SML V3C23 You Deserve It

Zhi Bao Yu looked up from the coffee she was drinking, watching as Li Ming took out two boxes that had been prepared, and putting them on the table next to each other. She didn’t say anything though and instead just watched on. In any case, she was pretty sure that Li Ming would tell her what this was all about in just a minute anyway.

Needless to say, Li Ming didn’t do her the favor. He got something to drink from the vending machine and put it down at their seats before he sat down and took out his phone. He didn’t know when exactly Mo Fang would come over so he figured that it might be better to message him first.

He scrolled through his contacts and then hesitated about what to write. It should probably be a sweet message. Mo Fang would probably like that.

While he was still thinking, his thumb hovering over the keyboard, the door opened and a couple of steps sounded. Li Ming was still deep in thought and didn’t notice what was going on.

Just then, a pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders and a fresh scent hit him from behind. “Oh? What is my boyfriend doing? Who are you messaging on your break?”

Li Ming looked up and his expression immediately melted. “I was trying to message my boyfriend but it seems that just thinking of that already lured you over.” He reached out to pull him down next to him and motioned at the box on the table. “I brought you a little something. It’s not much since there wasn’t that much time left to make it this morning but I hope you’ll still like it.”

Mo Fang raised his brows and then opened the box, his eyes slightly widening. “For me?” Truth be told, he hadn’t expected something like this. He knew that Li Ming liked cooking and he had cooked for him on the days before but he never would have thought that he would bring something in for lunch. In any case, he hadn’t done so the previous days. But they had also gone to work together so maybe that was the reason why.

Li Ming nodded. “Of course. It’s not much. I actually came up with that at the last minute so it’s not much.”

Mo Fang nodded and then picked up the fork that Li Ming had included, giving the dish a taste.

Since Li Ming had really only had the idea a little before he went to work himself, it was just a salad with noodles and some vegetables but just the fact that he had gone to this effort, actually made Mo Fang feel a little fuzzy inside.

He had had boyfriends that treated him really well like Si Tao for example but that had always been more a matter of throwing some money at him and getting him things he liked. He had definitely never had a boyfriend do something like this for him without being prompted in the least. It sure was a nice feeling.

Li Ming was watching him and couldn’t help but become a little anxious when he saw that Mo Fang was staring at the salad blankly. “Is it not to your taste? I probably should’ve asked beforehand …” With how he had only come up with it today, there wouldn’t really have been a chance to get more ingredients but maybe it still would’ve been better. Although, that also would have given away the surprise. That probably also wouldn’t have been good. He felt like the fact that this was surprising was part of it. In any case, he had cooked for Mo Fang before so that alone wasn’t something that would work as well.

Mo Fang looked up, gazing at Li Ming with soft eyes. “No, I love it. I’m just so … well, I’m really moved. You didn’t need to do something like this. I feel like I’m not doing anything for you and you are always treating me so well.”

This time, he wasn’t actually acting. There really wasn’t much he could do for Li Ming. He wasn’t talented. Or, well, the one talent that he had was something that Li Ming didn’t even want him to try right now. It really made him feel an unprecedented sense of panic. If only there was more he could do in return …

Li Ming rubbed his shoulder, a little relieved when he heard that. “You’re thinking too much. I really enjoyed yesterday evening. Just see this as some kind of thank you.”

Mo Fang nodded and reached up to hold his hand, squeezing it slightly. “I have to try and think of something I can do for you in return though. You really deserve it. You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.” He leaned in, pecking his lips before he hurriedly leaned back and glanced at the others, bowing his head to eat.

Li Ming looked at him, not thinking about their coworkers in the least. In any case, he had seen Rui Lan and Cang Gui Ying smooching in the break room more than just once. He didn’t think that anybody could say something about them just giving each other a peck once.

Needless to say, he was wrong about that. Although, rather than saying that it was about the kiss, it was more about the whole situation.

Zhi Bao Yu had been watching from the very beginning and now, she finally could not hold back. “Oh, wow, it looks like the two of you are really close these days. Honestly, this is so cute! I wish my boyfriend was doing something like this. But I guess when your relationship has been going on for some time, you just stop doing this kind of thing. Really, makes me a little envious. I also want to be newly in love.”

Li Ming shot her a look, not bothering to say anything. When it came to Zhi Bao Yu, he honestly felt that there was just a problem with her. Other couples were probably able to still have a good relationship even when they were together for a longer time. At the very least, he was sure that Mo Fang and he would be able to do so. But that wasn’t something he needed to tell her or he would just get a lot of unsolicited advice again and that was nothing that he wanted or his day would definitely be ruined.

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