RMN C241 Favor Suddenly Bestowed on Them

As soon as Yang Wu Huang was out of earshot, Yuan Lei slightly leaned down toward Yun Bei Fen and murmured a reminder. “Stay further away from him if you can. I really don’t trust him.”

He lowered his voice quite a bit but Ao Jing and Di Huan Bo were still standing close enough to realize what he had said. They glanced over, their expressions angry. But in any case, there was nothing they could do other than glare at him. Everything else would be seen as making a ruckus that would just get them into trouble. That definitely wasn’t something that they wanted. Thus, they could only swallow their belly full of anger and keep this slight in mind for later.

Yang Wu Huang soon returned, giving the group a warm smile. “Alright, I have the map now. Let’s take a look together and then head off. We really shouldn’t delay too much.”

Di Huan Bo and Ao Jing wanted to tell him about what had just happened but with everyone else there, it really was too awkward. Thus, they could only crowd around him like the others and also take a look at the map.

The area that they had been assigned to was neither the one that Yang Wu Huang’s group had been searching before nor the one that Mei Chao Bing’s group had been assigned to. In any case, something had been found in both places already so it was unlikely for there to be any more clues.

As for the array that Yang Wu Huang had found, the older disciples were already investigating it, so there was no need to send the younger ones over there as well. Instead, they had been sent to an area that some of the others had searched already but where they hadn’t found anything. Looking at the places where the other clues had been found, this seemed to be a likely place for something to be found though. They just needed to make sure that they didn’t overlook anything.

Yuan Lei’s gaze became complicated when he saw the place that they were supposed to search. This one was quite a bit further away from the town so they would need a longer time to get there and back again. Either that would mean that the time to search the place would be cut short or they would be staying out longer than the others which might be a problem when night fell. And considering that they were led by Yang Wu Huang of all people, he figured that it was much more likely that they would run into troubles.

Well, right now, there was nothing he could do. He could only keep an eye on the younger disciples, hoping that nothing would happen to them. If he did his own job of looking for traces well, then he might indeed be able to make sure that nothing too bad happened.

And as soon as Yang Wu Huang did something wrong, he would definitely mention it to Elder Baili when they came back. If it turned out that he really wasn’t suited to leading a group, then he didn’t believe that the Elders would still let him lead them. Instead, they might transfer another disciple over to take his place.

When he thought of that, Yuan Lei finally perked up. Right! They had lost Mei Chao Bing, Liu Bao Ru, and Song Mu who were the three strongest disciples of the group. While they now had Yang Wu Huang and the other two, he didn’t feel like it was comparable. Both Song Mu and Liu Bao Ru that higher levels than them after all. Maybe he could use that to ask Elder Baili to transfer another disciple over?

He glanced at the Elder, trying to think about how to approach the topic but the other groups were already starting to move out and Yang Wu Huang also gave the sign to leave. Yuan Lei could only sigh. His idea was good but he had thought of it too late. Well, no matter, he could still give it a try tomorrow. In any case, they should be able to live through one day under Yang Wu Huang’s lead, right?

For the time being, that seemed to be true. They moved out and since the area they had to search was further away, they didn’t pay their surroundings too much attention. Yuan Lei glanced everywhere though, trying to spot any traces that would alert him to whether there were any enemies around and Yi Ju tried to do the same, albeit with fewer results than Yuan Lei since she hadn’t learned as much as him yet.

Kui Min glanced at the two of them and then flew to Yun Bei Fen’s side, feeling that it would be best to stick together. In any case, while they were both weak, two weaklings together might still be able to defend against something.

Halfway to the area, Yang Wu Huang turned around and gave Yun Bei Fen a smile. “Junior martial brother Yun, are you alright? Do you need somebody to carry you?”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips, not happy that this person was talking to him again. He hurriedly shook his head, feeling glad that Mei Chao Bing had taught him how to fly before. Even though he was still a little unstable, it was alright. Although he had to say that it was really much more comfortable to just fly with Mei Chao Bing. He really missed him.

Yang Wu Huang wasn’t about to give up this easily though. He slowed down and looked at the sword under Yun Bei Fen’s feet that was slightly wavering. “Are you sure about that? It looks like you have a bit of trouble controlling your sword.” To be honest, he wasn’t surprised. Back when they had left the Teng Yong Sect, Yun Bei Fen clearly hadn’t known how to use a sword to fly. Even though he had learned now, how could you master this kind of technique in a few weeks?

Remembering how they had been taught when they were younger, he still remembered that it had taken them up to half a year to get it right and that had been under the instruction of their Masters and the older disciples that were much more knowledgeable than them. But Yun Bei Fen hadn’t asked any of them to teach him. He had also not spent that much time in the camp, so clearly, Elder Baili couldn’t have taught him. He should definitely be lagging far behind. This was a great chance for him.

Kui Min realized what was going on and immediately gave Yang Wu Huang a splendid smile. “That’s so thoughtful of you, senior martial brother Yang. But you are supposed to lead the group, how could you pay attention to this kind of trivial thing? You don’t worry about it! Aren’t there still senior martial brother Nian and senior martial brother Ran? I am sure that the two of them can help us out if we can’t hold on anymore. Isn’t that right?”

She turned to Nian Tao and Ran Wu and the two of them immediately nodded their heads fervently as if they wanted to pound garlic. In any case, they really didn’t know why they had suddenly been bestowed such favor but helping a cute junior martial brother and a cute junior martial sister was definitely a matter of all their dreams coming true. How could they ever give up this opportunity? Even if it was Yang Wu Huang who asked, they also wouldn’t do it.

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