OMF V8C64 A Decision for Both of Them

Qiu Ling didn’t seem to see that he was in a troubled mood and just continued to explain. “In any case, things didn’t quite go as they intended. While he regained his memories, the soul of a dragon is probably just stronger than that of a mortal so for a moment, my father’s reincarnation was actually overwhelmed by that last remnant of my father’s soul. Or in other words, my father resurfaced for a few hours despite having died already. And he came to see me.”

Jing Yi stared at Qiu Ling, unable to figure out what he was supposed to say. This … he didn’t quite know what he would feel if he was in Qiu Ling’s situation. After having grown up and becoming a cultivator, he definitely would’ve liked to see his father or his mother again as well. It would be nice to see them again and be able to tell them that he was doing well, that they didn’t need to worry about him, and that he was happy. To him, that would’ve been something great.

But his situation with his parents was completely different from Qiu Ling’s. While his father had died suddenly while he was young as well and that even been in a violent dispute as well, it couldn’t measure up to what had happened with Qiu Ling’s parents. There were definitely a lot of unresolved issues between Qiu Ling and his father. Suddenly seeing him had to have been difficult for him.

Qiu Ling didn’t know what to say either. Seeing Jing Yi’s gaze, he realized that his lover wasn’t able to really grasp this. He didn’t know what he had expected but he felt a little disappointed. If it had been Jing He … would it have been different? What would he have done and said at that time? It wasn’t a nice thought to have but he couldn’t help himself. Being able to see his beloved’s original self and tell him about this definitely would have been nice. Right now though, there was no way to do so. And telling Jing Yi, although it helped with restoring the trust between them a little, he knew that it wouldn’t help him with what had happened. That was something that he could only take care of by himself.

Realizing this, he cleared his throat. “In any case, it was quite a lot to take in, especially because it happened so suddenly. I just needed some time to process it. I don’t actually know why I went to Jing He since it isn’t like he could comfort me. But I guess that being confronted with something from my past, it just didn’t feel right to go to you. After all, this is the present. And Jing He is currently also part of my past. He also understands quite a bit more about our races I guess so maybe it just felt that going to you would need me to explain too much which I couldn’t do at that time. I probably could’ve gone to any other place as well and just sat by myself for a while. It wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Jing Yi nodded slowly, still not sure how to react. But in any case, he wasn’t angry anymore. Now that he knew … he somewhat understood. “Thank you for telling me. I think I finally understand what the problem was. Something like this naturally couldn’t have been easy to speak about. It is my fault for expecting you to just tell me about it. I clearly didn’t realize that this matter wasn’t that simple. That is my fault.”

Qiu Ling just nodded, not trying to say anything else. In any case, Jing Yi wasn’t wrong. He had expected this to be something small but to him, it naturally wasn’t. To him, this was one of the biggest things that had happened in the last years. And it had come so out of the blue that he was still reeling just thinking about it. “In any case, that part of his soul has already assimilated with Leng Jin Yu’s now. He is completely gone.”

Jing Yi looked at him, trying to find something, anything he could say. But he was afraid that whatever he chose would be the wrong thing so finally, he stayed silent.

Qiu Ling sighed, then shook his head. “Well, it’s over now. Let’s just focus on the future. What do you want to do tomorrow?”

Jing Yi felt somewhat uncomfortable when he asked this question but he couldn’t put his finger on what the problem was. Maybe it was that Qiu Ling had told him something this big but they didn’t really talk about it. But then again, maybe Qiu Ling didn’t want to talk about it either. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have changed the subject so soon.

Thinking of that, Jing Yi didn’t insist and instead pondered the question he had asked. Unfortunately, he also didn’t know. “Well, we can’t leave the Nine Heavens so I guess other than going back to the Tower of Wisdom to get a few more books and having another look around the capital city there isn’t anything we can do. Or is there anything you would like to show me? Maybe some of the places you visited with Jing He before?” His voice shook a little when he suggested this but he still forced himself.

In any case, wasn’t it just seeing a bit of scenery? He could do that. While it would be torture to see the places where Qiu Ling and Jing He had been happy together, he also realized that he should probably give it try.

In any case, Jing He was important to Qiu Ling, trying to deny it wouldn’t do him any good. No, it was much better to accept it and make an effort himself to show Qiu Ling that he was willing to work on his misgivings. Only that way could they go forward, very much like how Qiu Ling had decided to tell him about something even if it troubled him.

If they wanted to live together well as a couple, then sometimes, things couldn’t just go after what was best for one of them. Sometimes, they would need to make a decision that was just for the benefit of the two of them.

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