OMF V8C168 An Unbearable Thought

Xin Lan’s worry definitely wasn’t without reason. With a few minutes trickling by in the Nine Heavens, hours passed in the mortal realm and thus in the spirit beast’s territory as well.

Hua Lin Yu was still sitting on the bed, clutching his robe to his chest, not knowing what to think. He just … He felt empty somehow. Back then, when he had rejected Xin Lan, he had also felt bad but it had been different. He had been in agony because he didn’t want to marry him. And he had also hurt because he didn’t want to hurt him even though he knew that he would inevitably do that with his behavior.

Now, he had gotten a taste of just how it had been for Xin Lan. Because now that he did want to marry him and now that he had even taken the first step to do so, Xin Lan had suddenly run out of the room pretty much in the same way that he had done back then.

Hua Lin Yu didn’t know what to think. Why had Xin Lan changed his mind? He had only wanted him to take off his mask. Surely, that couldn’t be that bad, right?

They had never really talked about why Xin Lan was wearing that mask. And even though he could imagine that most likely, there was something wrong with his face, he felt that he wouldn’t mind.

In any case, he had already fallen in love with Xin Lan. He could overlook something like that. It really didn’t matter! He wanted to tell him that but now, Xin Lan wasn’t here and he didn’t know where he had gone. Just like back then when he had run off to a place even he didn’t know the location of.

Maybe Xin Lan had wanted to follow him to talk things out. He himself would surely love to do so. Just follow him, ask about just what it was that was wrong and have a talk, find a way to solve this whole mess. He would really love to do so but there was no chance to follow those thoughts. This whole matter … it made him worry again.

The formation that Xin Lan had put down had only been upheld by his own spiritual energy so when he left, it had suddenly collapsed.

Wu Ya who had also gone back to his room noticed how something changed in the room next door and debated with himself for a while whether he should go over to check or not. When he didn’t hear anything for quite some time, he finally figured that it might be better to go and have a look after all.

In any case, they were his king’s guests right now. And his king had told him when he came back that he’d better pay close attention to them so that they would be happy. Needless to say, he had already wanted to do that anyway so it wasn’t like he needed to be told. But since he had even been given a reminder, he would of course take it even more seriously.

And, well, after the other night where he had gotten drunk with Xin Lan, he felt like there was some kind of special bond between them. He definitely couldn’t ignore his friends when something might be wrong.

Deciding on this, Wu Ya finally left his own room and went over. He hesitated again in front of the door but then knocked. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a response.

Wu Ya stood outside the door and then couldn’t help but stare at it, wondering just what he was supposed to do now. He had already had trouble deciding on this and now, he needed to make yet another decision. He really didn’t like that.

He thought for a bit, rubbing his head while he did so. In any case, friends were friends. If something had happened to him, he’d want his friends to check on him if they figured something might wrong. After all, no response might also mean that they couldn’t respond for whatever reason. It might be unlikely when it came to Xin Lan but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

Having thought it through, Wu Ya finally just pushed the door open and glanced inside. What he saw … it almost made him walk out of the room backward.

In fact, he had taken a few steps before he realized that that wasn’t a good idea either. Clearly, something was indeed wrong. Wasn’t that why he had come here? Since he knew now, he couldn’t just leave. He had to figure this out and then help somehow.

He cursed under his breath and then just turned around and put a hand over his eyes before he spoke up. “What’s the matter?”

Clearly, that over there was Xin Lan’s lover who wasn’t really dressed. On the other hand, he hadn’t seen Xin Lan anywhere. This was really quite … strange. And he didn’t like the possible implications at all.

Hua Lin Yu looked up, not sure what to say or how to explain.

Only being greeted with silence, Wu Ya felt worse as well. He really wasn’t good at this kind of thing. But in any case, there was probably just one question that definitely needed an answer right now. “You … Are you alright?” He tried to ask as delicately as possible but in return, Hua Lin Yu suddenly broke down in tears.

This question … maybe it finally made him realize that, no, he definitely wasn’t alright. He didn’t understand what was going on and he was scared. He was scared that maybe Xin Lan would never come back. And that thought … it really was unbearable.

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