RMN C287 He Needed to Go Further

He comfortingly rubbed the back of Yun Bei Fen’s head, worried that he might break down in tears again. That was something he wouldn’t be able to take. Maybe he was weak or just a bit too focused on his little bunny but his tears seemed like a lethal weapon to him. He really understood just why Elder Baili and his three older disciples were said to make trouble for everyone who dared to bully this little one. Clearly, they also weren’t able to take this sight.

To Mei Chao Bing’s surprise, he was thinking too much.

Yun Bei Fen just gave a nod and then didn’t ask about it further. In any case, he had already known beforehand that his grasp on spiritual energy wasn’t that good yet. He would definitely need more time to learn. When he had done so, he could still ask again. What was a big deal about that? Thus, he nodded his head and then turned back around, continuing to train his attacks.

Mei Chao Bing watched him with a blank expression but slowly started to trust that he wouldn’t be too down about this. Only then did he dare to heave a sigh of relief and took a closer look at Yun Bei Fen’s technique.

There hadn’t been much progress in this time. In fact, it could probably be said that there had been none. It wasn’t a wonder though. With Yang Wu Huang’s group, there hadn’t been any time for Yun Bei Fen to train. Even if he could have trained, there likely wouldn’t have been anyone around to give him advice on how to do better.

While Yuan Lei had been in the group, his focus had probably been on making sure that Yang Wu Huang and those two followers of his couldn’t make too much of a mess out of everything. To also take care of Yun Bei Fen on top … That would be asking too much of him.

Mei Chao Bing felt that Yuan Lei had made the best decision in the situation he had been thrown in. Even if it was him, he probably would’ve made the same one. In any case, it wasn’t like this bit of time would’ve made much of a difference for Yun Bei Fen. He did need a bit longer after all.

When that thought crossed his mind, Mei Chao Bing silently cursed himself. Hadn’t he just told Shen Lei that he wanted to bring this matter up to Elder Baili? Now, he had once again forgotten to do so. Well, it probably wouldn’t be too late to go over now.

Then again, he also didn’t want Yun Bei Fen to turn around and then not find him here. He felt like he owed it to him to spend every single moment with him now that he had finally returned from that mission for a bit. After all, as soon as Shen Lei returned from the Teng Yong Sect, the two of them would probably be told to go back to the cavern, and then who knew when he would see Yun Bei Fen again?

After all, there had been quite a few arrays and they hadn’t even investigated what was on the other side of all of them yet, not to speak of places like that underground palace that they had only gotten a general idea of instead of searching every last corner of it. While that might be enough to get an idea of what was going on, it would still put them at a disadvantage if it ever came to a fight there. No, it was much better to investigate now that nobody else was there and then later use that knowledge to their advantage. Who knew what would happen in the future?

With that thought, Mei Chao Bing just sat aside and then started to cultivate by himself, opening his eyes every now and then to take another look at Yun Bei Fen’s progress.

Even if it was slow, sooner or later, Yun Bei Fen would manage to advance his skills. On the other hand, he himself had already reached a level where it would be more difficult to make progress as long as he didn’t go out. Thankfully, he had made quite a few experiences in his early years or he definitely wouldn’t have managed to make it to this level as soon. But he couldn’t stop now. No, he needed to go further.

Whether it was in the Teng Yong Sect or any of the four big sects, if you reached the nascent soul stage, you would be allowed to take in your first disciples. In fact, it basically gave you the status of an Elder.

But more often than not, disciples would choose not to do so immediately. After all, those disciples needed to be taught and raised. So they’d have to take time out of their own practice to show them all the things they would need to become a cultivator.

Then, they would also need to get resources for them, to aid them in their cultivation. Those were all things that they could not spend on themselves anymore. While the resources for a disciple of low level wouldn’t be helpful to nascent soul cultivator any anyway, they were usually still something that needed to be exchanged with the sect. And a bunch of low-leveled resources would be the equivalent of one resource used for a nascent soul cultivator.

Thus, having a disciple would usually slow down one’s own progress. That was why disciples of the older generations like Zhi Guan or Shen Lei didn’t have any disciples even though they had reached the level to do so long ago.

Only when they had accumulated more resources not just in the sect but also from their own missions outside would they even start thinking about it. And usually, the first generation of disciples that they took in, would only consist of a handful of disciples. Up to five was probably the most any young Elder decided on.

As for Mei Chao Bing, he didn’t think that there was a point in even trying to take in disciples considering his current standing among the disciples and Elders of the Teng Yong Sect. So he would just focus on himself. Well, himself and Yun Bei Fen of course.

He smiled when he looked at him and then closed his eyes again, continuing to cultivate. Yes, his own progress also couldn’t be ignored. He needed to be strong for Yun Bei Fen. Only that way would he be able to protect him in the future.

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