OMF V8C117 You Can’t Win Against Him

He kept quiet for a moment instead of immediately starting to explain. In any case, he needed to be careful about what he said. Even in the Nine Heavens, there weren’t many people who knew about Jing He’s trial and the ins and outs of it. And it would definitely be best if things stayed that way. Thus, he naturally couldn’t disclose anything.

Also, this Duan Ming person seemed to know quite a bit about the Nine Heavens if he was able to recognize him this easily. Most likely, even the fact that he had come here with Jing Yi could already expose things. After all, he had always been very outspoken about his relationship with Jing He. A trueborn god would certainly be able to put one and one together. Ah, this was once again something he hadn’t taken into account. Maybe he had acted stupid for a couple years too many. He wasn’t as sharp as he had once been.

Qiu Ling sighed and then put on a troubled expression. In any case, even if he couldn’t mention Jing Yi and the trial, there was still his father’s own story. “I guess it’s true that people forget their friends when love knocks on their door. Isn’t it all because when he was originally sent on a mission back in the mortal realm, he somehow fell in love there? The mission has already long been over but he still hasn’t returned. I honestly doubt that he will as well. Most likely, these two are enjoying themselves quite well.”

Not only Duan Ming but the other idle gods around them stared at Qiu Ling in a daze as well.

The one who first got his bearing back or at least a semblance of it was Lan Ling. His face turned red in anger and he once again wanted to lunge at the dragon king and was barely held back by Duan Ming. “You take that back! What kind of shameless lies are these?! As if Brother Leng would ever do something like that!”

Qiu Ling stared at him and his brows slowly climbed higher. This guy … he wouldn’t happen to have a thing for his father, would he?

He couldn’t help but think back to Leng Jin Yu’s appearance and tried to look at it from an objective standpoint. Most likely he could be considered a handsome guy? Naturally, he was in no way, shape, or form as handsome as him but it wouldn’t be inconceivable that there might somebody with a crush on him out there. Maybe even more than one person.

Still, even if somebody liked him, that was no reason to be this unreasonable. “Whether you like to hear this or not, he is already married. And they are really happy. So whatever designs you had on him, you’d better forget about them now. Believe me, not even a piece of paper would fit between these two. Even if it did, I don’t think you are good enough to slide it in there. So do yourself a favor and find some other object for your affection.”

Next to him, Jing Yi was mortified. He really wished that he had left his lover at home today. Even though it had helped getting acquainted with these people that also wasn’t worth much if he finally walked out of here being hated by everyone. And it sure seemed as if things were heading that way.

The other gods were also staring at Qiu Ling but all of them turned away, pretending that they hadn’t heard anything while Duan Ming seemed quite helpless. The dragon king absolutely wasn’t the first one who had mistaken Lan Ling’s feelings for Leng Jin Yu with romantic affection so he really couldn’t fault him in this situation.

It was just that Lan Ling’s passion had nothing to do with that at all. At the very least, that was what he believed. Still, saying something like this would naturally just make Lan Ling even angrier. And the two of them weren’t that far apart in strength so that he would be able to easily subdue him when he got angry. This whole matter was really a mess.

Just as expected, Lan Ling tried to free himself and actually managed to shake Duan Ming off after a moment. He pulled out a sword and rushed at Qiu Ling.

As a result, the dragon king easily caught the weapon and gave him a long look. “See? That’s exactly what I meant. You stand absolutely no chance against his lover. So you’d better give up.”

His words further enraged Lan Ling and he tried to free his weapon until he realized that it wasn’t budging at all. He gnashed his teeth and then kicked out but Qiu Ling just swayed to the side a little, evading the movement.

Lan Ling used the opportunity to hurl some verbal abuse his way. “You shut up! Brother Leng isn’t the type of person to forget his friends just because he found somebody he likes. Even if he finds somebody, he would bring them over to introduce them to us.” His eyes seemed to be emitting sparks, hot enough to burn a person to death.

Qiu Ling stayed unimpressed though. “Oh? I didn’t realize you were that kind of good friends. I feel like him he mentioned you for the first time today when we talked about the courtyard of the idle gods.”

Duan Ming rubbed his forehead, kind of regretting that he had asked about Leng Jin Yu in the first place. While they had indeed gotten along with him quite well, they had only met in the Nine Heavens. Just how close could they actually be?

But while he understood that, Lan Ling who had been admiring Leng Jin Yu for quite some time and always wanted to meet him was naturally devastated. He was still mumbling about how all of this was just malicious lies but his expression already said that he was pretty much defeated. It seemed that this confrontation was finally about to end.

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