IRL C49 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Since there was an investigation being conducted inside the guards outside were even more alert than usual. They were determined to make sure that not even a fly could get past them until their Master had gotten the answer he wanted.

This was, in part, also for their own sake. After all, while the ones currently being questioned were only the servants of the estate, it wasn’t completely impossible that somebody from the guards had either helped as well or was even a main accomplice. Certainly, there would be an investigation regarding that later on as well. As such, nobody wanted to draw attention to themselves in fear that their Master would become suspicious of them and punish them. They really didn’t want to risk that.

Thus, when a person appeared at the other end of the pathway leading to the estate’s main building, all of the guards tensed. They became even more worried when they noticed that this person wasn’t one of the servants of the estate. Not only did they know everyone working or living here, but this person’s style of dressing was also quite … out of the norm.

The guards turned to their commander that stood at the front, waiting for his instructions. Should they immediately apprehend this person?

The commander slightly furrowed his brows and gave that man a closer look. The person was slowly coming closer while looking around as if searching for something. This was strange. Quite … suspicious.

Thinking of that, the commander of the guards stepped forward and raised his chin, calling out to the person. “Might I ask who you are and what you are doing here?”

Zhou Ming stopped in his tracks and blinked his eyes at the guard. So it turned out he had been spotted and was even stopped. Strange! Normally, his luck was good enough to get around something like this. At the very least, they would only watch him but not interfere with what he was doing.

Well, even though he had been spotted, it was still alright. He just needed to divert their attention long enough that Shangguan Yu would be able to go and check out the situation inside. That couldn’t be so hard.

Thinking about it for a moment, he slowly raised his brows and then pointed at his nose. “Me?”

The brows of the commander twitched. Was there any other unknown person running around and behaving oddly? “Yes, you.”

Zhou Ming continued to look at him as if he really couldn’t understand what he meant. “You don’t know who I am?”

Shangguan Yu who was still crouching behind the other building couldn’t help but admit that Zhou Ming really managed to sound completely flabbergasted as if he had never imagined that somebody couldn’t know who he was. That was definitely exactly what a person of the Mo family or an important visitor would do when being stopped by the guards seemingly at random.

The commander also couldn’t help but second-guess himself when he heard that question. Should he know this person? He felt that he had never seen him before. After all, somebody who would wear such vibrantly-colored clothes was definitely someone that was easily remembered. This person couldn’t have been here before. “No, I don’t.”

Zhou Ming furrowed his brows at that. “Really?” He slightly narrowed his eyes, and then looked the commander of the guards up and down.

The man unwittingly tensed up. Was he making a mistake here? Could it be that he should know this person after all? He glanced at the guard next to him who seemed just as clueless as him but didn’t dare to show it either. Then, he turned back and took a closer look at Zhou Ming’s face.

Maybe it was just that his clothes were so distracting that he had trouble recalling who this person was? Maybe in other circumstances, he would be dressed differently? He couldn’t find an explanation for why somebody would like to run around looking like this but that wasn’t the question right now either.

The two guards exchanged another glance before they turned back to Zhou Ming and shook their heads simultaneously. No, there was still nothing. He didn’t seem familiar at all.

Zhou Ming sighed. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped then.” He needed to do something more drastic.

The two guards raised their brows, still not understanding what was going on. What couldn’t be helped?

Zhou Ming crossed his arms and looked down at the ground, frowning. Actually, he hadn’t thought about what to do to distract them before he came here. He had thought that he might be able to just walk by or if not, then that just appearing and maybe talking would be enough. But now, these guys were still standing exactly where they had been before. How was Shangguan Yu supposed to get around them?

What should he do? Draw his sword? Or what did the people in those xianxia TV-shows do? Accuse someone of killing their father? At least they always looked like this …

He considered the option but then again, he didn’t feel confident that he would be able to fight against all these guards or, well, any of them if he was honest. Since he normally sneak-attacked his opponents, he wasn’t too practiced in fights that were open and aboveboard.

No, he couldn’t do that. He needed to use his advantage, his … golden finger! Yes, he needed to solve this like a modern person transported into ancient times. Modern problems required modern solutions, after all.

He looked back up, his gaze roaming over the ancient building and the people in ancient garbs in front of him and finally felt that he could only shock them to the core.

With that, he reached down and opened his belt. “This would be better with some music,” he mumbled to himself before he whirled the belt over his head and flung it away.

The two guards just stared at him, unable to understand what was going on.

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