OMF V8C129 A Bit Curious

At the same time, Duan Ming and Lan Ling were slowly making their way through the corridors of the idle gods’ courtyard, staying silent.

Lan Ling was clearly somewhere else with his thoughts while Duan Ming couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder now and then. After a while, he cleared his throat and spoke up. “This matter regarding Leng Jin Yu … don’t take it to heart.”

Lan Ling was finally pulled out of his thoughts and looked over, raising his brows. “Why do you think I’d take it to heart? In any case, it’s just a wedding.”

Duan Ming gave him a look. “Is that so?”

Lan Ling pressed his lips together, refusing to admit it. Inwardly, he did feel a bit miffed though. Not only had Leng Jin Yu vanished without a word, but he also hadn’t returned even once in all this time to talk to them. Now, he had met somebody and also lived together for such a long time that they actually got married in the end. Naturally, he was disappointed. “Well, it’s not like he talked a lot about his private life even before. So I guess he just didn’t feel comfortable bringing it up to us. If things had been different before, I’m sure we would’ve been invited as well.”

Duan Ming gave a hum and then once again glanced over his shoulder. “In any case, the fact that he sent brother Zhong over means that he does trust us. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told him about us specifically. I guess it does mean that in his eyes, we are at least dependable.”

Lan Ling’s expression immediately lit up. “Exactly! No matter what that dragon king says, it can’t change the relationship between brother Leng and us.”

Duan Ming nodded. “Yes, although I think you should be a little nicer to the dragon king. If you want to know where Leng Jin Yu is, he is your best bet to find out.”

Lan Ling looked over, his gaze inquisitive. “Do you think I should ask? He didn’t seem like he wanted to tell us anything. Not anything of worth at least.”

Duan Ming narrowed his eyes, not quite sure what to think about this matter. “I don’t know. Things seemed to be a bit … strange. Why would he suddenly bring over some newly ascended deity? What is the relationship between Longjun and brother Zhong? And how does brother Leng know the dragon king? I have a hard time wrapping my head around all of this. But in any case, brother Zhong seems to be quite nice. We should really take care of him. The dragon king … he doesn’t seem dependable in that regard.”

Lan Ling scoffed. “Barely managing to bring him over here and then not even knowing about the fact that he could stay there. You really don’t need to tell me that he isn’t dependable. It’s obvious at a glance!” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and then motioned ahead. “It’s really nice of you to offer that we will go and do the organizational stuff. Actually, you could have sent him over himself.”

Duan Ming nodded. “I probably could’ve done so but I feel like since brother Leng sent him over, we should do this much. And I also wanted to know your thoughts on this matter. It’s not really something I can ask while the two of them were standing next to us, is it?”

Lan Ling shook his head. “I’m not going to tell you anything new though. This matter is … a bit frustrating but I can deal with it. Although I’m really curious. I will admit that much.”

Duan Ming gave a hum but what he was the most curious about right now wasn’t necessarily Leng Jin Yu’s life but Zhong Jing Yi’s. “Brother Zhong must be a real talent if he was able to ascend without actually having any guidance. I’ve heard just how difficult it can be to ascend depending on spirit veins like his. With a full set of them, his chances of ascending were abysmally small in the first place. That he still managed to do so is quite a feat.”

Lan Ling nodded at that. “Yes, it really is. Usually, that type of ascended deity would’ve made quite a splash in the mortal realm beforehand. But I don’t think we’ve ever heard any mentions of him, right? That makes me wonder just what kind of life he led. Must have been difficult.”

Duan Ming nodded at that. He didn’t pursue the matter further though since they had just reached the gate to the courtyard of the idle gods. They both fell silent as they walked outside and made their way over to the Court of Justice.

This matter seemed like it was small so they just walked up to one of the heavenly officials on duty, reporting what had happened.

The official looked at them in return, her expression a little strange. “The dragon king brought him over?”

Duan Ming nodded. “Yes, which is why he wasn’t assigned any room. We wanted to help take care of that since he didn’t seem to have been told much when he ascended.”

The heavenly official nodded slowly. “I will note it down and check with our records to make sure that there wasn’t any problem. If there is anything else he should know, I will also take care of it that he will be told as soon as possible.”

The two of them nodded and waited for the official to do as she had said before they made their way back.

On the other hand, the heavenly official stared at the records for a moment before she got up and walked over to the study of the God of Justice. This matter … she wasn’t completely sure but she felt that it was something that should be reported. In any case, some ascended deities slipping through because somebody had messed up somewhere wasn’t that strange but the dragon king getting involved was another matter altogether.

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