RMN C260 The Only Thing They Worried About

The disciples looked around for a while, but whether it was Yang Wu Huang and Yun Bei Fen or Di Huan Bo and Nian Tao, neither of them was able to find a clue that they could interpret. The worst thing was that this time, they also couldn’t just make copies like they had done with the array before.

Not to mention that none of the four was able to draw like Tan Xin, there also wasn’t anything to draw. The liquids could only be analyzed if they had a sample to take back. Unfortunately, that was pretty much impossible as well.

For one, since they didn’t know what was inside these vials it would be dangerous to just fill them into a different container but they couldn’t take the whole vials either because the demonic practitioners would notice if a lot of things went missing. And even if they were able to take a sample with them, they couldn’t take one for every liquid. They just didn’t have that many containers to use. Yang Wu Huang had really run into a dead-end there.

On the other hand, Di Huan Bo and Nian Tao had found quite a few books. These were even more impossible to copy so it didn’t even need to be said that they were in a bit of a pinch right now.

Yang Wu Huang looked at the room with a dark expression, unsure what to do about this. This absolutely wasn’t what he had imagined. Even if they couldn’t solve the question of everything that was going on here, he at least wanted them to go back with some information. But so far, there wasn’t much he would have to tell the Elders.

Di Huan Bo could also see that Yang Wu Huang was in a bad mood. He smirked to himself but hurriedly put the expression away again before anybody could notice. “Senior martial brother Yang, what should we do now? Go back to the others or …?”

He didn’t like to admit to it but he felt like it might be better to return. In fact, with what they had found so far, it should be enough. At the very least, that was how he saw it. But then again, the one who would tell the Elders was Yang Wu Huang and the one who would reap any kind of benefits would also be him, so naturally, their perspective on things differed a bit. Di Huan Bo wasn’t surprised there. But right now, he was mostly concerned with saving his own hide. And this kind of place that might as well be a demonic practitioners’ stronghold wasn’t a place we wanted to be.

Yang Wu Huang looked at him sharply and then questioned further. “Have you found nothing else?”

Di Huan Bo shrugged his shoulders and looked at Nian Tao. “I surely didn’t. What about you?”

Nian Tao shook his head. “No, just some jade slips. They were also used to record some information. I didn’t look too closely. I don’t want to have any kind of demonic practitioners’ knowledge in my mind.”

Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows and then searched through his spatial bag, trying to find something that they could use to at least transfer the information from the jade slips to. That way, they wouldn’t go back with empty hands.

After a while, he finally found an empty jade slip of his own. Unfortunately, there was only this one. It would be enough to record down some information and usually, there wouldn’t be more needed on a mission. But now, with having to copy several jade slips, that would be quite difficult.

He thought a bit, weighing the jade slip in his hand before his eyes finally lit up. “Junior martial brother Nian, you take this one. Record the first few pages of all of the jade slips on it. If there’s still enough space on it afterward, do the same with the books. Junior martial brother Di, junior martial brother Yun and I will use that time to look around the room once again. Maybe we’ll find something that we were missing before.”

Nian Tao took the jade slip, not looking happy at all. But still, he did as Yang Wu Huang told him.

Meanwhile, Yang Wu Huang waved the other two over and they did another round through the room. Unfortunately, even with that, there was nothing to be found. Just the tables, the shelves, and whatever was stored on them.

Yang Wu Huang stopped in the middle of the room and rubbed his forehead, feeling like he had run into a dead-end. Maybe he was missing something. Or maybe he had just chosen the wrong corridor to explore. In any case, it couldn’t be changed anymore.

So now, they would have to go back, meet up with the others, and then return to the camp. And he could already imagine what Yuan Lei, Kui Min, and Yi Ju would do as soon as they arrived there: They would go to Elder Baili and tell him just how badly he led the group. Then — since Elder Baili was partial — he would take the leadership position away from him and maybe even put him in another group. Then, not only would he lose out on being able to contribute more, but he would also lose his chance to get closer to Yun Bei Fen. How could he be reconciled? No, had to do something to prevent that.

His eyes narrowed and he glanced around, finally motioning upward. For now, they just needed to spend more time here. Once night had already fallen, there would be no use in making their way back. It would be much more beneficial to just stay here and investigate tomorrow as well before they returned. That was what he needed to aim for right now.

“Junior martial brother Di, junior martial brother Yun, it seems that junior martial brother Nian will need a little more time. We shouldn’t waste that. Since we originally only found this place because of the different surface on the ground, we shouldn’t just look at what is in front of us but also consider the ceiling and floor. Let’s check both of them.

“Junior martial brother Di, you are able to fly better than junior martial brother Yun. You take the ceiling. Junior martial brother Yun, I’ll accompany you down here. In case something happens, I’ll be able to protect you.” He patted his chest, wanting to show him that he was very dependable. With him here, Yun Bei Fen definitely didn’t have to worry about anything.

Da Hei gave the disciple an annoyed look. The only thing any of them here was worried about was Yang Wu Huang getting up to no good. Demonic practitioners? He’d just rip their heads off.

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