OMF V8C164 Really a Beauty

Ai Hua stared at her brother with gleaming eyes. Walking around him while putting her hands together, she tried to wriggle some more information out of him. “So, who is this person?”

Yi Zan glanced at her and then at Lei Jiang as the person whose agreement was actually important here. “I cannot tell you much. In fact, I myself don’t know a lot. Most of this was planned by An Bai and Xiang Yong. I was only asked if we would be willing to help with this matter after everything else had already been agreed on. So I merely know that this is something that His Majesty wants.

“That person’s husband is an ascended deity who apparently has close ties to the God of War. So maybe this has something to do with His Highness. I’m not sure. But knowing His Majesty, that is quite likely.”

To be honest, he felt a bit of a headache since he hadn’t been told much. At the very least, they should’ve given him some kind of explanation for Ai Hua and Lei Jiang, right? But no, he needed to come up with that on his own as well. Well, thankfully, he had thought of this one. It was something that was really in line with their king’s way of doing things so his sister and brother-in-law should believe it.

Lei Jiang nodded, not feeling that that even needed to be a question. “Since this is His Majesty’s command, naturally, I’ll comply.” He might just be a guard and officially, his only task would be to do that job, but this was still a mission that their king was giving them. How could he refuse?

Ai Hua wasn’t that happy though. She rushed back to Yi Zan’s side and grabbed him by the shoulder. “No, we’re not! Do you remember what happened the last time? I sent my son down to the mortal realm and he only stayed there for a few days but still came back in such a state. Do you have any idea how long it will take for him to grow back his hair?”

Yi Zan glanced up at her, not quite sure what to say to that. What had happened to Xiao Dong back then was something that nobody had expected. Even their king couldn’t have known that him being caught and nearly abducted by the demon king was a possible outcome. So it was difficult to really blame him for it.

On the other hand, he also understood how his sister felt. In this case, he could only try to reassure her. “Well, this time, the brunt of this matter will not be put on Xiao Dong’s shoulders but on yours and brother-in-law’s. I’m sure that you can do it. In any case, you just need to introduce them to a few people and that will be it. They will be given a room somewhere in the palace and after that, you don’t even need to spend a lot of time together.”

Ai Hua still wasn’t happy. “Well, maybe we still don’t want to do that. In any case, we haven’t even heard a thank you for the last task. And what about the matter with my son? Who’s going to help him?”

Yi Zan really didn’t know what to say. “Why don’t you just send him back to the mortal realm? If he stays there for a few years, his hair would’ve grown back in no time. When he returns, just a few weeks would’ve gone by here and you wouldn’t see a difference.”

Ai Hua furrowed her brows. “Not a difference? Do you have any idea how fast children grow? If he comes back in a few weeks, I’d hardly recognize my son!”

Yi Zan smiled awkwardly. He didn’t know too much considering that he had been guarding His Highness all these years but from the bit that he had heard, Xiao Dong had returned to the dragon realm after that matter and not gone back to the mortal realm even once. In fact, he had been hiding inside his room for quite some time, probably embarrassed about how he looked now.

Most dragons were indeed quite vain and his sister was definitely one of the more extreme ones. There was a reason why she had been talked into it so easily when His Majesty gave them the task back then. In fact, there was even a reason why she had married Lei Jiang in the first place and Yi Zan was pretty sure that his looks had quite a bit to do with that. Not that his sister would ever admit to that. But in any case, right now, it probably wouldn’t help. Although … “Well, I’m just afraid that nobody else will be able to pull this off.”

Ai Hua scoffed. “How difficult can it be to pretend to be a relative? Why doesn’t His Majesty ask Qiang Wei?”

Yi Zan put on a troubled expression. “Well, pretending to be a relative isn’t the problem. The problem is having the looks to make it seem believable. Qiang Wei certainly doesn’t. And I’m afraid that other than your husband and son, there is nobody else in the capital city who does.”

This time, Ai Hua actually sat down next to him. “What do you mean?”

Yi Zan’s expression turned a little complicated. He really didn’t know how to feel about this. His sister was really way too easily manipulated when it came to looks. “That person … I’ve seen him for a short moment and he really is a beauty. He has luscious golden hair on a pair of golden eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better-looking person. I’m afraid compared to him … even His Majesty will not be able to pretend to be the most handsome man in all three immortal realms any longer.”

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