OMF V8C169 He Suddenly Realized

Wu Ya was dumbfounded. He might not be the most socially apt person but he had also never made somebody suddenly cry like this. That was definitely a new low for him. The worst thing was that he wasn’t quite sure what to do now.

Hua Lin Yu still wasn’t wearing his clothes properly and he knew better than to get close to a dragon’s partner when they were in this kind of state. On the other hand, he couldn’t just ignore him either, could he?

He groaned and rubbed his forehead before he finally turned around after all and inched a bit closer, trying to find a way to deal with this. In the end, he picked up the blanket and put it over Hua Lin Yu’s body, pulling it tightly into place to make sure that he wouldn’t see anything he wasn’t supposed to see.

Then, he sat down next to him and gave him a careful look. “So … What’s the matter? What exactly happened?” Clearly, something had to have happened or Hua Lin Yu wouldn’t be like this. Considering that Xin Lan was currently not here, it might have something to do with that but he wasn’t sure.

Hua Lin Yu continued to cry, unsure how to explain either. “I also don’t know. We … we wanted to get married but then he … he suddenly left.”

Now, Wu Ya was even more dumbfounded. “He just … up and left? Without an explanation?” He really couldn’t imagine that. In any case, they had just talked a few days before and Xin Lan had clearly been very intent on marrying Hua Lin Yu. “Well, what happened before that?”

Hua Lin Yu faintly lowered his hands, exposing a pair of reddened eyes. “That … Not much. Just that … I tried to take off his mask.” In any case, he felt like that had to be the reason. He couldn’t understand but it was the only one he could find. After all, it had happened directly after that. And Xin Lan’s reaction had been a bit strange.

Wu Ya faintly furrowed his brows. “I see. Well, I guess you shouldn’t worry.”

Hua Lin Yu gave him a confused look, not sure what to make of this. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks and he had trouble breathing. “What should I do if he doesn’t come back? I love him so much!” Yes, even though this love was different from the one he felt for Bai Mu, that didn’t mean that he loved him any less. Now, he was suddenly realizing this. Why had it taken him so long?

Wu Ya felt a bit put on the spot but he also felt that he was right. “Well, I talked with him the other night and from what he said, I’m sure that he wouldn’t just leave you. He loves you lots!”

Hua Lin Yu exposed the faintest of smiles through his tears. “Do you really think so?”

Wu Ya hurriedly nodded. “Of course! Anyway, I’m sure there’s a good explanation. I mean I don’t know why he’s wearing that mask but maybe there’s something wrong with his face.” In any case, in all the time these two had spent in the spirit beast tribe’s territory, he hadn’t seen Xin Lan take off his mask even once. It was likely that there was something wrong.

Hua Lin Yu nodded but he still didn’t look at ease. “But I wouldn’t mind. No matter what’s wrong with his face, I still love him. Doesn’t he understand that?”

Wu Ya scratched his head, trying to put himself in Xin Lan’s shoes. To be honest, he also couldn’t see why he would be like this. To him, having a few scars was actually something good. They would show that he was a skilled man, in the position to fight for the person he loved and fight together with the person he loved. Even in a case like this, where Xin Lan would probably rather fight for the person he loved, it should still work out. So why make such a big fuss about things?

Thinking further though, he gave a faint hum. “Well, I think the dragons pay quite a bit of attention to appearances. Maybe he’s a bit self-conscious about it. And since he loves you so much, he just wanted to show you his best side. At that moment, maybe he got scared of what you would think so he rushed out and is now waiting somewhere, trying to calm down or something.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded, his tears lessening a bit. To be honest, this wasn’t completely impossible. He just suddenly reached out. They had never talked about that before. Maybe Xin Lan had been surprised and then been too anxious to continue. Even though he was usually strong, why shouldn’t he also have moments like this? In any case, he couldn’t always expect him to stay calm. Their wedding was an emotional moment. Why wouldn’t he feel that things were a bit more grave when it came to such a matter? Yes, he was probably thinking too much about this.

Wu Ya heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Hua Lin Yu had finally calmed down a little. “Well, since you’ve thought about it now, what do you intend to do? Just wait until he comes back or …?”

Hua Lin Yu pondered, not quite sure what he should do. At this moment, he really wished that he would be able to contact his brother. He needed somebody to talk to about this. Certainly, Hua Lin Rong was the perfect person for that. So maybe …

He thought for a bit longer and then turned to Wu Ya again, grasping onto his sleeve. “Senior Wu Ya, can you bring me out of the spirit beast tribe’s territory? I think I would like to go and see my family.” He wasn’t sure if this was the right move but he felt like it was the best he could do in this situation.

Wu Ya was surprised that he didn’t want to wait for Xin Lan here or go and look for him and instead had a completely different idea but he still nodded. “Sure. Actually, I can accompany you the whole way. I wanted to go traveling anyway. Might as well start now. But we’d better leave a message for that fiance of yours. Otherwise, if he comes back here and you’re gone without a note, he might start to worry.”

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