OMF V8C112 Not an Immortal Race

Xin Lan didn’t need long to figure out just what Wu Ya was up to. Clearly, the direction they were going in was that of the spiritual beasts’ capital city. He raised his brows when he realized but didn’t say anything about it and just let him be. In any case, he didn’t think that the spiritual beasts would do anything to them.

Even though those people in that village hadn’t been able to recognize him, it would definitely be a different matter for the beast tribe’s king and the important officials in the capital city. So actually, they would be safer there than out here. Not that he was worried about not being able to protect his lover against some blind people. So far, that had never been a problem and he didn’t intend to let it become one.

Hua Lin Yu had gotten over his disappointment of not being able to find out more about Xin Lan pretty fast and was now excitedly following Wu Ya, looking around everywhere. Since the person in front was from the people that lived in this territory, he didn’t hold back asking questions about both this place as well as the spiritual beasts. “Xin Lan told me that the spiritual beasts are somewhat between mortals and immortals. What exactly does this mean?”

Wu Ya glanced at him, a little surprised that he didn’t know already. “Well, we are born mortal originally, pretty similar to the humans. And just like them, we have the ability to cultivate. But on the other hand, we are also gifted with an innate magical ability like the immortal races are. So you could say that all people of our clan are cultivators from birth. When we attain a high enough level, then we will truly turn immortal like the dragons or the gods.”

“So it was like this.” Hua Lin Yu nodded and felt like it somewhat made sense. “So I guess you could say that humans who are born with spirit veins are the same?”

Wu Ya pondered for a moment but then shook his head. “I think it is still somewhat different. The humans need some complicated cultivation techniques to do these things. It doesn’t come to them as naturally as it does to us. A spiritual beast — even one that was growing up alone in the wilderness — would be able to figure out how to do it. Becoming immortal isn’t really an if for us but a when. For humans, that is not the same.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded. Now, he felt that he had somewhat grasped that difference. “Then are the spiritual beasts close to the immortal races?”

This time, Wu Ya felt a little awkward. He glanced at Xin Lan but seeing that he gave no kind of indication, he still truthfully explained to Hua Lin Yu. “I don’t think you can say it like this. We don’t really have anything to do with the gods or the demons. As for the dragons … I wouldn’t call it a close relationship. But there is a relationship.”

“So more like a distant one?” Hua Lin Yu was actually most interested in the dragons since that was the race Xin Lan was from. To hear that there was something more to this naturally had him intrigued.

Wu Ya rubbed his neck, feeling that this boy was actually quite difficult to deal with. “Well, you could probably say that we have a relationship that goes very far back. Now, we are somewhat of a vassal state of the dragon realm. Yes, I think it can be said like this.” He squinted his eyes and slowly nodded to himself.

Hua Lin Yu was stumped though. “I’m not sure I understand that.”

Even though he said that, Wu Ya wasn’t quite sure what else to explain. He looked at Xin Lan for help, hoping that he would have a better way to make things clear to his fiance.

Xin Lan gave a hum and thought of the human realm. “You should know about how the human realm has an Emperor in some places and under his sovereignty, there are several kings in close-by states who were appointed by him or were the rulers of countries that were annexed.

“It is similar with the spiritual beasts and the dragons. The dragon king is the one who officially rules over everything but for the most part, he lets the beast tribe’s king make the decisions for this place.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded but seemed a bit impatient. “I understand that much. But what I don’t get is why. The spirit beasts aren’t even part of the immortal races if I got that right. So why would they be under the order of one of the races? That’s what I don’t get.”

Xin Lan and Wu Ya exchanged a glance, neither of them quite knowing what to say to that. Explaining this … it probably needed a few more words than just a sentence or two. And for somebody who really didn’t know much about the history of any of these races it was even more difficult to understand. So they weren’t quite sure where to even begin.

Wu Ya rubbed his neck again and then shrugged his shoulders, motioning at Xin Lan. “You explain it.” In any case, while this was also the history of his tribe, the ones in power were the dragons. Why wouldn’t he leave explaining things to the dragon then? And in any case, Hua Lin Yu was his fiance. Xin Lan would know much better than him just what he already knew and what he could leave out.

Xin Lan grumbled a bit, feeling that this guy was rather undependable, but still turned to Hua Lin Yu to explain while they continued to follow the road. “Well, this matter goes back to the beginnings of the dragon race and the spiritual beast tribe.”

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