OMF V8C72 A Lucky Youth

Yuchi Bing Xia and Elder Suo waited until Shen An De had left with the two women before turning back toward each other.

“To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin. This matter concerns my youngest disciple and his husband.”

Elder Suo’s expression changed when she heard that. As it turned out, this was not just any person in the sect. But, well, she probably should’ve expected that. If it was just anyone, would Yuchi Bing Xia really care this much about it? “That does sound like it is quite grave. “How about going to discuss this in your study instead of in this kind of inauspicious place? I think I would also like to meet your disciple and his husband if possible in case they can give us some clues.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded and then led her outside. He had one of the disciples take care of the disciples that had come from the Ye Zhong Order and then led the Elder over to his own palace. Going into the study, he poured a cup of tea after they had sat down. Then, he started to recount in detail what had happened before and what Xin Lan had told them about this matter.

Elder Suo’s expression changed for the worse the more she heard. When he had finished, she shook her head with furrowed brows. “I’m afraid that this is something that can’t be taken easily. We will definitely have to do something or your disciple and his partner will be in grave danger.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded, his expression not good either. He also didn’t want Yu Jin to be injured. Or even worse, maybe end up dead. Even though he knew that he couldn’t keep him here, he still liked this youth. To think that he might find his doom just because he had fallen in love with a person that somebody else desired … he really didn’t even want to think about it. It was especially despicable because clearly, Yu Jin and that man were quite happy. What did a third party have to do with that?

“To be honest … Well, I’m not sure if this is something I should speak about but it might help you find a way to deal with this so I guess I can’t keep it to myself. In any case, my disciple, Yu Jin, was asked by the Sect Master of the Jian Yi Sect if he wants to join them.”

Elder Suo raised her brows. Even as the Elder of a demon-hunting sect, she naturally knew about the Jian Yi Sect. Among the premier sects that weren’t ranked, it could probably be counted as the strongest. To have been asked this question by their Sect Master … this youth was more than lucky. “That is indeed quite the valuable information, Sect Master Yuchi. If possible, do you think that we could invite Sect Master Fei over to have a talk with her as well? We might be able to come up with a plan together.” Usually, she wouldn’t dare to suggest this even Sect Master Fei had shown interest in this person before but as it happened, everyone was already gathered at the Yun Zou Sect anyway for the wedding. In this case, it wouldn’t inconvenience the Sect Master too much to join them.

Yuchi Bing Xia immediately got up, indicating that he would go and find out. Before he left, he turned back though. “Maybe it would be good to invite the dragon over as well? I mean he might have some kind of idea.”

Elder Suo inclined her head. “Yes, I think that is a good idea. In any case, he seems to know the situation best. It would be good if he was able to provide some insight.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded and then went out to tell the disciples to invite the two people to come over.

Soon enough, Fei Bai Mu appeared but Xin Lan wasn’t in sight. Yuchi Bing Xia looked over to the door, wondering why he needed so much longer.

Fei Bai Mu just smiled wryly after she heard just who Yuchi Bing Xia was waiting for. “I’m not quite sure if he will really come over. Right now, he is probably spending time with my disciple. Xiao Yu got quite the shock after what happened before. As his fiance, Xin Lan probably wouldn’t want to leave him alone.”

Yuchi Bing Xia’s brows rose, and he suddenly realized that he might indeed have asked a little too much of this person. Indeed. Something like that had just happened and his fiance had even been there. Naturally, his thoughts would be somewhere else. “Well, in that case, I hope this will be enough.” He motioned over to the table and invited her to sit as well, explaining what Elder Suo had just said.

Fei Bai Mu nodded and then turned to the Elder. “What Sect Master Yuchi said is true, I do want to invite him to join our sect. Also, about coming up with a way to deal with this … you should know that I already had a talk with Xin Lan before. We were thinking that maybe using some kind of item that can mask their appearances might work. There are some of those in the mortal realm but probably even more in the immortal realms. Xin Lan will take a look at it for us. I’m sure that with his help, this shouldn’t pose a problem.”

Elder Suo raised her brows, surprised to hear that in the time she had talked with Yuchi Bing Xia, things had already taken another turn. Maybe her help wouldn’t even be needed anymore.

Yuchi Bing Xia also felt as if he had done something unnecessary. On second thought though … “I am afraid that would only be a temporary solution though. After the demon king finds out that his spy is dead, he might send others. Who knows if they wouldn’t find out something? It would be best if we could find a long-term solution.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded. She definitely couldn’t argue against that. It was just … she was afraid that there wasn’t anything they could do.

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