OMF V8C122 A Way of Living He Admired

The two of them went inside and sat down and Xiang Yong gave An Bai a summary of what had just gone down, not bothering to include the pettiness at the beginning. No matter what, he still felt that even though his own king was the most important to him, he also didn’t want to besmirch the image of the previous one. That was an important part of their history after all. And he felt like he would just agitate An Bai too much if he said any of that.

An Bai’s expression was a little strange after he heard what was going on. “That person … actually wants to have a child?” To say that he didn’t know about this person would really be a lie. Even though he had probably looked more into Qiu Ling, he had naturally also done some studies on the kings of the past. And Jinde was definitely one that was quite interesting.

Xiang Yong nodded. “That is the gist of it. I don’t mind that actually. It isn’t like the throne is hereditary. And if I understood this correctly, then he doesn’t mind Qiu Ling being king. So we don’t need to worry that he would try to incite some kind of conflict between Qiu Ling and that child. In fact, with their relationship, I think that he might be a big help to His Majesty.” He went on to explain his thoughts on the matter and An Bai nodded slowly, but his thoughts also seemed to stray a little at the side.

Xiang Yong couldn’t help but squint. “What’s going on? Did you think of something?”

An Bai shook his head. “No, I think everything that you say makes sense. I also think that we should make it possible but that it will take some time. I just … I don’t know. I guess it just feels a little strange to me. I have trouble seeing him like this I guess.”

Xiang Yong gave a faint laugh. “Well, I can’t say that I have an easier time. Not that long ago, I figured that he was dead. Everybody thought so. Now … well, there he is, not just alive but even planning on expanding his family. That sure was strange to hear.”

An Bai gave a hum but he still seemed kind of distracted.

Xiang Yong couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Is there something more?”

An Bai finally looked up and sighed. “Ah, I know that this is something that has absolutely nothing to do with me but everything I’ve read has always said that he was completely focused on just reigning as well as he could, making the most out of the dragon realm, and dedicating himself to his studies as a refiner. And he did a fantastic job in all of these things.

“In all these years, he never had a family. No partner, no children of his own, just some vague mentions that he may have fostered a child once but those were only some off-hand remarks that weren’t even clear and nothing definitive. And I don’t know but I think I always looked up to that. It seemed quite appealing to me.”

Xiang Yong’s gaze changed faintly. Yes, he could imagine that appeal to An Bai. He was also somebody who would like to completely focus on just his studies and work. He didn’t need or maybe even want a partner. He just wanted to continue as he had before. But in the dragon realm that was so focused on finding that one perfect partner for yourself that you would want to bind your soul to, that was a strange dream to have. It was one that people would find difficult to accept.

So most likely, An Bai usually wouldn’t dare to entertain this kind of thought. To have one of their kings have had that kind of life so that he could just point to him and say that if their king could do it, why not him? It was probably something that had given him a lot of strength. But now, he had to find out that things were a little different. That king, as well, had found somebody he loved and wanted to have a child with. It was probably a tough pill to swallow for An Bai.

Xiang Yong didn’t really know how to make him feel better. “I think that this doesn’t have to change anything. In any case, even if he wants to have a child with him now and is married, that doesn’t change who he was before. All those years don’t just vanish. The things he achieved won’t either.

“And I’m sure that even if we don’t know about it, there were others who never bothered to have a partner. So no matter what you do, it’s alright. Even if there never was another dragon like this, it also doesn’t matter. You’re you. And you are invaluable as a scholar of our race.

“I mean even the gods are kind of envious of us for having you. I’d say just focus on your studies if that is what makes you happy. Who needs a husband or wife?” He smiled, feeling that the two of them had both stayed alone for a long time. There wasn’t any necessity to change something. They could just continue like this for a long time. If in the future there happened to be somebody for them, he wouldn’t mind. But he also wouldn’t mind if it didn’t happen. And he felt that the same was probably true for An Bai. So why make a big thing out of it?

An Bai nodded, feeling that what Xiang Yong said was indeed right. “Well, still, this is a thought that I will need some time to get used to. Now, let’s not dwell on that though. As His Majesty’s advisers, our own thoughts on that aren’t important. What is important is to find a way to make this work to the best of our abilities that will benefit him and not put his rule in jeopardy.”

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