OMF V8C118 You Can Tell Me

Back in the mortal realm, Leng Jin Yu was looking at the transmission stone. This talk … It had gone rather well. All things considered, he would say that the two of them were now much closer. It wasn’t what a usual father and son relationship might look like but he didn’t expect to ever get that either. Too much had happened for that. The past couldn’t be changed anymore. They could only try to find a way to deal with each other going forward.

He sighed and put the stone away before getting up and leaving the room. Going outside, he found the servants whispering to each other at the reception and felt like sighing once again. Even though Jinde wasn’t as eye-catching in this form as he was in his natural appearance, he still wasn’t able to hide his charm. If it was just him, he could still pretend to be a normal person but with Jinde around, that was completely impossible. His husband stood out no matter where they went.

Well, since somebody was already paying attention to him, he might as well make use of that. He went over with a faint smile, looking rather nondescript. “Excuse me, you wouldn’t have noticed where my husband went, would you?”

The servants looked up, some of them looking as if they had been caught red-handed while spreading gossip while the others were merely curious about what was going on. Clearly, they had gone out together not too long ago, but then suddenly returned before one almost immediately left afterward. There seemed to be some kind of story behind that. But in any case, they couldn’t pry. At the very least, most of them thought that they couldn’t.

“He just went outside, down the road toward the left. The two of you wouldn’t have gotten into some kind of argument, would you?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “An argument … I can’t even remember the last time when either of us mentioned that kind of word. Thank you very much.” He tilted his head and cupped his fists like the cultivators in the mortal realm usually did, and then left the guest house, going after Jinde.

Finding his husband outside actually wasn’t that difficult after having a general direction. He just needed to follow the people that were standing on the street staring starry-eyed. He shook his head at himself and followed the clues until he finally found his husband on the market square, looking at some food.

He went over and raised his brows at him, wondering what exactly Jinde was doing here. Nothing about this food seemed that special. There wasn’t even spiritual energy contained in it. The only slightly special thing about it was that it was seafood but that wasn’t too strange. This small town wasn’t that far away from the sea.

Jinde was pulled out of his thoughts when he realized that his husband was there and he glanced over, not quite sure what to say. To be honest, his thoughts had gone pretty far off. “Did you finish your talk?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I did. It went better than I had expected. I guess we are on a good path to find a way to deal with each other.”

“That’s nice to hear.” He turned back to look at the seafood and gave a faint hum. “Did you ask him what he would think about getting a younger sibling soon?”

Leng Jin Yu’s eyes slightly widened. It wasn’t like they hadn’t brought it up on the way back to the guesthouse but he wouldn’t have thought that Jinde’s thoughts would stay on that. Then again …

He glanced at the spread of seafood as well and suddenly understood. Even though he had Chun Yin’s memories, he often still saw things from the perspective he had acquired in this life first. But since it was already pointed out to him, it was hard not to think of the way dragons had children if neither of them was able to carry them.

He hesitated for a moment, not quite sure what to say. Then, he first wanted to make sure that he wasn’t misunderstanding anything. “About how soon are we talking here?” His gaze was careful, clearly afraid that he was getting up his hopes for nothing.

Having a child might have been Jinde’s dream but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t something that he wished for as well. In any case, he hadn’t really seen Qiu Ling grow up even as Chun Yin and in this life, he hadn’t had a child either. To have one with Jinde … that would be a dream come true for him as well.

Jinde gave a hum and took his husband’s hand, finally pulling him away from the stall of the vendor who was looking at them strangely when they didn’t buy anything after looking for so long.

Jinde stayed quiet for a bit, looking out at the shimmering surface of the sea that could be gleaned from the other side of the city. “Well, originally, the two of us weren’t in a rush. I guess we still don’t need to be. But this is also something I have been looking forward to for some time. And even if we decide now, it will take a bit of time to take care of things. After all, if we really want to relocate to the dragon realm for this we will need a place to stay. Then we will also need to find the perfect shell. That kind of thing can take some months. Even if we decide now, it might take a lot of time. So I was thinking … why not start planning sooner?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded, feeling that what Jinde said there made a lot of sense. “I think the most important would be to agree on a place where we can settle down. The immortal realms … would really be the best choice I think. The question is which place exactly to pick.”

Jinde raised his brows at him, clearly feeling that his husband had some kind of suggestion. He couldn’t quite imagine it though. Before they went on their travels back then, they had talked about it for a bit but they hadn’t really come up with a solution and their circumstances hadn’t changed.

Leng Jin Yu hesitated but still spoke up in the end. “I mean generally speaking we could settle down anywhere in either the dragon realm or the Nine Heavens. There are also enough people who know about you that could help us. In the dragon realm, there is not only Qiu Ling but also two of his advisers, as well as Xin Lan. In the Nine Heavens, there’s the God of War. The safest option would probably be to ask to borrow Xin Lan’s place but … well, call me selfish, but that’s not necessarily what I want.”

“You still see him as some kind of rival.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. “I just can’t help myself. I’m not saying that we can’t do it at all but I would prefer it if we found another place. Also …” He fell quiet for a bit, quietly rubbing his hands together. This was something that he had trouble bringing up actually.

Jinde watched him for a bit and then sighed. “Just say it. You want to go to the dragon realm’s capital city. It’s because you think that sooner or later, Qiu Ling will return there to live with Jing He. And you want to be close to him again. You want to make up for what you missed out on. Even if you can’t be a father to him, you still want some type of relationship. And you’re afraid that if we have this child somewhere else that he will misunderstand. I get all of that, Jin Yu. There really is no reason for you to keep quiet about it. You can tell me. Always.”

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