SML V3C40 I Wouldn’t Lie to You

Bian Huan took a couple more shots in front of the photo of the old hut, switching out the tea set for the board after a while before he lowered the camera. “Alright, I think I like that. Let’s do a few more around the set.” He waved around and then wandered off, his expression pensive.

Mo Fang pulled Li Ming to his feet and grabbed his arm, lowering his voice. “He’s looking for the best spot. That can take a while.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that it probably wasn’t too strange. In any case, this wasn’t just something that Bian Huan did for a living but also something that he probably thought of as his vocation. He should be rather particular about it. Since he was doing them a favor, that definitely wasn’t something to complain about.

Mo Fang watched him from the side and finally couldn’t help but mention what he had noticed. “You’re really calm about all of this. I certainly didn’t expect you to react like Lan Heng but I wouldn’t have thought you’d take it in stride to this degree.”

Li Ming laughed at that and put his arm around Mo Fang’s shoulder, needing a moment to get it right thanks to the long sleeves. “I guess it is just that I trust in your judgment. Well, yours and that of brother Bian. The two of you have a lot of experience with this that I don’t. If you say something is right, I’ll just believe that you are telling me the truth.”

“Well, you can. I definitely won’t lie to you.” He smiled and pecked his lips, feeling that a little white lie shouldn’t be counted. In any case, when it came to this, he really wouldn’t lie to him. After all, what would he get out of that? Since there was nothing in it for him, he didn’t have a reason to lie and would just go with the truth. That way, he didn’t even have to think about it.

If Li Ming had known just what was going through his boyfriend’s mind, he would’ve been devastated. But like this, he just felt that Mo Fang was really sweet. And also a bit pitiful if he actually thought that believing in his opinion on something that he was an expert in was actually an unexpected thing.

“Well, Lan Heng definitely wasn’t a good person but what about your other ex-boyfriends? Didn’t you share this with them? Did they not react well either?”

Mo Fang clicked his tongue when he brought that up. “It depends a bit. There were some that were alright with it like Si Tao but he could never really work up any excitement for it. If I had asked him to take part in this kind of photoshoot, he would’ve just said that I’m high maintenance again. I guess it’s from working with too many beautiful people. It was hard to make him feel that I am special.”

Li Ming felt a bit uncomfortable when he heard that, once again feeling like Mo Fang was really not thinking well enough of himself. But just like at the dinner with his parents, this wasn’t the right place or time to say that. He should find another opportunity to do so.

Thinking of that, Li Ming realized that tomorrow, they would have another free day. “Say, if you planned today, then is it my turn again to plan a date for tomorrow?”

Mo Fang inched closer, rubbing Li Ming’s chest while he looked at him with starry eyes. “Why? Did you just think of some romantic surprise for me?”

Li Ming had some trouble keeping his bearing when Mo Fang looked at him like this. No matter who Si Tao had worked with, Mo Fang was definitely the type of person that you couldn’t just ignore. Especially not when he was in the type of clothing that he wore right now. His beauty and vibrancy were even more obvious like this.

With his hair combed below those scholars’ cap, his beautiful facial structure was just more obvious. And the solemn colors made that impression even deeper. It was as if outside of the modern aesthetics, Mo Fang’s true self would shimmer through to a degree that he couldn’t spot in everyday life.

“Something like that.” His response came out a little more breathless than he had hoped it would, making him embarrassed.

Mo Fang raised his brows, surprised at that. Even though he had just joked around and tried to flirt a little, he hadn’t put that much effort into it. Was he judging wrong what Li Ming liked? He was puzzled for a moment but then figured that it was probably just whatever had been going on in Li Ming’s mind. Maybe whatever he had thought of would be something especially good. Maybe even …

He lowered his head, a smile playing around his lips. Maybe his boyfriend had finally been enlightened today. Then tomorrow, the surprise waiting for him would be the romantic kind that you did in the bedroom. He definitely wouldn’t mind that.

When Li Ming saw his expression, he really didn’t know what was going on in Mo Fang’s head but he had probably stared at him a bit too much. He cleared his throat and then looked over to where Bian Huan had vanished, hoping that the photographer would return in a moment. Otherwise, he really didn’t know how to break this awkward silence.

Well, Li Ming was lucky. Just at that moment, Bian Huan really did come back. He seemed rather satisfied and waved for them, waiting next to the fence. “I have two ideas of what we can do. First off, I think I would like to do something here at the entrance. We can shoot in both directions so we’d have the hut in the background once and then the bamboo forest the next time. After that, we can go into the forest and shoot there.”

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