SML V3C43 An Alternative Plan

When they came out, Bian Huan was also standing there, ready with his camera slung over his shoulder. “Alright, let’s go!”

Mo Fang looked at him, not quite sure what he meant. “Oh? Are you also leaving already?”

Bian Huan blinked his eyes. “Why? I thought you were taking me along?”

Mo Fang stared at him, his eyes turning wide. “Take you along? For our date?”

Bian Huan looked from Mo Fang to Li Ming and then back again. “Why not? If you want to eat his homemade food, it has to be really delicious. I would also like to try that.”

Li Ming actually felt embarrassed when Bian Huan brought it up. Well, they had discussed that right next to him so it would be strange to say no now. But … he could also understand why Mo Fang would be angry about this.

Thinking for a moment, he cleared his throat. “Well, I’m afraid I don’t have that much at home and it could take me a while to prepare something. So if you’re hungry, I’m afraid you’d have to wait for quite some time. Maybe it would be better to agree on a date where we all get together? You can also bring your wife. It must be a bit awkward to go out with a couple and maybe she’d like to join in.”

When his wife was brought up, Bian Huan’s expression immediately lit up. “Really? I’m sure she would really love that! Well, let’s do that then. Give me a call when you’re free! I’ll go and tell her.” Saying so, he rushed over to the door and then waved for them to get out as if he couldn’t wait for them to disappear already.

Mo Fang wasn’t quite sure what to make of the situation but still dragged his boyfriend out of the studio and then down to the entrance of the building before he finally stopped a couple of meters away while he watched Bian Huan drive off in his car. Only then did he turn to Li Ming. “How did you do that just now?”

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite understanding what he meant. “What do you mean?”

Mo Fang motioned in the direction Bian Huan had left in, still puzzled. “Usually, he’ll just insert himself into some situation where he isn’t wanted and then everybody will have to go with it because he can’t read the room. So then, we’re stuck with him, in the worst case until the next morning.”

He had been in the situation before where he was trying to hook up with one of the other models when Bian Huan got somehow involved, meaning that while they could return home together, there was absolutely no chance for them to do anything with each other with a giant lightbulb right next to them.

Especially since Bian Huan was the type of guy who would not shut up, especially if they started to get him drunk. He would start clinging to you and telling you all about his life and his art, hardly taking a break to even take a breath. He could honestly be annoying. If he hadn’t been friends with Bian Huan, he wouldn’t have dealt with that.

Li Ming rubbed his neck, not quite sure what to say about that. Yes, Bian Huan had just invited himself which wasn’t necessarily the normal thing to do but he could also see where he was coming from. “Well, I guess he doesn’t mind as long as he gets an alternative offer?

“Also, I guess inviting his wife along did quite a bit for him as well. If they’re really close, he would naturally want her to be there as well. At least that’s what I thought. I mean you know him better than me so you’d probably be able to answer that better.”

“Huh.” Mo Fang was still quite confused about the whole situation but he put that behind him quite fast as well. “In any case, we’re done with that now. I had a lot of fun today. I’m quite curious to see how the photos will turn out.

“I think the should be good. Brother Bian is a good photographer and I think you also did well as a model. If you ever wanted to change jobs, I’m sure that brother Bian would be ecstatic to introduce you to some people.”

He chuckled and Li Ming couldn’t help a faint laugh either. “I’m pretty sure that part of why today went so well was that I was doing it with you and could just be myself. Standing around in uniform is something I’m used to and when it came to interacting with you it was just my honest feelings.

“If it came to something else like shooting with another person or showing something else, I’m afraid I wouldn’t do as good of a job. He would probably get frustrated with me real fast.

“In any case, if you want me to cook for you, we should probably leave now. After all, what I said to your friend just now was true: We still need to go and buy the groceries and then take some time to finish the dishes.”

Mo Fang hugged his waist, blinking his eyes at him. “Oh, I don’t mind at all. In any case, I’m not some unrelated third party. As long as I can spend time with you, I’ll be happy. Going shopping is good, waiting while you cook is also good, and eating your dishes is even better. Don’t worry too much about that!” He kissed his cheek and the two of them left, going to the same mall they had gone to the last time.

For this part of the date, Mo Fang left things to his boyfriend much like Li Ming had done when they were doing the shooting. They soon had everything they needed and headed to his apartment.

Being back there, Mo Fang couldn’t help but smile to himself. Even though he hadn’t yet reached his final goal, he felt that it was only a question of time until he would get there. Just look at how casually he was invited back here! If he just waited a little more, then he was sure that things would turn in the right direction. In fact, after today, he felt like either tomorrow or next week’s date should be the time he was waiting for. He was definitely looking forward to it.

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