OMF V8C170 The Fiance Ran Off

Having made up their minds, the two of them immediately got to work. Wu Ya rushed out to grab his king, telling him that something was going on with Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu and that he would take the human out of the territory while Hua Lin Yu hurriedly got dressed again.

One side went off without a hitch. On the other hand … the king wasn’t happy with what he was hearing. “What do you mean ‘something went wrong between them’?” There was a hint of alarm in his voice and he hurriedly grasped Wu Ya’s arm before he could rush off again. This guy was too slippery despite his big frame to give him any chances. He first needed a full account of everything!

Wu Ya really wasn’t sure how to explain though. “Well, it’s a private matter.”

“If it’s a private matter, then why are you getting involved? You’d better stay out of this! And you definitely can’t take this human out of here. Between him and Xin Lan, I’d rather make sure that the dragon is satisfied.” In any case, the dragon was the one who could make more trouble for them. He really didn’t want to do that to his people. They had already suffered more than enough.

Wu Ya clicked his tongue. “Don’t be like this! In any case, I’m telling you so you can tell him. We’re just going back to that little one’s family. Anyway, don’t you think it’s better, Your Majesty? Or do you really want to have the fiance of a dragon stay here unattended all the time? If something happens to him, then what should we do? Isn’t it better if I escort him back to his family so they’ll have the hot potato?”

The king leaned back when he heard that, actually feeling torn now. He really didn’t want to care for Hua Lin Yu all this time. Depending on what happened, that might really go wrong. But then again, he also didn’t want to explain to Xin Lan when he came back that his lover had runoff. Especially not if he did so with another man. “What if something happens outside?”

Wu Ya raised his hands. “What is supposed to happen? In any case, he is a cultivator and I’m also at his side. I’d like to see just who is going to try and do something to him!”

The king sighed, feeling that what Wu Ya said was actually quite sensible but … he couldn’t quite get rid of his worry.

Wu Ya clicked his tongue again. “In any case, it might be some time until Xin Lan comes back. Just make sure that he is notified as soon as he does. Then, he can’t put the blame on you.”

His king still wanted to retort but Wu Ya hurriedly wrested his arm out of his grasp and then rushed off, just yelling in his direction that he would be back whenever he found a partner for himself.

The spirit beasts’ king could only stare at the door with his mouth hanging open, not quite sure where that part had come from. Hadn’t they just talked about Wu Ya bringing Xin Lan’s fiance back to his family? Where did talk about his own partner come from?

Something didn’t seem to quite add up here. But in any case, right now wasn’t the moment to think about that. No, right now, he had to think about other things. For example: How to make sure that Xin Lan was informed before something worse could happen?

Because honestly, this whole matter could easily lead to disaster. If Xin Lan really came back and couldn’t find his lover anywhere, then he could already imagine just who would be the one to suffer from his wrath.

Thinking of that, the king held his forehead, then sighed. It really would’ve been nice not to be involved in this matter of the dragon race. That kind of thing really only ever brought trouble.

When he thought of that, he suddenly felt like he was enlightened though. This was a matter of the dragon race. In that case … Why not use the renewed good relationship between their races and inform them? Then he could toss this hot potato to the dragon king instead. Telling Xin Lan that his king knew or having somebody from that side inform him before he could return might indeed keep them from getting into trouble.

As soon as he thought of that, he was out of his chambers, grabbing one of the servants and telling them to rush to the dragon realm and inform one of the king’s advisers or preferably the king himself if that was possible.

The servant looked terrified but with a push from his own king, he finally couldn’t help but rush out of the palace and then leave the mortal realm and enter the immortal ones instead. In any case, this was official business. The dragons shouldn’t do anything strange, right?

With that, the news of Xin Lan’s fiance running off finally spread to the dragon king’s palace. But since Yi Zan was busy with his family, Xiang Yong was organizing the matter of getting the half-bloods into the idle gods’ courtyard of the Nine Heavens, and Qiang Wei and An Bai were guarding Jing He’s immortal body, the only two that were currently available for a meeting were Fu Heng and Fu Min. As for how good of an idea it was to tell these two of this matter … it probably needn’t be said.

In any case, there was a very strange gleam in Fu Min’s eyes when he was informed of this. And Fu Heng’s gaze darkened quite a bit when that Senior Xin Lan that his husband had always admired was suddenly brought up in front of them again.

Seeing this reaction actually made the person of the spirit beast tribe feel that they really shouldn’t have listened to their king. This was the kind of matter where you had to hear the command and then just forget about it as soon as he walked out of the room. At the very least, those were his thoughts by now. Unfortunately, his actions couldn’t be taken back and neither could his words. He could only hope that he would get the chance to leave the dragon realm soon enough.

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