SML V3C41 Artistic Visions

Mo Fang and Li Ming both nodded. Bian Huan was happy that they agreed so straightforwardly and then started to pull them into position. What he had imagined was basically some kind of meeting scene where one of them would be on one side of the fence inside the courtyard and the other would be on the other side. It was actually a cute theme, that defied the serious image that the scholar robes gave.

Li Ming smiled a little when he realized that most likely, Bian Huan actually had something in mind when he set up how we wanted the photos to look before he restored his serious expression. Since Bian Huan hadn’t said anything about how he was supposed to look, he would just keep with what he had been doing before.

Bian Huan did indeed not mind. In fact, he felt that it was perfect. Li Ming was the person still inside the courtyard so this very much gave the impression that he was the person living there while Mo Fang was the one coming to visit. In this case, that gave the impression of a fox spirit coming to seduce a scholar. He just loved that idea!

He went around them, shooting photos from all sides, and his mood got even better. Originally, he had just agreed to this because he was friends with Mo Fang and had worked together with him a lot already, sometimes on very short notice, causing Mo Fang to lose the jobs that he had taken on elsewhere. He always felt a bit guilty so doing him a little favor or two at the side was definitely something that he was happy about. It was a chance to make up for some of those things.

Now though, he was actually having fun doing this shoot. Working with Mo Fang was always pure bliss and while his boyfriend really had no idea what he was doing, he would follow orders immediately and wasn’t difficult to work with either.

And now, he was even able to make up this kind of elaborate scenario. That was one of the things that he really loved. He wanted to tell stories with his pictures. And these photos definitely told a big one.

After having circled around them once, he lowered the camera and then took a long look at them, wondering if he would be able to get them to do a whole series of this one. He knew that this wasn’t what they had come here for, but he really wanted to do it. Even if he couldn’t publish the photos afterward because they were just meant for them privately, just having taken them was good enough for him. Then, he could take them out every now and then and admire them.

Li Ming looked up and then glanced at Mo Fang, motioning at Bian Huan.

Mo Fang looked over as well and then raised his brows, also realizing that something was up. “Brother Bian, what’s the matter?”

Bian Huan hemmed and hawed for a bit and finally walked over to the two of them, leaning a little down to Mo Fang. “Say, would you mind taking a few more? Just … nothing much, just a few more to complete the set.”

Mo Fang’s expression fell. “Why … does this feel like one of your crazy ideas again?”

Li Ming really didn’t understand what was going on but looked from one person to the other, wondering if some trouble was coming. At the very least, Mo Fang didn’t look happy right now.

Bian Huan inched closer to Mo Fang and rubbed his back, giving him an ingratiating smile. “Come on, please? Just see it as repaying me for doing you a favor.” Even though he was actually the one trying to repay favors here, he didn’t mind inverting black-and-white a little if it would get him some beautiful photos.

Mo Fang pursed his lips and looked away, clearly not happy.

Bian Huan gave a grunt and felt like he would probably have to give up on this as reluctant as he was. He already wanted to say that they should go to the forest then when he realized that there wasn’t just Mo Fang here this time around.

Thinking of that, he hurriedly opened the gate, switched to the other side, and put an arm around Li Ming’s shoulders. “Bro Li, say, don’t you feel like it would be a nice gesture of you to do a set of photos for me since I’m doing you a favor today?”

Li Ming really felt put on the spot. Usually, he just wanted to follow what the others did but so far, Mo Fang and Bian Huan had always been of the same opinion. Now, who was he supposed to agree with? He didn’t know what exactly the deal between Mo Fang and Bian Huan had been so he also didn’t know if it was right to say yes to this or not. He just knew that Mo Fang didn’t really look happy.

He looked over but Bian Huan grabbed his chin and made him face him again. “What do you say?”

Mo Fang furrowed his brows, not happy with any of that. He also opened the gate, grabbing onto Li Ming’s other arm and inserting himself between the two of them. “I already said no! Today is supposed to be our date. You can’t just hijack it! Bro Li isn’t a model like the people you usually work with. He’ll get tired if we do too much. How can that still be called a date then?”

Li Ming rubbed his neck, feeling that the situation was really difficult. Still, it seemed that the core of the issue wasn’t that difficult to solve. He cleared his throat before Bian Huan could try to argue with Mo Fang and turned to his boyfriend. “If you’re just worried about that, then you don’t need to. It’s not tiring, to be honest. I do enjoy it. I want to learn more about this since it’s something that is so important to you. So I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this. Just decide on what you want to do. If you don’t mind, let’s do it.”

Mo Fang was a little taken aback but in any case, having more photos also couldn’t hurt. He still turned to Bian Huan though and pointed at his nose. “Even if you take them, you can’t have them printed anywhere. If you do, I’ll sue you.”

Bian Huan’s lips twitched. Thinking of that lawyer he knew Mo Fang had gone out with, he really didn’t want to get caught up in that situation. Thus, he could only raise his hands in defense. “Don’t worry about it. I just want to live out my artistic visions. It’s not about making money or getting recognition or anything. Just something that I want to do for myself.”

“Fine. Let’s go ahead then!”

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