OMF V8C185 You Can’t Solve His Messes

When the older generations heard that their precious son or grandson respectively had returned, they were naturally over the moon. Seeing Hua Lin Rong’s sour expression though, they couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss.

Hua Ning Shun was the first to furrow his brows. “Is something wrong with Xiao Yu for you to look like this?”

Hua Lin Rong could only smile wryly. “Is there something wrong with my brother? Well, he isn’t hurt. But there was some trouble with Xin Lan … again.”

His grandmother couldn’t help but lean back and cross her legs, giving that husband and son of hers a look. “Well, looks like maybe this relationship wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

Originally, she had been very much in favor of it. Xin Lan was strong and good-looking, seemed to treat their Xiao Yu well, and was polite to them despite being stronger than them. He had seemed like the perfect candidate for Hua Lin Yu’s partner.

But after the boy had come running home clearly devastated after they spent those three years in the dragon realm, her opinion had changed. Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong might not have wanted to say anything and had just said that those two just needed more time and that Xiao Yu was young but considering the state that her grandson had been in, she was sure that something major had happened.

Thinking about it, she felt that most likely, Xin Lan had cheated on him. And yet, Xiao Yu still wasn’t willing to give up on him. How could she be happy? And now, something had happened again. Was she really supposed to still accept Xin Lan? She didn’t think so.

The two men could only smile wryly. They both felt like this wasn’t their fault.

“Back then, it was me who said they should take some more time before they actually get married. If they already were, then we’d be in trouble. Anyway, Ah Rong, how exactly are things with your brother?”

Hua Lin Rong really wasn’t sure how to say it. “Well, let’s say that this time, Xin Lan is probably the one who needs a bit of a break. My brother was … a little insensitive toward him I guess.” He motioned at his face, feeling like this should pretty much explain it.

Helian Nuan scoffed. “That sounds as if he is a bit sensitive.” At this point in time, she really wasn’t willing to give Xin Lan the benefit of the doubt that it might really not be his fault again. Also, she definitely couldn’t imagine that her sweet little grandson would do anything too egregious.

Her husband wasn’t quite as worried though. “Xin Lan is much more mature than Xiao Yu. He might indeed just need a bit of a break and will return afterward. I don’t things that we should worry too much about this.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded. “I think you’re right, grandfather. In any case, I’m more worried about Xiao Yu actually. Who knows if he won’t make trouble after Xin Lan returns because he doesn’t know how to deal with this situation? That’s really the last thing that we need.”

Hua Ming Jun nodded but he also didn’t quite know what to do about that. “Well, you brothers have a chat then. Just tell him not to worry and leave matters to Xin Lan mostly. I’m sure that he will be able to deal with this.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded. This was pretty much the same thought he had had, although he still wasn’t sure how effective it would be. In any case, he had tried to talk with his brother but he wasn’t sure if he had completely gotten through. They would probably only see about that in the future.

“For now, we can only wait for Xin Lan to return. Xiao Yu wasn’t sure where he actually went. He just said that there was something he needed to do and that he’d be back. So I guess it depends on whether he stayed in the mortal realm or actually went back to the immortal realms.”

Fa Min Juan narrowed her eyes. “If he really went back to the immortal realms, then that can only mean that what Xiao Yu did was quite grave. I guess we can only hope that that wasn’t the case.”

Hua Lin Rong shrugged his shoulders, feeling that this was something that neither of them would be able to say. “To him, it might be grave. We probably can’t imagine that kind of thing.” Really, everybody had something they were insecure about but in Xin Lan’s case, there was probably a story behind it that he’d rather not even know. Now, Hua Lin Yu had inadvertently picked on exactly that. He hadn’t meant to and he hadn’t done it maliciously but had actually felt that as future husbands, they should be above this kind of small problem but that couldn’t change the fact that it had hurt Xin Lan.

Since he had already said everything there was to say about this incident, Hua Lin Rong got to the other matter at hand. “Before this, the two of them were in the spirit beast tribe. When Xiao Yu returned, he brought one of their people with him. He wants to travel through the mortal realm so I offered to send him to the Jian Yi Sect first to maybe find some people he could go with. But I guess he will be staying here for a few days at least.”

His parents and grandparents weren’t worried about that. In any case, the Hua family was big. One person more or less in the whole estate would hardly make a difference.

“You take care of him then. If there’s anything you need, just tell us. Also, don’t forget to send Xiao Yu over so we can spend some time with him as well.” His mother smiled at him and then just waved. “Also, don’t take things too hard. Xiao Yu is young. But as long as he sincerely loves Xin Lan and Xin Lan also loves him, I’m sure that the two of them will be able to work through things. And you as his brother aren’t responsible for this. It is their own matter.

“Even though we missed out on several years of his childhood, we need to stop seeing him as a child. Xiao Yu has come of age already. He’s able to make his own decisions and take care of his own messes. Especially when it comes to his feelings, that is what should be done. We can help out a bit here and there but we can’t solve the whole matter for him. If we could, we might as well marry Xin Lan ourselves.”

Hua Lin Rong smiled wryly. He didn’t think that Xin Lan would even want that, nor did he but his mother was right, he couldn’t solve everything for Xiao Yu. “Well, then I’ll take care of the things that I can take care of. Thank you, mother.” He nodded and then turned around and left, feeling slightly better even though he wished that his brother was not in this situation in the first place. Well, that was something that he could only hope for at this time.

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