IRL C80 A Good Man Being Vilified?

Liangqiu Huang stared at the servant girl. He already wanted to snap at her and say that she was lying but seeing her agitated expression and then glancing at her belly that showed quite clearly that she was pregnant, he held back.

Ao Jing used the opportunity to drive the point home. “Are you sure it’s him?”

The girl nodded. “Yes! He wore the same clothes.”

“But did you see his face? We wouldn’t want to get the wrong person.”

The girl hesitated and looked at him a moment longer, trying to think back. “Yes … it should be him. I mean I was on my way to bring Brother Shi his lunch when I saw Xiao Guo go out and only wanted to check if he was alright. When I saw him talk with that man, I was a little confused but didn’t stay around. So I only had a short look at him but I think it should be him. You can ask the guards though. They would know better. They were there all the time when those two talked, after all. They might have more of an impression of him.”

Ao Jing slightly raised his brows. He wasn’t too sure if that would be the case. After all, those guards hadn’t been very helpful in the first place when Mister Mo interrogated them. But then again, when they actually saw the person, this might change. It was at least worth a try. In any case, if it helped make Liangqiu Huang doubt merchant Wang even a little, then that would be all they needed.

Right now, Liangqiu Huang still couldn’t believe that merchant Wang would have anything to do with this but he still turned to Mo Ju An for the sake of finding out what was really going on. In the best case, he would find out who had killed his brother from this, and even in the worst case, he could at least make sure that a good man wouldn’t be vilified. “Young Lady Mo, would you please ask the guards of your family to come over?”

Mo Ju An still wasn’t happy about him wanting to see merchant Wang but she also ignored the matter to first make sure of what was up with this servant. “Of course.” She took a few steps and then waved to the three men that were following a few meters behind the carriage. “You come over here for a moment.”

The men nodded and then rushed up, bowing their heads. “What may we do for you, Young Lady?”

Mo Ju An pointed at the unconscious person. “We just found this man on the street. Do you have any idea where he might have come from?”

The guards looked over and while the two that had been at the backdoor that day widened their eyes in surprise, Xiao Guo’s brother went slightly pale and looked away.

Liangqiu Huang slightly narrowed his eyes. “Is something the matter?”

One of the guards nodded. “Yes, that man … I recognize him. He is the one that came to talk to Xiao Shi’s younger brother that day!”

Mo Ju An looked at Xiao Guo’s brother. “You also seem to recognize him?”

Hong Shi lowered his head but still nodded. “I saw him come by on another day as well. He hung around the back alley and we finally chased him off. I thought that was the last but …” He shook his head, lowering it even further. He was probably already imagining what would happen to his brother.

Liangqiu Huang narrowed his eyes. “Well, it seems we have the thief then. We should tie him up and take him back. What do you say, Young Lady Mo?”

Mo Ju An nodded and motioned at the guards. “You take care of it.”

Seeing that the situation had been solved, Ao Jing hastily turned to Mo Ju An. “Young Lady Mo, since that has been taken care of, we should really go and check on the Wang family. Do you want your guards to take you back or come in with us?”

Before Mo Ju An had the time to answer, Liangqiu Huang already spoke up. “I think it would be best to return for now. Since we don’t know the situation, that would be better.”

Mo Ju An shook her head though. “There are only three guards. If there are robbers around, I’d much rather stay with the two of you. From what I know, Young Master Mo is quite gifted with the sword.”

Ao Jing glanced at a spot above Liangqiu Huang’s head. Squinting a little, a faint row of characters appeared that contained both his name and his level. He almost laughed out loud when he saw the number. It seemed there wouldn’t have been any chance to fight their way out. This guy was actually max level. Normal players wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Anyway, they couldn’t lose any more time so he tried to help Mo Ju An out. “I think the idea is very good. Zhou Ming and I are also there so that would mean more people able to protect the women. If something happens, we can still take them away.”

Liangqiu Huang hesitated for a moment but then nodded.

The group went over to the entrance just in time to meet with the girl that Shangguan Yu had sent over. When she saw that the people in front of her were well-dressed and purposefully strode over, she was rather sure that they had to be the guests that the Master was waiting for. She looked at Liangqiu Huang who was walking in the front and asked just to make sure. “Are you Mister Liangqiu?”

Liangqiu Huang didn’t quite understand what was going on but nodded. “I am.”

“Please follow me to the study then.” She didn’t know what was going on, so she didn’t try to explain anything. Anyway, she was of the impression that since the Master had had her bring this person over, his guest would have a reason for coming here and be expected.

Ao Jing turned to Zhou Ming and Mo Juan An as soon as they were through the gate. “I think it would be best for you to wait here just in case.”

Mo Ju An wanted to argue but Ao Jing already turned away and rushed after Liangqiu Huang so that she was left alone with Zhou Ming and the three guards that had followed after them as soon as they had dealt with merchant Wang’s servant.

Soon, Liangqiu Huang and Ao Jing were brought over to the door of the study with merchant Wang none the wiser.

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