OMF V8C172 A Secret Objective

Back in the Nine Heavens, Jing Yi immediately led Xin Lan outside again, nodding toward Duan Ming and Lan Ling, as well as the God of Justice. “Please excuse me. I’ll accompany Senior Xin Lan for a bit.” He didn’t give any other explanation and just led Xin Lan out of the courtyard of the idle gods and then over to the palace where Qiu Ling was living.

Li Yin watched the two of them leave, his gaze thoughtful. Coming here and then leaving immediately … there was clearly something more to this. And anyway, he had first asked after another person but then changed his mind as if it was nothing. There was no doubt that he had some kind of objective that he was trying to keep a secret and Li Yin felt that it was indispensable to find out just what that objective was.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t just go after them though. It would be much too obvious. In any case, it wasn’t like Xin Lan was a person that wouldn’t attract attention. He could just ask people later on if they had seen where the two of them went. Surely, he could figure some things out based on that.

Instead, he turned to Duan Ming. “How are things going for you, Duan Ming?”

The young god inclined his head, giving Li Yin a smile. “Thank you for asking, God of Justice. Everything is fine. Just the usual here in our courtyard of the idle gods.”

Li Yin nodded. “Well, I guess nothing much changes here. Although I’ve heard that somebody in my Court of Justice messed things up?” He gave him a questioning look but Duan Ming shook his head.

“I can’t say for sure what happened but I don’t think that the God of Justice needs to worry about that. From what I understood, this matter mostly happened because of the involvement of the dragon king. I’m sure that your people were doing well until then.”

Li Yin nodded. “Well, I sure hope that is the case. I’ve already made sure that they will look into things and follow up. If I saw this right, then the two of you should know each other, right? If you see that something is up, you can come directly to me.”

Duan Ming nodded but didn’t say anything. In any case, he was sure that the Court of Justice would be able to follow up without problems. There wouldn’t be a need for him to get involved. Although, this would naturally be a chance as well.

To him, the Court of Justice was quite appealing. He wasn’t like Leng Jin Yu who had had his sights set on exactly one palace. The Court of Justice or the Palace of War were both very acceptable. He also didn’t mind getting into another palace but these two were his preferences.

Being able to help out in a matter was definitely something that he would be happy about. But he also wouldn’t try to make more out of this just to make himself look more important. If something happened, it happened. If not, then he wouldn’t go ahead to make trouble.

Li Yin didn’t insist on continuing the subject when Duan Ming didn’t say anything so as to not make him feel suspicious. “Well, how is your mother doing?”

“Very well. Thank you for asking.”

Li Yin nodded, having expected that answer. “Please extend my greetings then. I haven’t seen her in a while. Well, now, I probably shouldn’t bother you any longer. You can call yourselves idle gods as much as you want but I know that at least for a few of you, the description isn’t quite fitting. You are probably doing more than some of my officials.” He gave a faint smile and nodded toward the gate. “I will be leaving then. That Senior Xin Lan’s arrival interrupted today’s reports. I’m afraid it will be a long night.”

“Please take care of your health.” Duan Ming and Lan Ling both bowed faintly and saw Li Yin out, watching his receding figure as he left.

When he was out of sight, they couldn’t help but exchange a look.

“First, the dragon king, then that Senior Xin Lan of the dragon race. I wonder what is up with Jing Yi?”

Duan Ming just sighed. “Whatever is up, I guess it isn’t our matter to pry into. Actually, it might not be so strange for somebody else from the dragon race to come here. If it is known that the dragon king brought him here, then maybe that Senior Xin Lan was of the impression that Jing Yi would know something about his king. And the courtyard of the idle gods might be easier to locate than wherever the dragon king currently is at.”

Lan Ling nodded and then sighed deeply. “Actually, I don’t care about that. I do wonder about that matter with brother Leng though.”

Duan Ming gave him a deep look. He probably shouldn’t have expected anything else but he couldn’t believe that Lan Ling still hadn’t given up. It had already been several hours by now and he was still harping on about this. “If you’re that curious, just ask brother Zhong after he comes back. Even if he doesn’t know him that well, he should be able to tell you at least something. And I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind the question.”

Lan Ling pursed his lips as he followed him back into the building, a little torn. “Well, I wouldn’t want brother Leng to feel bothered if I was inquiring about him. How could I do that? I won’t.”

Duan Ming could only sigh. He probably shouldn’t have expected anything else from the guy. Even though Lan Ling wanted to know, he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. Maybe he should ask in his stead to get this matter off the table. Otherwise, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t hear the end of it.

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