Bai Mu first. Most likely, this wasn’t the most pressing matter but he just felt like pushing off the task of telling his parents what had happened with Xiao Yu and Xin Lan for a bit longer. After all, it had already been troublesome enough when that first fall-out happened in the dragon realm.

No, maybe it was wrong to say it like this. From the very beginning, his parents and grandparents had been a bit worried about Xiao Yu’s relationship with Xin Lan. That was why they had asked the two of them to wait before getting married. And then, what had happened in the dragon realm had just fortified that doubt.

Now, after they knew that something else had happened, he felt like they would be even less inclined to let this go on. But the thing was that whether it was this time was that time, it had always been his brother who caused trouble and never Xin Lan. He was actually starting to really feel sorry for that guy.

Hua Lin Rong sighed and finished up the letter before folding it into a paper crane and sending it off to the Jian Yi Sect. No matter what, it was better to warn Sect Master Fei beforehand. He might not be able to tell her an exact date but it was still better to let her know in general.

Also, he did include some mentions of the things between his brother and Xin Lan. After all, as his Master, she would likely also want to have a word in this matter. And maybe she was able to get through to Hua Lin Yu in a way that he couldn’t, considering that Xiao Yu had grown up with her for longer than with them.

Watching the paper crane leave, Hua Lin Rong could only sigh and then finally accept fate. Things had already come to this so he could only go and report the matter truthfully. His family would probably also be able to understand that this matter wasn’t Xin Lan’s fault.

Maybe it could be said that it was all just because Hua Lin Yu was still young. Sometimes, he was unable to see things clearly because of that. At the very least, he hoped that that was the reason. If this was truly because of Bai Mu …

Well, there was no use thinking about that. In any case, his brother wouldn’t admit to it and he also couldn’t mention it to his parents. After all, he had kept everything quiet back then, only giving the shortest of explanations possible. Now, he couldn’t just suddenly change his tune. He was afraid that that would just cause more problems. And they definitely didn’t need more of them when they already had this many.

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