OMF V8C63 I Want to Tell You

While Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu were getting closer again, things were also turning a little better between Qiu Ling and Jing Yi in the Nine Heavens. Jing Yi continued to ask Qiu Ling all the questions he had about the books he just read while Qiu Ling did his best to answer him as well as he could. There were some things he didn’t know about but he always reminded him that there was still An Bai around to ask. In any case, he couldn’t compare to a scholar so he didn’t feel embarrassed about this. Since he had promised An Bai to work together with him in the future, this was also the least that this guy could do for him in return.

By the time the two of them had finished their discussion, it was already in the middle of the night and Jing Yi didn’t feel comfortable going to disturb An Bai. Instead, he retired to their room with Qiu Ling.

They had spent a millennium living together in the dimension together with Leng Jin Yu and Jinde before and then had traveled together. But now, it felt a little awkward to lie down next to each other in the same bed. Jing Yi just couldn’t help but think of the last few days before he had managed to cultivate into an ascended deity when Qiu Ling had been gone to stay at Jing He’s side instead.

Qiu Ling noticed that he wasn’t quite himself so he also felt strange. It would be even more awkward to just leave though. No matter what kind of excuse he brought up, it would sound way too fake. Thus, he could only do his best to pretend that nothing was the issue. He pulled Jing Yi into his arms and smiled faintly. “Well, things aren’t perfect yet but I guess for your first day in the Nine Heavens, as bad as it started, it still managed to get better, don’t you think so?”

Jing Yi hesitated a little but finally still nodded. “I guess you’re not wrong. But I guess it also wasn’t that difficult to upgrade from almost being killed to something better.”

Qiu Ling chuckled and then reached out, brushing Jing Yi’s hair back. “I’m sorry. All of this probably wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed with you the last few days. I should have known that your ascension was that close by. At that kind of time, I definitely shouldn’t have left.”

Jing Yi shook his head. “Something came up and you just couldn’t help yourself. I’m not going to make a big deal out of that.”

Qiu Ling nodded hesitantly and then cleared his throat. “Do you … Do you want to know?”

Jing Yi raised his brows, not quite sure what was going on. “Didn’t you say that you can’t talk about it yet?”

Qiu Ling nodded and made another awkward pause but finally explained after a sigh. “Yes, but I’ve been thinking today while we were walking through the capital city and visited the Tower of Wisdom. I think it’d still be better to be open with you about everything. In any case, I can’t expect you to understand my position if I keep such things from you. So I want to tell you if you don’t mind.”

Jing Yi’s heart thumped. To be honest, being told something like this was almost like a dream come true. He wanted to know more. He wanted to be just the same way with Qiu Ling as Jing He was. This seemed to be the first step on his way to getting to that point. “Well, if you’re ready to do so, then I’d be glad to listen. Don’t force it though.” This time, he wasn’t lying about his feelings. He would definitely be happy to hear the whole story from Qiu Ling but just the fact that he had suggested doing this was enough for him. He didn’t necessarily need him to explain immediately. Just hearing that he was willing to take a step back for him was enough.

Qiu Ling smiled and leaned closer, kissing Jing Yi’s forehead. “No, I really want you to hear. It’s just that I don’t quite know how to tell you. I guess I’ll have to start from an earlier point.”

Jing Yi glanced at the window that showed just how late it had gotten. “It’s already a little late but I don’t mind staying up all night just to hear this from you. I might not be Jing He and maybe I can’t soothe you as well as he does but I will try my best to listen and help if I can somehow.”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s nothing you actually need to do. Just telling you is alright. In any case, do you remember what happened with my parents?”

Jing Yi nodded gravely. “Of course.” How could he ever forget? What Qiu Ling had told him back then had been so horrifying that he would definitely never forget.

Qiu Ling nodded. “Well, us dragons are able to split off a part of our soul and merge it with the soul of another dragon if we are in love with him and they allow us. And my father did that with his original lover, Jinde. And after Jinde met my father’s reincarnation, they finally decided that Jinde wanted to give a part of that soul’s part back to him so he would know what happened in his past life.”

Jing Yi slightly furrowed his brows. He wasn’t quite sure if he understood all of that but he at least realized that this was quite the important matter and something that had probably made Qiu Ling feel all kinds of emotions, none of them good. For him, this was something that he had a hard time dealing with. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy to speak about it. It had really been quite insensitive to force him to do so. Now that he knew, he actually felt sorry about it.

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