OMF V8C114 Where Everything Started

Author’s Note: I apparently misscheduled so there wasn’t an update yesterday. We’re back on track now though with the daily updates ~

At the same time, Jing Yi was getting a little impatient over in the Nine Heavens. He had read through the last books that he still had lying around and there was only so much else he could do. After cultivating for a while, he had gotten up and paced through the room, wondering just what kind of chat would be able to take this long.

Just when he was considering whether he should maybe just leave and find the courtyard of the idle gods himself, the door finally opened and Qiu Ling came in. Jing Yi wanted to question him but seeing his relaxed expression, he finally swallowed his words. “You’ve finished.”

Qiu Ling nodded and came over, pulling him into his arms. There seemed to be happiness radiating off of him, making Jing Yi’s lips curl into a smile as well. No matter how much time it had taken, it was still good if this was the end result.

“Let’s go.” Qiu Ling kissed the top of Jing Yi’s head, gripped his hand, and then pulled him out of the palace. Right now, he wasn’t worried. The talk with Leng Jin Yu had really given him hope. He could deal with whatever came their way in the future. He finally believed in that.

Jing Yi watched him from the side but still didn’t ask. In any case, he was happy that Qiu Ling was doing so well. And for once, that actually didn’t have to do anything with Jing He as far as he knew. How could he not be happy as well? Thus, the two of them went out in a very good mood to ask about the courtyard of the idle gods. Finding out where it was located wasn’t as difficult as they had feared. In any case, this was also a place that gods from all walks of life might spend some time at so most inhabitants of the Nine Heavens would have heard of it and it was only people like Jing Yi and Qiu Ling that hadn’t spent much time there that had no idea of what this place really was.

Their good mood still hadn’t dissipated in the slightest when they finally made their way over following the directions of a servant and stood in front of the gate, looking at the people gathered in the courtyard whether they were ascended deities or trueborn gods.

Unbeknown to them, this was the place where everything had started. The courtyard that Shun Tao had thought held the person who was ruining Jing He’s trial, the place where he had roped in Hong Bao to help him, and where Hong Bao and Leng Jin Yu had met for the first time. It was also the place where the God of War had taken note of Leng Jin Yu and had had his first doubts about the situation with Jing he’s trial.

To Qiu Ling and Jing Yi, it was just a place to start over in the Nine Heavens, a place to find a task for Jing Yi and let him live his life separate from Jing He even in this realm that was fraught with memories of his previous life.

But even though it meant nothing to them, considering everything that had happened here, the courtyard of the idle gods was probably even closer to this trial that Jing Yi wanted to escape to live a normal life. If not for the things that had occurred here, if not for the people that had come together at this place, would things have really played out the way they did?

Had Shun Tao not come here and consulted the Heavenly Emperor instead, surely, the trial would have turned out differently. Maybe Jing Yi never would have started to cultivate and his life would have turned out just like the Fate’s Scribe had planned. But because of everyone’s decisions, fate had turned and this place had now become one where Zhong Jing Yi would be able to turn his life around once more. As long as he took this next step, the future might be boundless.

Jing Yi glanced up at Qiu Ling, his gaze questioning. “That Duan Ming and Lan Ling that senior Leng mentioned should probably be people that wanted to get into the Palace of War as well. So if they were still here, they will probably be with the ones who have the same goal so they can work together. And even if they’re not here any longer, those people should probably know about them if they ever met them before they left.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then motioned to a few gods on the other side of the courtyard who were training their sword arts. “It should be them.”

Jing Yi nodded and the two of them walked over, stopping for a moment to just watch the gods in their practice.

Jing Yi’s heart was in a bit of turmoil when he saw the fight going on. This was something that he had really wanted to learn but he had never gotten the chance to do so. The bit of swordsmanship that he knew was from his childhood days when Shao Hai had been accepted into the Yun Zou Sect as a practitioner and tried to teach him what he learned in the outer sect. Later on, he had abandoned that though and not trained further himself.

It was something that made him a little sad. Maybe now would be the chance to change that. Even though Qiu Ling wouldn’t be happy but it was still something that he wanted to give a try at least. But anyway, this wasn’t something that needed to be decided right this instant. He could give it a bit of time and then see how things went. For now, he just wanted to find his place here and settle down. That was already more than enough.

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