OMF V8C183 He Wouldn’t Stay Angry

Even though Hua Lin Rong had that kind of feeling, he knew that he couldn’t just tell his brother this outright. In any case, Hua Lin Yu had been doubtful all along. If he was really searching for a reason to pull back, then maybe he would just provide him with that. Maybe that would be the right thing to do but he also couldn’t bring himself to give it try. At the very least, he wanted to see how Xin Lan felt about this first. “So you came here but Xin Lan will probably return to the spirit beasts’ territory?” This was the problem they probably needed to tackle first.

Hua Lin Yu hesitated a little when his brother said this and finally still nodded his head. “Yes. I … I just needed help. I thought that it would be best if I came to ask you.”

Hua Lin Rong sighed. “Did you at least make sure that there is somebody who will tell him what happened? So that he knows you didn’t just run away again?” Because this was what he was worried about the most. If his brother ran off without another word again, that would also be too damning.

Thankfully, Hua Lin Yu nodded immediately. “Of course! In any case, he will be told as soon as he gets back. But I’m not sure when that will be.” He reached up, rubbing the earring that Xin Lan had made for him.

Because they had always been together, he had never really needed to use it as anything but a storage space but now that he thought about it, he was able to use it to contact Xin Lan. Nobody but him knew about that but he could probably tell his brother. Or even if he didn’t, he could just do it on his own.

It was just … He was afraid. He didn’t know how Xin Lan would react. Whether it was to him going back to his family or to the matter that had happened before, it could be that Xin Lan would be angry. And he didn’t know how to bear that anger. He didn’t want to do anything wrong. He had just made up his mind to marry him. And now, they were in this situation. He didn’t know how to deal with that.

Hua Lin Rong could see that his brother’s mood was rather tangled but he didn’t know whether he should feel pity for him or feel that this was really his comeuppance for how he had acted before. In the end, his brotherly feelings still won.

He reached over and pulled him into his arms, rubbing his back. “You don’t worry about it. In any case, Xin Lan sincerely loves you. Even if you do something like this, he will forgive you as long as you plead guilty.” Yes, he really didn’t have any doubt about this. As long as Hua Lin Yu told him that he was sorry and made sure that Xin Lan knew that he definitely wanted to get married no matter what, it would be alright. In any case, a man in love was able to bear quite a few things. And he didn’t doubt Xin Lan’s feelings for his brother.

Hua Lin Yu grabbed onto his brother’s robe and gave him a helpless look. “When he comes here, can you stay with me? I don’t want to confront him alone.”

Hua Lin Rong felt exasperated when he saw his brother acting like this. “He’s your fiance. He might even have been your husband by now. Why do you not dare to face him?”

Hua Lin Yu just looked at him pitifully and his brother naturally couldn’t take it.

“Fine! If that’s what you want me to do, then I’ll do it.” In any case, it would probably be better if he was the one to greet Xin Lan anyway and then had a few words with him before he even let them meet just to make sure that Xin Lan was in a stable mood. Ah, to think that these things were already happening before these two were even married … What would happen after the deal was sealed? It really was difficult to say.

“Well, whatever, with the difference in time, if he did go to the immortal realms for a bit, it might be quite some time until he gets back here. You should go and accompany mother and father for a while.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and got up but then didn’t know what to do. “But if I do, they’ll ask about Xin Lan.”

His older brother raised his brows at him, leaning back in the chair. “You’re afraid to admit to them what happened. I get it. So what do you want to do? Hide away all the time until Xin Lan gets here?”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t know how to answer that. “I didn’t think about it before.” To be honest, he would indeed like to hide away but he felt like his brother wouldn’t accept that answer right now.

Hua Lin Rong sighed and rubbed his head, waving for him to go wherever. “Well, leave it then. Just go off on your own for now. I’ll tell the two of them. In any case, you can’t keep it quiet. They will catch on sooner or later.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then wanted to leave when he realized that Wu Ya was still standing at the side, seeming a little lost. “Senior Wu Ya, what are you going to do now? Since we already arrived here, you don’t need to stay around if you don’t want to.”

Wu Ya gave a wry smile. “I … I’m still thinking about it.” In this regard, he seemed to be in the same situation as this youth. He also didn’t really know where to go. In any case, while he wanted to travel around, he didn’t know anyone in the mortal realm or any of the places. He didn’t even know where to start and he felt like he should have some kind of plan to make sure that he wouldn’t wander around for years before returning to the spirit beasts’ territory. While his king would probably understand, there were still some things that needed to be taken into consideration. Well, that was something that required some thought.

Hua Lin Rong looked up and also realized that Wu Ya was something else that needed to be dealt with. He got up and sighed, waving for him to follow him. “Well, thank you for bringing my brother back here. How about staying for a few days? I’ll have the servants prepare a room for you.”

Wu Ya laughed and rubbed the back of his head, nodding happily. “That would be great! Say, you wouldn’t have the time to tell me a bit more about the mortal realm, would you?”

Hua Lin Rong gave him a long look but finally didn’t know what to say. In any case, this man had indeed done them a huge favor. Whether it was telling him something about the mortal realm or whatever else he wanted to know, it probably wasn’t asking too much.

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