OMF V8C186 A Rare Combination

Back in the Nine Heavens’ capital city, Lei Jiang and Ai Hua unwittingly got to their feet. They couldn’t help it. Meeting Qiu Ling was still somewhat normal. After all, as a soldier and the family member of one of his advisers, they were living in the palace itself. Running across the king was something that would happen every now and then. That day, it would feel like something special had happened but over the years, the novelty had worn off. Now, they were pretty much numb to it.

This situation though? It couldn’t compare in the least. Never mind that this person was actually supposed to be dead, but this was also the previous generation that had reigned even before their king, and even he had been on the dragon realm’s throne for an unimaginably long time. They had trouble wrapping their heads around meeting this kind of person.

Jinde just gave them a smile and then walked to Leng Jin Yu’s side, sidling up to him and giving him a kiss. “Sorry about that. You really wouldn’t have needed to wait outside though.”

Leng Jin Yu ignored the others and pulled Jinde into his arms, kissing him back. “Don’t worry about that. As I said before, I don’t mind. That matter didn’t concern me so you might as well take care of it on your own. I would just have been a hindrance for him to speak his mind.

“Now, let’s not talk about that for the time being. There is still the matter with the capital city. These are Yi Zan’s sister and her husband as well as their son. We already started talking about things so there shouldn’t be as much left to discuss.”

Jinde finally turned back to them, the same breezy smile still on his lips. Leng Jin Yu could see that he was actually nervous deep down but for the others, he seemed completely relaxed, making them feel even more awed.

“Well, I’m sorry for making trouble for you. If there is anything we can do to make this easier, just tell us.”

Ai Hua and Lei Jiang hurriedly shook their hands and heads, protesting silently. Right now, they couldn’t say a single word.

Yi Zan glanced at them, not sure what to feel. When it had been him, he had completely believed the excuse of ‘His Majesty’s stepfather’ and hadn’t questioned it any further. He never would’ve thought that this might be the supposedly late Longjun Jinde.

But now, judging from their expressions, Ai Hua and Lei Jiang had a good idea of who he really was. It was a little annoying. Really making him question whether he was just too dumb or naive in general or if his sister and husband were somehow just much sharper than him.

Jinde also glanced at him, feeling that this guy was a bit pitiful for being played by his own king like this. “Well, by looks of it, you prepared them a little too well for this matter. I guess they figured it out.”

He tugged at Leng Jin Yu’s hand and the two of them sat back down, Ai Hua and Lei Jiang slowly following after a moment. They still weren’t sure what to make of this situation and quite clearly literally on edge. Ai Hua even shot her brother a look asking for help.

Meanwhile, Yi Zan couldn’t help but give Jinde another look. He had prepared them too well? Now, come to think of it, he hadn’t known what he would get into so he hadn’t been able to make any guesses beforehand. His sister and brother-in-law though … He had told them what was this about beforehand and they had also talked to Leng Jin Yu for a bit. So they might have been at least a bit better prepared than he had been. Maybe that was indeed the reason why they were able to figure it out this easily.

Thinking of that, he felt a bit better. Folding his hands on the table, he turned to look at his family. “Ah, it is as you think it is. Now, you should be clear on why it wouldn’t be a good idea for anybody to find out. So we need your help to keep this silent.”

Ai Hua whirled around to him, her gaze disbelieving. “Keep the silent? How do you want to keep that silent?” She motioned at Jinde, finally turning back to look at him. Excuse her, but the rumors about the late king really hadn’t been exaggerated at all. He was a beauty. A special kind for sure. Now, she finally realized why people were going crazy over this kind of combination of colors.

Jinde just smiled and held his husband’s hand, feeling that this was quite funny. He hadn’t had people react to him like this for a very long time. Well, he hadn’t seen a lot of people in his true appearance for a long time so this wasn’t strange either. But still, seeing this reminded him of the past a lot.

“Well, to be honest, your brother didn’t figure it out immediately. I guess that as long as it isn’t somebody who is prepared for this in some way, then there’s a chance that they won’t doubt my identity. Even more so if you are able to give us some kind of backstory.”

Ai Hua stared at him, still unable to believe it. No matter what he said, this combination was just too rare. Even though she had in part married Lei Jiang because of his looks, the fact that they had even managed to have a child with golden hair was already something that people had been incredibly surprised by. Gold just wasn’t a color that occurred that easily.

And to find a person that had both golden hair and golden eyes … that was almost impossible. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if in the whole history of their race, there had been anybody but Longjun Jinde who had ever shown this combination. At the very least, she hadn’t heard of it. To suddenly pull a relative out who looked like this … she really wasn’t sure if she could do it convincingly.

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