OMF V8C167 Looking for a Person

The guards exchanged a glance, never having heard of that person. The one that had spoken before cleared his throat and finally admitted to it. “I’m afraid I don’t know where that person is. Please give me a moment to inquire about it.”

Xin Lan nodded but he was feeling impatient. He couldn’t let Hua Lin Yu wait for too long. Was there nothing else? Any way to find Jinde soon? Unfortunately, he wasn’t clear on the fact that Qiu Ling was currently here so he didn’t think of asking for his place and could only wait.

Seeing as this was about an ascended deity, the guard sent somebody to the God of Justice.

Li Yin who was currently listening to the reports of the people that had come from the Tower of Wisdom looked up when the guard arrived, wondering what might’ve happened this time. “Senior Xin Lan of the dragon race? And he’s looking for an ascended deity?”

“Yes, he said that person’s name was Leng Jin Yu but he didn’t seem to be quite sure.”

To be honest, this was something that Xin Lan had done intentionally. That way, if somebody asked, it would seem as if he was on some kind of mission inquiring for information. It would be much less obvious that he had a personal relationship with this person and his husband than as if he immediately made it clear.

Even though Xin Lan had thought it through, he didn’t know the real situation in the Nine Heavens and could never have foreseen that Li Yin would still have quite some doubts about the situation.

The God of Justice naturally wouldn’t have thought in the direction of the truth but seeing as Zhong Jing Yi had just joined the courtyard of the idle gods where a lot of ascended deities would go, he couldn’t help but feel that it was quite a coincidence that Xin Lan would appear now to talk to some ascended deity. Most likely, there should be some kind of connection between these matters.

He got up and nodded at the heavenly official that had just reported, motioning at the stack of papers to the side. “I’m afraid I have something to do. Please note down everything that you found and I will look through it later on. You can go home as soon as you finish.” With another nod, he turned around and followed the guard to the gates of the capital city.

Xin Lan faintly raised his brows when he saw the God of Justice coming over but still inclined his head toward him. “God of Justice.”

“Senior Xin Lan. I was told that you were on the lookout for some ascended deity. Please follow me then.” He motioned inside and Xin Lan naturally didn’t lose any time. He had to go back as soon as possible. That thought was at the back of his head all the time.

Unfortunately, Li Yin wasn’t in a hurry. He slowly walked down the path, and then glanced over his shoulder at Xin Lan. “I gather that this will have to do with your king’s lover?”

Xin Lan gave him a long look. Well, the person he had asked for was his king’s lover but that definitely wasn’t what the God of Justice was referring to. “The God of Justice is quite perceptive.” He couldn’t help but smile to himself though. He hadn’t even known that Qiu Ling and Jing Yi were here but he knew who the God of Justice was referring to.

Actually, this was a good thing for him. Whether it was Qiu Ling or Zhong Jing Yi, they should know about Jinde’s whereabouts. Thus, if the God of Justice intended to lead him there, he naturally wouldn’t say no.

“You are in luck then. I happen to know where he is. Do you want me to bring you to him directly?”

Xin Lan nodded faintly, feeling that this should be a better excuse.

Li Yin gave him a long look in return but didn’t ask further. In any case, he probably wouldn’t be able to figure anything out from that alone so it was futile. He’d much rather bring him there and then use the opportunity to find out something more from the people around. After all, right now, he had a good excuse for going there. And he had an even better excuse for asking after Zhong Jing Yi now that Xin Lan had asked to see somebody related to him. In fact, what these dragons were doing was playing right into his hands.

The two men had their own ideas when they finally arrived at the courtyard of the idle gods.

While they were called idle, a good percentage of them actually wasn’t. Even at this time, there were still people outside. As luck would have it, one of them was actually Zhong Jing Yi.

Li Yin glanced at Xin Lan and then motioned over but still accompanied him the rest of the way, taking a closer look at the dragon king’s beloved. If not for Xin Lan next to him, this would’ve been a prime opportunity to get rid of him. It was a pity that he hadn’t couldn’t do so after all.

Xin Lan didn’t waste any time and immediately turned to Jing Yi. “We need to talk.”

The people around were startled, wondering just who this person might be. Even Duan Ming who had been able to recognize Qiu Ling at a glance didn’t know who this senior of the dragon race was. He was only able to tell that he was of the dragon race based on his appearance. It really made him wonder just what Jing Yi’s relationship with him was. Being brought here by the dragon king in the first place was strange enough but being visited by another dragon now just drove that point home again.

Jing Yi did recognize Xin Lan so he couldn’t help but smile wryly. “Senior. Well, please follow me then.” Whatever this was about, it was a conversation that he didn’t want to have in front of everyone else. So, he’d rather bring him to his own chambers and see what this was about.

Xin Lan wasn’t interested in that though. As soon as they were inside and out of everyone’s sight, he grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back around, haphazardly throwing down another array. “To be honest, I don’t want to speak to you. I’m looking for somebody else. Where is your lover right now?”

Jing Yi looked at him and then at the door, wondering if the people outside had heard.

Xin Lan’s brows twitched. It really seemed as if everybody wanted to make trouble for him. He just wanted to return already. The sooner he could do that, the better. After all, he still owed Hua Lin Yu an explanation. And that should better come sooner rather than later or who knew what the consequences might be?

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