IRL C48 I’ll Be the Distraction, You’ll Be the Spy

The two of them stared at the building, tightly furrowing their brows. Just how were they supposed to get in? It seemed completely impossible.

Shangguan Yu thought ideas through one by one but none of them seemed to make any sense. They couldn’t just walk over since the guards would definitely see them. The same was true for flying over to the roof on a flying mount. It would be different if it was the middle of the night but there really was no way to do something like this in broad daylight.

In that case, they could only try to find a dead angle somewhere but then again, the guards were pretty much swarming the whole place, making it pretty impossible to do that either.

His brows furrowed further the longer he looked and he couldn’t help but rub his head in confusion. Just what should they do? Maybe they could try to divert the guards’ attention somehow?

Looking around, there were a few bushes and trees not too far away. They could maybe you use those? Or maybe he could take a few of the talismans that Ao Jing had given him previously and create a disturbance somewhere further away? Then the guards would need a longer time to come back after they saw that it was just a ruse.

Thinking back to when he had re-sorted his inventory, he knew that there should be both talismans that would either create blinding lights or deafening noise. Both of those should be able to lure the guards over.

He opened his inventory and looked at the talismans that he had stored there. Just when he wanted to take one out, he hesitated though. It would be alright lure the guards over but if it was too much of a disturbance, then who knew if it would also disturb the people inside? If they stopped what they were doing and maybe even came running outside to look, then there would be no way to investigate further. Instead, he might even disturb what Ao Jing was currently doing.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ming looked at him with puzzlement. “What are you waiting for?” Shouldn’t they go over and start investigating? That was what they had come here for after all, wasn’t it?

Shangguan Yu turned toward him, not quite sure what to say. “Yeah, that’s what we should do but how to do it is the question. After all, there are so many guards around. We can’t just walk in there, can we?”

Zhou Ming looked at Shangguan Yu and then at the guards, his expression pensive. “Well …”

Shangguan Yu’s brows twitched. “Don’t tell me you just want to walk over and take a look? Regardless of how high your luck stat it, it still wouldn’t work. That’s just too absurd.”

Zhou Ming wanted to retort but then reconsidered. Anyway, that wasn’t his husband in there. “It does work pretty well. But I guess we could do something else too. Do you have any idea yet?”

Shangguan Yu looked slightly embarrassed. Yes, well, that was precisely the problem, wasn’t it? He cleared his throat and tried not to look too guilty. “I … I am currently coming up with something. So far, I think we should try to distract the guards and then go to take a look.”

Zhou Ming blinked his eyes before opening his mouth. Taking a deep breath, he wanted to speak up but then his gaze darted around and he shut up. “Alright.”

Shangguan Yu gave him a puzzled look but finally decided that he didn’t even want to know. Thus, he just continued to share his thoughts. “The distraction must be big enough to draw away at least half the guards but not so big that it’ll alarm the people inside. Any ideas about what to do about that?”

Zhou Ming rubbed his chin. “You’ll be the distraction and I’ll be the spy?”

Shangguan Yu grimaced. “Any other ideas?” While he did understand where Zhou Ming was coming from, he really didn’t think it was a good idea. After all, he was the one who knew most about the situation and would be able to understand more of what was going on inside. On the other hand, he was also the one who was drawing less attention. If anything, then he felt that they should swap. “Maybe you could lure them away and then I scramble up to the roof?”

Zhou Ming pursed his lips. “Your luck is worse than mine though. Are you sure that you’ll not get caught up there? In the air, it’s much easier to spot somebody.”

Shangguan Yu furrowed his brows. That was indeed the case. But … they needed to get closer if they didn’t want their trip here to be just a needless risk without any benefit.

“Well, I guess there is always some kind of risk involved. I do think that the risk is less than if we do it your way though.”

Zhou Ming sighed, feeling it to be a pity that he wasn’t able to go and take a look himself. It was probably much more interesting than just playing with the guards. But alas, there was nothing he could do. If Shangguan Yu insisted, then he would need to let him do it. After all, this was his husband. “Well, I wouldn’t want to keep you from your sweetheart. If you insist on doing it, then it’ll be that way.”

Shangguan Yu’s lips twitched again at that. This had absolutely nothing to do with the relationship between him and Ao Jing. Anyway, they didn’t really have the time to debate that. “Alright. Let’s do it that way then.”

Thus, the two of them split up and Zhou Ming went to get the attention of the guards. As for how he did that … When Zhou Ming saw, he felt that maybe it would have been better if he reconsidered things.

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