IRL C66 Not a Situation from Real Life

“Speaking of opportunities …” Shangguan Yu glanced around, noticing that most of the people that had been here when they came or that came shortly after them had already left. The only person that was still sitting there just like before was some business guy with a newspaper a few tables behind them. “I guess we’ve been here for quite some time. I mean it’s not like we haven’t ordered anything but I guess it will get a little bit strange if we stay here for too long, don’t you think so?”

Ao Jing also glanced around and nodded. “I guess so. Did you have anything else planned or … are we just going to go out and see where it leads us?”

“Actually, my sister came up with another idea and I thought it might really be fun. Do you want to try?” He hadn’t told Ao Jing about the game center before because he felt like it would be better to first see how things went in the cafe.

If the date went well and they didn’t want to change places, then they wouldn’t have to. If they didn’t get along though, they could just stop the date after this without Ao Jing or him feeling pressured to do anything else. And on the other hand, if they wanted to try something more after this, that also wouldn’t be a problem.

“Well, if you have an idea, let’s just do it. I’m open to everything as long as it’s with you.”

The two of them smiled at each other, paid, and then left the cafe.

Yu Lan made sure that his face stayed hidden behind the newspaper and then hurriedly paid as well before rushing out of the cafe as well. He jumped into his car, watching out for the one Ao Jing and Shangguan Yu left in. He hurriedly texted his wife and then followed the two of them.

By now, he actually didn’t feel that he necessarily had to do this but he at least wanted to make sure that the two of them arrived at the game center without trouble. Anyway, he only had this one brother-in-law. Naturally, he should go the extra mile to make sure that he would be alright.

To make sure that the surprise wasn’t spoiled halfway there, Shangguan Yu didn’t tell Ao Jing the address and just told him how to drive.

Ao Jing smiled the whole way, being in an especially good mood. “I feel like we work very well together.”

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Is that a wonder though? We’ve played together for so long. There were lots of quests where we’ve basically done nothing else. I guess over time, you just learn how to do this kind of task together.”

Ao Jing gave a hum and then turned into the next road just like Shangguan Yu told him. When he did so, his brows furrowed though. He stared at the rearview mirror and then nodded toward the next intersection. “I’ll have to make a right turn there.”

“Ah?” Shangguan Yu looked over, feeling puzzled. He couldn’t see a traffic jam on the other side nor any signs that would make that necessary. Just what was going on?

Ao Jing noticed his puzzled expression and nodded at the rearview mirror. “I don’t know if maybe I’m being paranoid but I think somebody’s following us.”

Shangguan Yu looked at the mirror but there was a whole bunch of cars behind them and he really didn’t know which one Ao Jing meant. “Are you sure?” He didn’t think that Ao Jing would joke about something like this but it really sounded too outlandish.

Ao Jing gave a wry smile at that. “No, but that’s exactly why I want to make the turn. It could be that the person is just going in the same direction for a while. That wouldn’t be too strange, right? If they follow us for a few turns though, then they are really following us.” He couldn’t understand why though. “This kind of thing should only happen in movies, right? Why would anybody do that in real life?” They hadn’t offended anyone, had they?

Thinking of it like this, he became a little worried. Considering that they had sat pretty close and even held hands before in the cafe and talked about their relationship pretty openly, it could be that somebody had heard them. And maybe somebody had that much of a problem with their sexual orientation that they would actually go so far as to find out where they were going and try to pick a fight?

He gulped at that thought and inwardly prayed that that wouldn’t happen. Whether it was him or Shangguan Yu, they both weren’t the athletic type of people. If it was just one person, they might be able to fight them off together but that was still something he’d rather not risk.

As soon as they reached the intersection, they went to the right, drove two blocks while staring at the rearview mirror with bated breath, and then made another turn to the right.

Shangguan Yu had finally figured out just which car Ao Jing meant. Whoever it was, was steadily driving two or three cars behind them, making it impossible to make out just who was in the car or see any more details about it. He could vaguely guess the model it might be based on a few passing glances he had gotten in but that was it. “It seems you’re right. They are following us. What should we do now?”

Ao Jing gulped again, obviously nervous as well. “Well, I’m afraid I won’t be able to just drive faster and outrace them. It’d be too dangerous. Not to mention that we might get into legal trouble if we’re caught, I’m not good enough of a driver to even attempt that. I’m afraid we can only hope that we get to some traffic light and they won’t be able to follow us over. As long as we get out of sight, we should be safe.”

“Let’s do that then.” Shangguan Yu glanced over his shoulder, trying to get another glimpse. Unfortunately, the longer they drove, the more nervous he got. That car was still following behind!

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