OMF V8C113 A Kind of Alliance

“Do you remember how I told you that the dragons and the demons had been one race in the very beginning?” He looked deeply at Hua Lin Yu who nodded in return.

“Yes, you said that over time, the dragon race split off and became one with features that stayed the same while the demon race still has a lot of differences.”

Xin Lan nodded. “Precisely. Now, that original race had one ability which was to command any kind of beast. With time, most of this ability was lost. But it is something that was tied to the blood. To make a long story short, after the dragon race split off it turned out that some of that ability was preserved in ours.

“It isn’t to the same degree as it had been back then. It is also something that doesn’t have the same strength in every dragon. It definitely isn’t to the point anymore where we can just go up to one of them and tell them what to do and they will obey without a second thought but it is still strong enough to give them a sense of suppression. So you could say that there is a certain affinity. This caused the dragon race to be closer to the beast tribes whether that be the spiritual or the demonic one.”

Hua Lin Yu’s expression became a little thoughtful at that. “That doesn’t sound like it is a very good deal for the beast tribes though.” In any case, wasn’t this basically saying that they had lost a part of their freedom because of their tribe’s history? At the very least, it seemed that way.

Xin Lan smiled faintly. The ins and outs of the story were a bit more difficult than he was letting on right now. But he also didn’t want to make it sound too complicated. “Looking at things like that I guess you can say that indeed. But because of the situation, as I said, the relationship is close. Usually, the dragon race wouldn’t take advantage of it. That is why there is still a beast king. We leave them alone unless they absolutely need it. On the other hand, they can call upon us for help.”

Hua Lin Yu’s brows were still slightly furrowed. What Xin Lan said sounded already better on paper but he wasn’t too sure about it. He turned to Wu Ya and couldn’t help but peer into his face, trying to figure out what he was thinking.

Wu Ya raised his brows, a little startled that this little human would pull him back into this talk among lovers.

“Senior Wu Ya, then how is this for the spiritual beast tribe? Does it make things difficult?”

Wu Ya scratched his head, wondering where he should begin. “Well, it’s not always easy, that much is true. Usually, it’s a pretty good deal though I would say. I know that the restrictions on our tribe were heavy in the past. Over time, it has mellowed out a lot.

“By now, I would say that you could see this as some kind of alliance just like between the dragons and the gods. There are benefits for both sides in it.” In fact, he even felt a bit like their own tribe benefited the most. After all, it wasn’t like a lot of dragons would actually come over to bother them here. If the spiritual beasts didn’t venture out into the dragon race, they might not meet one in hundreds of years.

Hua Lin Yu nodded, feeling a little reassured when Wu Ya said so. “Well, I guess it’s not a bad thing then.” Although he naturally also had to admit that he had only asked one person. And looking at the way that the spiritual beasts in the village had reacted before he wasn’t quite sure how much that one opinion could be trusted. He thought for a moment longer and then couldn’t help but inquire further. “Then, senior, the people before, why did they react like this? If there’s no reason to worry, why call you over?”

“Uh …” Wu Ya didn’t know what to say to that. He couldn’t just say ‘your future husband looks scary’, could he? He looked to Xin Lan for help who just shot him a disdainful look in response. Turning to his lover, Xin Lan was a lot more patient. “Where there is a difference in strength, there will also be fear. I think that that is quite natural.

“In this case, they wanted to have somebody they could rely on who they thought might be close in strength to me.” To be honest, that was a bit funny. Even though Wu Ya was definitely an Elder of the spirit beast tribe, he couldn’t compare with him who was regarded as an ancestor of the dragon race.

In any case, there was a general difference between the two races and the age gap would make that even more pronounced. So he was really wondering just where they got the faith from that Wu Ya would stand even the slightest chance against him. But maybe those people hadn’t registered just who he was. He could expect that in the dragon realm but not necessarily here in the beast tribe’s territory.

Hua Lin Yu seemed to grapple with this point a little more. “I’m not sure I can understand that. I remember that when my senior martial brothers and sisters went out to do missions before, the people were always happy that they came to help them. Why would they be afraid of them?”

Xin Lan gave him a long look, wondering if this was really what Hua Lin Yu thought. He soon realized that yes, his little lover really had that kind of idealistic idea.

He stopped in his tracks and reached over, grabbing him by the chin. “My dear, do you really believe that those mortals would just outright tell your seniors how they felt? Naturally, with a look at them, they will flatter them. As soon as they leave, you bet that they will sing a different tune.

“Fear is like that. If you can make the other person help you out, you will swallow it down and try to make use of them. If you can’t, then naturally, you’ll try to find somebody else to help just like the spirit beasts did with Wu Ya. Even though we’ve traveled a lot, it seems that you haven’t had the chance to see something like that play out yet. Maybe it’s time that you do.”

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