SML V3C38 Not Bad!

When Li Ming remembered that day, there was a warm smile on his lips. Bian Huan looked at the two of them and even though he hadn’t completely finished adjusting everything, he couldn’t resist and took a photo. To be honest, it came out better than he had imagined. He mumbled to himself and then continued to adjust the settings until he was finally satisfied. Then, he got right back into it.

Once again, he didn’t bother giving any directions to Li Ming. Just being himself was good enough for this type of photoshoot. He had the looks and also the temperament for this type of clothes. Also, his feelings for Mo Fang were evident in how he looked at him as well. The conditions were simply perfect.

On the other hand, there was no reason to worry about Mo Fang anyway. Not to mention his looks, he was an experienced model. Naturally, he knew how to make himself look best and also how to coordinate with a partner. Seeing what his boyfriend did, he was usually able to go along with it without needing to be prompted. Honestly, working with these two didn’t even feel like work.

Bian Huan hummed to himself and after taking a couple dozen of shots, he finally put down the camera. “Alright, I think we’re finished with that one as well. Unless you want to use the costume for another set?”

Li Ming glanced at the photographer but then immediately turned back to his boyfriend. In any case, this was something that he didn’t know much about. He didn’t know what sets there were or whether it would be alright to use the same costume or not and he also didn’t know what exactly it was that Mo Fang wanted. Thus, he’d just leave all the decisions to him today. He would just go along with it like he had done before.

Mo Fang pondered for a moment. To be honest, he had originally planned to take one set of photos with each costume in one setting but now that Bian Huan mentioned it, he felt like the idea wasn’t bad. “Well, do you still have the bamboo forest one up? I think that one could fit well.”

Bian Huan immediately clapped his hands and waved for them to follow. “You’re lucky! I was actually thinking of dismantling that one for something a little more modern but I finally kept it up because I have another shoot next week where I might need to take a photo there. Any later, and you wouldn’t have been able to use it.”

Mo Fang laughed at that and wrapped around his boyfriend’s arm. “Well, looks like heaven is on our side.” He leaned over and kissed his cheek, making Li Ming reach up to rub his shoulder.

While on the way over to the other set, Mo Fang couldn’t help but remember that he should probably pay a bit more attention to his boyfriend’s well-being. “How are you doing? Tired? We can take a break in between if you want to.”

Bian Huan looked back, a little disbelieving when he heard Mo Fang ask that. Never mind that he usually wasn’t the attentive type and more the demanding one, they had also only done a couple of photos and Mo Fang’s boyfriend didn’t look so weak that he wouldn’t be able to take that.

Thankfully, Li Ming immediately shook his head. “There’s no need. To be honest, I don’t think it’s that exhausting. But I feel like I’m also not doing as much as you so if you need a break, then I don’t mind taking one either. In any case, it’s our free day. It won’t be a problem to take a bit more time.” After saying this, he couldn’t help but look at the photographer that was clearly staring at them. “That is … if brother Bian doesn’t have a problem with it? You probably have other things to do.”

Bian Huan gave Li Ming a curious look and then pointed at his nose. “You’re not bad! Not just as a model but as a boyfriend you’re also doing rather well. Turns out that Xiao Fang still has a bit of taste left. I already thought things were going downhill for him when he started going out with that Lan Heng.”

Li Ming raised his brows, not quite sure where that praise came from. But in any case, he was naturally happy if Mo Fang’s friends liked him as well. “Well, thank you for the compliment. I guess I’m not that good but Lan Heng doesn’t seem to be that well-liked.”

“Naturally! Every time I wanted to get Xiao Fang for a shoot while he was together with him, it would always be a fight. If you want to date a model, you really need to have a better grasp on your jealousy.” He shook his head and then continued walking toward the set, waving at them even faster as if he wanted to take a few photos to reassure himself that that dark time was over.

Li Ming was a little stunned and couldn’t help but turn to his boyfriend, faintly raising his brows. He hadn’t said anything wrong, had he?

Mo Fang lowered his voice and leaned in, even going so far as to brush the hair back behind Li Ming’s ear. “Bro Bian is the guy that Lan Heng thought I was cheating on him with.”

Li Ming shuddered when the warm breath hit his skin and faintly cleared his throat before he nodded. Right, there had been something like that. Even though it had only been two weeks, he had almost forgotten about that. It seemed that in this time, a lot had happened already. Too much to keep all of it in mind. Or maybe everything else surrounding the Lan Heng had left that bad of an impression that small detail hadn’t even registered much anymore. In any case, he felt that Bian Huan really had reason not to be happy about Lan Heng. It wasn’t a wonder that he preferred him as Mo Fang’s new boyfriend.

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