RMN C286 It Was Dreadful!

Meanwhile, Elder Baili couldn’t help but turn back to his little disciple. He had already gotten the reports from Mei Chao Bing and Shen Lei but he couldn’t help but still worry. He rubbed his head and looked at him with worry evident in his eyes. “Fen’er, you tell your Master honestly: That Yang Wu Huang, did he treat you badly?”

Yun Bei Fen immediately scrunched up his face. Not to mention that his first senior martial brother had reminded him of telling his Master everything, he was also indignant about how Yang Wu Huang had treated him and always tried to spend time with him even though he didn’t want to. Thus, he naturally would use the opportunity to pull out his heart.

He grabbed onto his Master’s robe, his lips turning into a pout and his eyes seeming to shimmer with tears. “It was dreadful, Master! That Yang Wu Huang just didn’t want to leave me alone. All the time, he was running after me, trying to stick close to my side and speaking to me while he sent everyone else I knew as far away as possible. Da Hei even had to try and bite him a few times so that he would finally leave me alone.”

Baili Chao had some trouble keeping up when his little disciple finally threw himself into his arms for once and was slow on the uptake. Then, when he finally realized what Yun Bei Fen had said, his expression turned dark. “That Yang Wu Huang actually dared to be so shameless?!” He had expected that he would pester his disciple but this was really too much! He had clearly used his position as the group leader to try and cozy up to his disciple. He should have included that in his report to Sect Master Zhang!

Mei Chao Bing who had just come back from asking his favor of Shen Lei looked from the disciple to the Elder and back again, feeling like these two were really a match made in heaven. Hadn’t Shen Lei and he already told Elder Baili everything? And hadn’t Elder Baili seen how Yang Wu Huang usually behaved? Why was he still this surprised?

Although, he probably couldn’t fault the Elder either. Seeing Yun Bei Fen be this upset, his own heart was also crying out for getting revenge for his beloved. Yun Bei Fen probably just had that type of effect. You just wanted to spoil him and make sure that nobody would make him upset. His cuteness was indeed lethal.

Yun Bei Fen continued to complain for some time before his Master finally left, fuming. He had already included everything in the report anyway so there hadn’t been anything to add no matter what his little disciple thought but he could still privately be upset and feel like he should do something more.

In any case, it would take some time before the Sect Master’s answer arrived. He should go and make some trouble for that Yang Wu Huang before that. In any case, even though he might be a dignified Elder, he was also a dignified Elder with four disciples. And everyone in the Teng Yong Sect knew not to mess around with his disciples if they didn’t want to feel his wrath. Since Yang Wu Huang wasn’t able to follow that simple rule, he couldn’t blame him for being discourteous!

Back in the courtyard, Mei Chao Bing pulled Yun Bei Fen into his arms and kissed his temple. “Don’t be upset anymore. In any case, it’s over and you will likely never be put into a group with that bastard again. Also, isn’t that why I sent Da Hei with you? Isn’t it great that he was able to defend you like this?” He tried hard to cheer Yun Bei Fen up, but he actually didn’t need to do so.

As soon as Yun Bei Fen turned around to him, his eyes were already sparkling. No matter what had happened with Yang Wu Huang, just being back at Mei Chao Bing’s side was enough for him.

He tightly hugged him back, not wanting to let go anytime soon. Unfortunately, even though he really didn’t want to do it, he hadn’t forgotten that he needed to become strong and learn more if he wanted to be able to accompany Mei Chao Bing more in the future. So he couldn’t waste his time.

Not that it was a waste to just cuddle with Mei Chao Bing. But if they would wait here until senior martial brother Shen came back, then they could at least cuddle at night while he had to work hard over the day.

Having made up his mind, Yun Bei Fen actually backed up a little and his small face turned serious, startling Mei Chao Bing.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you teach me something else?”

Mei Chao Bing looked at him in a daze, not quite sure what he meant. In any case, Yun Bei Fen’s attack skill really wasn’t that good yet. What exactly was he supposed to teach him right now?

Seeing that Mei Chao Bing didn’t know how to answer, Yun Bei Fen felt the need to elaborate. “While we were in that underground palace, senior martial brother Nian got this task to copy some jade slips. I don’t understand how it’s done but I feel like I should learn that too. So, can you teach me?”

Mei Chao Bing still stared at him a little dumbfounded and didn’t quite know where to begin. Could he teach him … “Well, in theory, I can.” It was just …

Yun Bei Fen picked up on the fact that there seemed to be some kind of difficulty. “What’s the problem?”

Mei Chao Bing didn’t know how to say this without hurting him but in the end, he could only sigh and tell the truth. “It’s a complicated skill. Because you need to grasp a lot of information with both your mind and your spiritual sense. And after that, you then have to use your spiritual energy to note that information down. That is something that requires a very good grasp on it. I’m not quite sure if you already have that to a sufficient degree.”

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