OMF V8C130 Better to Stay Far Away

Li Yin listened to the report with an unreadable expression, his thoughts unable to be guessed. Needless to say, that ascended deity could only be the crown prince’s reincarnation. As for why he had gone to the courtyard of the idle gods … That was a matter worth inquiring about. Although … it needed to be done in an inconspicuous matter. After all, there were many people in the courtyard of the idle gods. He couldn’t just walk in there and expect word not to spread. No, this needed another approach.

When the official had finished, he gave a faint nod. “Very well. It’s good that you reported this matter. I will look into it and follow up personally.” He waved and the official left while Li Yin got up, clasped his hands behind his back, and walked over to the door that overlooked the garden next to study.

“Zhong Jing Yi …” This whole matter with that boy he had been dragging on for so long. Not just the fact that he had ascended but also the trial before that. He really wished that it could come to an end.

He still hadn’t figured out what that simple solution was that Leng Lu had mentioned though. And he knew better than to ask his lover again. He still wouldn’t get an answer out of him. No, if he managed to get close, there might be a chance but otherwise, Leng Lu would just keep quiet about it. That was just the way he was. So he would have to take care of this himself.

Come to think of it, today was a rather strange day. Just a while before, he had gotten the report that Scholar An Bai had left the Tower of Wisdom to go back to the palace the dragon king and Zhong Jing Yi had been assigned. Could it be that these two incidents were related? That was something he was rather curious about.

An Bai was probably somebody that could be asked but not if he was still there together with adviser Xiang Yong. That one was a much tougher nut to crack. And the dragon king himself also wasn’t a simple person even though he might look like it. Well, right now, that also wasn’t what he needed to think about it.

He turned around and then left his study, slowly making his way over to the Palace of the Fate’s Scribe.

When Shun Tao saw who had come, he couldn’t help but wince. The God of Justice Li Yin came right after the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su on his list of people that he rather not have anything to do with. So seeing him really wasn’t a good feeling. Still, he forced himself to smile and invite him to sit down. “God of Justice, I wonder what brings you here?”

Li Yin sat down, crossing his long legs, and gave Shun Tao a look. “I’ve been wondering.”

Shun Tao felt as if his hair was standing on end and gulped. “What has the God of Justice been wondering about if I may ask?”

“Zhong Jing Yi.” He didn’t say anything else and just looked at him, watching Shun Tao squirm. This guy … While he was probably doing a rather good job as the Fate’s Scribe usually, he didn’t have the mental fortitude that he would expect from one of the titled gods leading a palace.

Shun Tao felt even more uncomfortable under this gaze. “What might be the matter with him again? In any case, he has already ascended. His fate is completely out of my hands so I don’t think I will be able to tell you anything of worth.”

Li Yin continued to look at him, his eyes slowly narrowing. “The key to a person’s thoughts is usually their past. As the one who saw his fate play out up until the moment he ascended, I am sure that the Fate’s Scribe can provide me with quite a bit of information.”

Shun Tao’s lips twitched. “So the God of Justice is interested in hearing about Zhong Jing Yi’s trial.”

“You could say it like this.”

At the current time, that was something that he felt was easiest to achieve. He needed a better understanding of this ascended deity to deal with this. He might be able to blindly guess a few things but it was still best to have some more information on his hands. That way, he would be able to get a much better grasp on him when he did go to have that talk.

Shun Tao still wasn’t quite sure what exactly Li Yin wanted from him but he realized that telling him about the trial was probably for the best. Maybe afterward, he would just leave. Thinking of that, he got up and went to the shelf behind his desk, looking around for a while until he picked up a jade scroll that he had thought he wouldn’t need to look at again. It was already rolled up again and stored away in a nice pouch, ready to be stored even further away where he wouldn’t even think of it.

Weighing it in his hands for a moment, he finally turned back around and sat down opposite Li Yin again. “Well, this is the scroll.”

Li Yin continued to look, not saying a single word.

Shun Tao smiled wryly, took off the cover, and unfurled the scroll. “So, do you just want me to read it to you?”

Li Yin glanced at the papers that were lying to the side of Shun Tao’s desk and then cocked an eyebrow. “Naturally, the Fate’s Scribe could do that but I would be much more interested in taking a copy back to my Court of Justice. Unless … you want to tell me about your insights as well.”

Shun Tao put down the scroll of fate without another word and then started to copy it himself. If he didn’t need to talk with this guy, he definitely wouldn’t do so. It was better to stay far, far, far away. Especially when it concerned this cursed trial.

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