RMN C288 They Have Taken the Next Step

Shen Lei made his way back to the Teng Yong Sect. Considering that he was alone, he used his full speed to make his way over, not stopping even once. As such, he soon arrived at the sect grounds, took out his identity token, and then rushed inside.

Originally, he wanted to go to the Sect Master’s palace first but then remembered what Mei Chao Bing had asked of him. Between informing the Sect Master of something that could probably be decided in a couple of minutes considering the evidence and going to ask somebody for an item that would likely take a bit of time to be made, he knew what should be done first.

Thus, halfway there, he actually swerved around and instead made a beeline for Elder Baili’s valley. This definitely had nothing to do with the fact that his lover was living there. No, he was just doing this because it was the logical way to go about things.

He rushed over to the door of Yan Hong Min’s house and then knocked on the door, calling out. “Junior martial brother Yan, there’s some task for you.”

Inside, Yan Hong Min looked up from where he had been working on his newest creation and then actually got up and walked to the door. He only opened it a crack and then peered outside suspiciously. “What kind of task?” He knew that his Master had been getting people to come to the border region. He didn’t have any interest in going there. If this Shen Lei was trying to rope him into that, he would just close the door in his face!

Shen Lei leaned against the wall next to him and gave a faint smile. “You know your little junior is in the border region right now?”

“I’m not going!”

Shen Lei’s brows twitched. “Nobody wants you to go! In any case, he picked up a little spiritual beast but he lost it on the way. Thankfully, we managed to find it again but we’re a little worried it might happen again. Can you make some kind of tracking rune or something to make sure this won’t happen again?”

Yan Hong Min gave him a disdainful look. “Just this?”

Shen Lei nodded. “Just that. Anyway, I’ll go and report to the Sect Master now. I’ll come here afterward to see if you’re ready. So don’t take your time!” He reached in and patted his shoulder before he turned around and left.

Yan Hong Min looked at his back suspiciously and then closed the door, going back to his workroom. Even though what he had just been working on was important research, he would still take out the time to help his little junior.

Actually, come to think of it, who knew what kind of spiritual beast he had? Thinking of that little bunny jumping around in the valley with nothing but that senior martial brother Mei in his head all day, he somehow felt like it would be something useless. He’d better add a little something to make sure that nothing happened to him. With that thought, he started to gather his materials and then got to work.

On the other hand, Shen Lei walked around the house, stopped in his tracks, and stared up at the sky. “The Sect Master can probably wait a minute longer.” Saying this, he rushed over to the next house and knocked on the door again. “Little fairy, are you still cultivating? Not going to come and see me? I’ll have to leave again soon …”

Everything stayed silent in the house for a moment but finally, there was the sound of delicate steps.

Shen Lei straightened up, his eyes glittering. Clearly, Elder Baili shouldn’t have expected him not to go and see Luo Lin. This person was the light of his life, the rice in his congee, the tune to his appearance. In short, the two of them could not be separated.

When the door opened, Shen Lei immediately swooped the person up into his arms, giving him a lingering kiss. “Mn, I missed you!”

Luo Lin smiled faintly and held onto his shoulders, looking up at him with a smile contained in his eyes as well. “Luo Lin missed Ah Lei as well.”

Shen Lei’s heart actually thumped at that. They had been together for so long but he still couldn’t help himself. When he saw Luo Lin, he would always feel like this. He held him close to his chest, not wanting to let go. “I’m afraid I can’t stay for long. They just want me to go and make a report to the Sect Master and then go back to the border region. I just couldn’t help myself but come by.” He grabbed Luo Lin’s hand, interlacing their fingers, and then raised it to press a kiss on it.

Luo Lin just continued to smile. “Luo Lin wouldn’t want to hold Ah Lei back.”

“Ah, my little fairy would never hold me back. On the contrary, I feel especially energized after seeing you for a bit. I’m probably going to produce much better results after I go back! It’s just a pity that you can’t come with me. You see, your little junior is over there as well and he has that Mei Chao Bing at his side. If I was able to take my lover with me, I would also be much happier.” He leaned down, giving him another kiss.

Luo Lin faintly raised his brows. “Little junior and Mei Chao Bing are at the border region together?” He didn’t know Mei Chao Bing that well but he did know that Yun Bei Fen had always been looking up to that senior martial brother. To know that he had finally gotten the chance to spend more time with him … he naturally felt happy for him.

Shen Lei nodded mischievously and lowered his voice. “Not just that. Did you know that these two have actually taken the next step?”

Luo Lin blinked his eyes and then covered his mouth with a hand. What was on his mind … maybe it was better not to think of it.

Shen Lei gave him an exasperated look but then again, it probably wasn’t strange for Luo Lin to think like this. “They’re engaged now.”

Luo Lin lowered his hand again, the shock vanishing from his features. “Ah, so it was like this. Luo Lin really feels that it is a pity that he isn’t able to go and congratulate his little junior.”

Really, this was something worthy of congratulations. To actually get this far … His little junior had quite a bit of luck.

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