OMF V8C165 Something to Check

As for the person in question, he was currently sitting in bed, holding his necklace with a strange expression.

Next to him, Leng Jin Yu propped himself up on an elbow, giving him a long look. He had heard the conversation between Jinde and Xin Lan so he could imagine what was going through his mind right now. “Do you really think you can’t do anything for him?” To be honest, he had never seen Xin Lan without that mask on. Even on the day when they had first met, he hadn’t seen his full face. So he didn’t know how bad it really was.

Jinde’s expression became even more tangled. The person asking was his husband but he also knew that Xin Lan wouldn’t want anyone to know. So he didn’t really know if he should say something or not.

After hesitating for a bit, he finally shook his head. “I can’t tell you much. Just that I’m really not too sure. It’s an old injury. And it wasn’t a light one in the first place. If I had had the skills back then, I already would’ve done more for him but I didn’t. And while my skills are better now, the condition will likely have worsened. So I guess this is still pretty much the same situation as back then and that doesn’t give me much hope.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “You don’t have to tell me anything more than that. Just … meet up with him, give it a look, then be honest with him. No matter what happened, I know that you want to do your best. So just take your time. Don’t rush it. And even if you can’t heal him completely, maybe there’s just a little bit that you can do. I’m sure that he would already be happy about that if it was possible.”

Jinde nodded at that. From the looks of it, Xin Lan was currently quite desperate. He would naturally want to be healed completely if that was possible but if not, then every little bit that could be restored would already be good. It was just that he really didn’t know if he had the skills.

He clicked his tongue and then climbed over his husband, giving a faint smile. “I’m sorry but there are some things I need to check.”

Leng Jin Yu watched him pick up his clothes and put them back on and finally also got up with a sigh. “Check where? The Tower of Wisdom? I guess I’d better come with you. Otherwise, there might just be a repeat of what happened earlier today at the Palace of War.”

Jinde glanced at him and then nodded. “Thank you.”

Leng Jin Yu got dressed as well and soon enough, the two of them left the palace, making their way over to the Tower of Wisdom. By now, it had already gotten quite late but the Tower of Wisdom was open all day round, so it wasn’t a problem to come here even if it had been in the middle of the night.

When the two of them walked inside, the heavenly clerk looked up with some surprise. Even though the Tower of Wisdom was opened the whole time, that didn’t mean that there would often be people coming over at later hours. Most of the time, there would just be people staying late or come early in the day. Or maybe somebody wanted to be an especially early bird and came shortly before sunrise. Those nightly visitors were one in many years. So seeing somebody come over this late in the evening was a little strange. One of them being veiled didn’t help with the weird impression they left. But no matter what, he still nodded at the two of them.

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu inclined their heads as well and then walked further inside.

“You just get what you need. If you need help carrying anything, just tell me.”

Jinde gave his husband a look, wondering if he would ever get over this matter with his injury. Right now, it certainly didn’t seem that way yet if he felt that he was too fragile to actually hold a couple of books. Well, in this case though, it was quite nice.

When they arrived in the section that he was interested in, he started to pull out scrolls, handing them to his husband after a quick look so he had his hands free to look through the other ones.

Leng Jin Yu looked at the growing mountain of information in his arms and wondered just how much Jinde wanted to read. This matter had to be dire indeed.

Finally, Jinde had made his way through one of the shelves and motioned for his husband to follow him. “This should be all for now. Let’s look at these first and then see if we need anything else.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then followed him to the nearest table, carefully putting everything down so the scrolls wouldn’t be damaged.

Jinde sat down and then picked up the first one, immediately opening it up and starting to read. Leng Jin Yu sat down next to him, but he could only watch on. In any case, he didn’t know much about refinement. That had always been Jinde’s domain. Now, he really wished that he could help him but there was nothing he could do.

Jinde actually didn’t seem to mind. He just continued to read silently, sifting through page after page, scroll after scroll, trying to find some kind of information that he didn’t know yet.

It was a pity. Heaven didn’t seem to be on their side. Even after all this time, he still hadn’t found what he was looking for. If things continued like this, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t have any good news to tell Xin Lan when he arrived here.

But for now, he did not want to give up. Even if he couldn’t find anything yet, there was still a chance that he would be able to do so later on. Or maybe even if there wasn’t a full solution, there would at least be a hint of a direction he could work in. In the worst case, he’d have to figure out the rest by himself.

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