OMF V8C163 Hold Him in the Palm of His Hand

Xin Lan really didn’t hold back. Finally having the chance to get married, he pressed Hua Lin Yu down, his hands roaming over his body while his tongue explored his mouth.

He would not allow for any interruptions. Thinking of that, he used his spiritual energy to haphazardly throw down an array. It wasn’t that stable since he was barely paying attention but it should tell anyone that they were not to be disturbed. The spiritual beasts should get the hint.

Having done that, he focused only on his lover. That white band was pulled out of the ink-black hair, the sash of his robe opened and pushed aside. Xin Lan’s fingers followed the curve of his chest, making Hua Lin Yu shiver and take a shaky breath.

Xin Lan smiled to himself. Those years spent with different lovers really hadn’t been in vain. Now, this night would become unforgettable for Hua Lin Yu. He chuckled and leaned down again, his lips trailing the line of Hua Lin Yu’s jaw and then his throat, making the youth tremble below him.

Hua Lin Yu reached up, his hands grabbing onto Xin Lan’s shoulders. He whimpered faintly, his eyes turning watery. This sensation, it made him lose his mind. He wanted to be closer to Xin Lan but if he didn’t see his face, it also made him anxious. “Xin Lan …”

Xin Lan gave a hum, lifted his head, and planted a kiss on Hua Lin Yu’s lips. Meanwhile, he moved to take off his own belt. Looking up into his lover’s eyes, he felt torn. He wanted to be swift, to make sure that nothing could get between them anymore but he could also see that despite finally choosing him, Hua Lin Yu was still scared.

Well, no wonder. This situation was new and a big step. Why wouldn’t he be a little frightened? Actually, he had to say that it was also lovely. Maybe it was because this was his partner that he intended to spend the rest of his life with but there was the faint notion of protecting him and keeping him in the palm of his hand where he could make sure that he was safe and sound and would not need to look like this.

He leaned closer, his lips brushing Hua Lin Yu’s eyes. “Don’t cry.” He lowered his voice to a whisper, making it sound soothing for once.

Hua Lin Yu looked at him, his heart stirring. Xin Lan had always been good to him but not like this. It seemed … it seemed he had really made the right choice. Were they not perfect for each other?

He calmed down and brushed through Xin Lan’s silvery hair, the anxiety leaving his body so that only anticipation remained. He craned his neck and kissed him, making Xin Lan pull him further into his embrace. Just one more step and they would be a married couple.

Xin Lan pushed the robe off the youth’s shoulders, lowering his head to kiss his skin.

Hua Lin Yu made a faint sound and gently made him look back up. “Look at me.” He didn’t know why but it was important for him to see Xin Lan’s face at this moment. In fact … he brushed back the silvery-white hair and reached for the mask, wanting to take it off.

Xin Lan was still smiling but then tensed and pulled back.

Hua Lin Yu looked at him, not understanding. “Let me take it off.” In any case, they were about to get married. Why still bother to wear it?

Xin Lan felt his scalp go numb and his body tensed further. When Hua Lin Yu reached out again, trying to take it off again, he hastily pulled back and then got up in a swift motion. “I …” He didn’t know what to say. He searched for the right words but his mind had gone blank. “I’ll be back soon.” With that, he rushed outside, his chest heaving up and down, unable to find back his peace.

He rushed further away, out of the palace and even the city until he was sure that there was nobody around. Raising a hand, he touched the mask on his face, the other half of his face showing pain. He gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath.

Everything had been so perfect. Now … even if he returned now, could they still continue? And even if they could, wouldn’t Hua Lin Yu just ask for the same? It wasn’t like he could fault him either. Why wouldn’t he want to see his husband’s full face on their wedding night? It was just that he definitely couldn’t.

He lowered his hand and stared up at the sky. All these years, he had not cared much but now … No, he had to do something! He couldn’t let this get between them. He had to solve the problem once and for all.

He hurriedly opened his spatial ring and took out a transmission stone, imbuing his spiritual energy and waiting with bated breath.

On the other side, Jinde stirred in his sleep and dug out the necklace from somewhere between their clothes, establishing the connection with his eyes still closed halfway. “What’s the matter?”

Xin Lan stared at him, his eyes faintly red. “My … my face. Is there anything you can do about it?”

This time, Jinde was fully awake. He stared at him and finally realized that something was wrong. “Just what happened?” In all these years, Xin Lan had never asked this once. To suddenly change his mind … He was afraid he had a faint guess why he would do so.

Xin Lan did not care to explain. “Just tell me. Is there any way for you to heal it?”

Jinde looked at his expression and then sighed. “You can come here and I will take a look again but you should not get your hopes up too high. I am afraid … this might be impossible.”

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