RMN C259 An Opportunity to Get Closer

The four of them soon reached the end of the corridor. There was a door there that didn’t seem like anything special. It was wooden with a couple of carvings but they looked like those on any ordinary door. There wasn’t any secret array as far as they could tell, or anything like the murals back in the hall. Seeing this, the disciples really felt puzzled.

Yang Wu Huang cleared his throat and then motioned forward. “Well, there doesn’t seem to be any danger here. Let’s go in.” He glanced at Di Huan Bo, clearly expecting him to open the door.

Di Huan Bo looked up in surprise, his brows raising, but then he realized what was going on. Just like the last time, he was the person that would have to do the dangerous part. He gritted his teeth, not happy about this treatment but there was nothing he could do. In any case, Yang Wu Huang certainly wouldn’t do it himself, and asking Yun Bei Fen to do so wasn’t an option either. There still would’ve been Nian Tao but most likely, Yang Wu Huang didn’t want to expose his tail. He probably should’ve expected as much.

Despite his misgivings, Di Huan Bo went forward and reached out, his heart suspended in midair when he finally touched the wood. Nothing happened and he gulped, giving it a push so that it swung inside.

The room that lay behind it … At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. With some stone tables and benches, as well as a few shelves lining the walls. Nothing of this gave them any clue what was going on here but it also relieved them of the fear that there might be any danger here.

Yang Wu Huang motioned to the shelves. “Let’s take a closer look at those first. Maybe there’s something inside that will give us an idea of what this is about.” He turned to the others and then smiled. “I’d say we should team up with two people each to make sure that neither of us will get any nasty surprises. Let’s decide by strength. Di Huan Bo, you will take Nian Tao. Together, the two of you should be able to deal with whatever happens. Yun Bei Fen, you can come with me.”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips, clearly unhappy with this proposal, but since Nian Tao had already walked over to Di Huan Bo, he could only agree and follow Yang Wu Huang. Well, at the very least, there was still Da Hei beside him. No matter what happened, he would just rely on him.

Yang Wu Huang led Yun Bei Fen to the other side of the room and gave him a smile. It was a bit troublesome that Mei Chao Bing’s spiritual beast was with him, but that couldn’t be changed for the time being. He’d think of how to get rid of it as well later on.

For now, he should use the opportunity to get closer to Yun Bei Fen. The first step toward that should be to help him out in the current situation and try to instruct him a little. After all, hadn’t that worked for Mei Chao Bing as well? “Don’t worry about the task at hand. Just look around and try to see if there’s something that catches your eye. If you notice anything, you can tell me and I will try to find out what it is about.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded, still not happy. Nonetheless, he still wanted to use this as a chance to try out what he had learned in all this time. Thus, he did as Yang Wu Huang had told him and looked through the contents of the shelf in front of them. To be honest, there wasn’t much to see. There were some vials on the shelf, as well as some vases and jars that he had no idea what they might be for. In any case, it seemed like all these were for storing things. There was no need to say anything about that, especially not in front of Yang Wu Huang. He might bring it up to Mei Chao Bing though when he came back to the camp.

Yang Wu Huang also looked around and naturally glanced at Yun Bei Fen several times, hoping for him to finally speak up. Unfortunately, this little junior was suddenly completely quiet as if he hadn’t been asking strange questions all the time before.

Yang Wu Huang pressed his lips together but there was nothing he could do. Instead, he opened one of the jars and looked inside, trying to find another clue this way. The more they found out, the more he would be able to tell the Elders later. That was his ultimate goal.

To his dismay, there was some liquid inside but he couldn’t tell anything about it. He wasn’t well-versed in potion-making so this was something that he couldn’t analyze. From what he knew, none of the others were either and there was only Tan Xin from the other group that would be able to tell them anything.

Thinking of that, he regretted a little that he hadn’t taken her along but if he had, his plan wouldn’t have worked. Thus, this was a loss he had to live with. At most, he could make the disciples return here later on and then have her figure this out. But that would be troublesome as well since Yuan Lei had already been clamoring to go back for a while now. If anybody joined him in that endeavor, things might really become troublesome. So, after checking this room, if he didn’t find an excuse as to why they had to continue investigating, he wouldn’t have another choice but to turn back. It really was vexing.

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