OMF V8C171 Was there a Way to Repair Their Relationship?

As for the two people who had caused all of this, they traveled at their fastest speed and thus left the spiritual beasts’ territory in no time. Soon enough, they were back in the mortal realm where the humans lived and Hua Lin Yu took the lead to get back to the Hua family’s estate.

Wu Ya had ventured out of the spirit beasts’ territory before but usually not for long and always for a very specific purpose like at that time when he wanted to bring Zheng Yin back. He hadn’t ever gone traveling for leisure.

Now, even though he was still accompanying Hua Lin Yu, the time when he would just travel for himself wasn’t far off. Thus, he couldn’t help but take a look around. From what he saw, he actually felt quite good about the next weeks. He didn’t know for how long he would stay out here but it would probably be quite some time.

In any case, finding a lover probably wasn’t that easy either. It also wasn’t that difficult but it just needed time. There were so many people out there. Not all were what he was looking for but even among those that were, he definitely wouldn’t click with everyone. So he needed to give himself time to find the right one.

He didn’t doubt that he would be able to do it. If somebody as grumpy as that Xin Lan could get a small fiance, then somebody like him who might not be that socially apt but was at least nice to people shouldn’t have a problem either.

Wu Ya smiled to himself but didn’t bring the matter up. Even though he had managed to calm Hua Lin Yu down, the boy still seemed to be a bit down at times. He definitely wouldn’t bother him with his problems at such a moment. No, rather than that, he would bring him to his family, and then he could go from there. Surely, seeing somebody he knew and being able to talk things out with them would help much more than whatever he was able to do for him.

The two traveled for a full day before they finally reached the Hua family’s estate. Hua Lin Yu immediately barged in, rushing to look for his brother. This was a matter that he’d rather not mention to his parents. And since his brother already knew the truth about his previous problems with Xin Lan, he was definitely the right person to go to in this regard.

Wu Ya trailed behind him, looking around just like before. He somewhat felt like their roles were reversed now compared to when they had been in the spirit beast tribe. At that time, he had been leading Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan around but now, it was the other way around.

Well, not that Hua Lin Yu was really focusing on leading him anywhere or explaining what they saw as he had done. Clearly, this guy was just looking to solve his own problems and he just tagged along. He probably didn’t even remember that there was somebody with him right now.

But it didn’t matter. As soon as he was sure that Hua Lin Yu was safe with his family, he would go off on his own. He didn’t necessarily need somebody for guidance. Actually, he might love to explore things on his own. Who knew what kind of interesting things he’ll stumble upon? Well, that was something to find out later. First, he still needed to make sure that that little one was safe.

Speaking of him, Wu Ya didn’t need to be worried. Even though Hua Lin Yu hadn’t been home in quite a while, he had no trouble finding his older brother. At this time, Hua Lin Rong was in his own courtyard, sitting outside beneath a tree, and cultivating.

Since his little brother wasn’t home, he had figured that it would be best to continue raising his strength so that in the future, he could be of better help to him. In any case, the time in the dragon realm had already helped him quite a lot. It had closed the gap between him and the older generation a little. If he continued to work hard, then he wouldn’t need to worry in the future even if Xin Lan wasn’t at Xiao Yu’s side. That he was what he was working for.

“Big brother!” Hua Lin Yu rushed over and threw himself into Hua Lin Rong’s arms before his brother even had time to open his eyes.

Hua Lin Rong caught him instinctively and immediately knew that something was wrong. He looked up but the person he saw trailing behind his brother wasn’t Xin Lan but some unknown man. His heart sank. “What happened to you? Where’s Xin Lan?”

When he mentioned this, Hua Lin Yu’s eyes teared up again. “It’s bad! You have to help me!”

Hua Lin Rong’s bad feeling got even worse. It seemed that he had been quite right. Something had indeed gone wrong for his little brother to come back like this. Well, he couldn’t say that he was surprised. In fact, he was more surprised that those two had actually managed to travel several years without something like this happening. That was already a small miracle to him. Now, what he had feared all this time had finally come true.

He sighed and hugged him tighter, gently rubbing the back of his head. “Calm down. In any case, whatever it is, we’ll be able to figure something out.” He wasn’t completely convinced of that but he would do his best to help his little brother.

In any case, if this was anything like the last time, then the problem had been his brother and not Xin Lan. Then, maybe there was really something that could be done unless … Hua Lin Yu had rejected another proposal. In that case, he really wasn’t sure if there was any way to repair that relationship.

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